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The new ALIVE material used in the construction of the One95 skate is designed to allow the entire boot to be formed to the foot during the “baking” process resulting in a more customized fit. The ALIVE material that is used to construct the boot of the One95 is reported to be about 35-45% lighter than the material used for the One90 skates. In addition, the One95 will utilize a stock white TUUK Lightspeed 2 blade holder that will accommodate both the Lightspeed 2 and Lightspeed 2 Power blades. The tendon guard is vastly different than that of the One90 and more akin to the tendon guard used on the Vapor XXXX skates. The one 95 skates com out on april 14th, Nike Bauer has no intention of continuing with the One95 series until summer and may come up with a new series of equipment. Well, getting back to post a general review of this skate and unfortunately for me, these skates just aren’t working out.
The bottom line for me is that I ended up coming into a new set of last years Rbk 9k Special Edition skates for an incredibly good price and I’m simply much happier in those.
I got the one95′s few weeks ago, had a pair of vapors and the one90s also, they all actually seem rubbish compared to the one95s, completely different skate, absolutely amazing, hardly needed to break them in, get the right size and they fitted me perfect, Would NOT swap them for any other skate, i put my one90s back on the other day to have a bash in them and i did not like it aha.
I just bought a pair of one75′s on the weekend because my old pair of Easton Airs kicked the bucket.

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If you are new here, please feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed ,Follow us on Twitter and Join us on Facebook! The One95 boot is also slightly deeper fitting than the One90, which will allow more people to wear them comfortably without affecting performance.
Some One95 models may be equipped with a new Lightspeed 2.1 blade holder that accommodates a longer steel runner for increased speed.
This skate is lighter (as said in the review above) and if you ask me looks more comfortable as well. The skates are made for $400 but obviously companies have a mark up price leway between $500 and $600.
When i went to the hockey east semifinal a couple players from UNH had these and the dimples in them were HUGE. However much you have to pay for the one95s, they are well worth it, definitely the best skate made to date.

During practice when I was sprinting laps, I fell full speed into the boards skates first (twice), because of the problem I was having crossing over with my left foot, and there’s not even a scratch on them.
But when I took the slapshot off my skate, I felt it a little but didn’t really hurt at all. Conversely, the Easton Stealth S15 skates, the lightest on the market, have a weight of well under 700 grams. When a skate uses an epoxy based material, the process of “baking” the skate for a better fit is not as useful because only in interior components of the boot are shaped and not the boot itself.
The abnormally shallow boot construction of the One90 prevented many players from comfortably wearing the skate.
These do come out in spring, but as for the price, i’ve heard all types of guesstamets. However, I was having a bit of trouble when i was doing cross overs to the left but I think it was the way the blade was sharpened because I don’t have that problem anymore. I would’ve never thought of buying skates that are $650 but I split the cost with my mom.

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