Update: The Bauer Supreme Total One MX3 stick is now available for pre-order from Ice Warehouse.
It may be early in the year, but we already have a sneak peek at what may be the upcoming Bauer Supreme Total One MX3 stick. The photo below, which has been floating around on social media sites, features a stick with a graphics package indicating it is the upcoming Total One MX3 stick. The Bauer Supreme Total One MX3 stick will continue to use Bauer’s amplified mid kick flex profile. The MX3 stick will be made with a true one-piece molding process which eliminates fusing the blade and shaft together like some other one piece sticks. Bauer’s Total One MX3 stick will see a Power Sense 2 core in the blade to improve puck feel and pop on your shots.
Check out the Bauer Supreme Total One MX3 stick below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments! That wouldn’t happen to be 12k carbon fiber in the shaft and textreme in the blade if so i have to get one. Me personally I dont like the stick, its wierd looking and has these giant letter at the bottom saying SUPREME. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
The Total One NXG stick has been engineered to create maximum energy output with minimum effort thanks to the amplified mid-kick point. Bauer’s Total One NXG stick will also feature the Tac-Spiral grip to help keep your hands locked to the shaft.

Moving down into the blade, the Bauer Supreme Total One NXG stick will use the pure shot blade profile. Below is our first glimpse at the new Total One NXG stick, which seems to carry some design elements from the original Total One. The design and appearance of the stick is in some cases very important as to whether it is purchased or not. Due to all the technology in the material the stick is composed of, the balancing aspect, and the was the stick is formed, molded and made as light weight as possible shows that the stick is worth the price.
The Total One MX3 stick features a lot of black, mostly in the form of the sticks weave pattern. This core will make a blade which is slightly softer than the vapor series, which results in the puck being on the blade longer while shooting which in turn increases your power on shots. They’re picking up right where they left off with the Total One skate, and are now preparing the Bauer Supreme Total One Hockey Stick. A stiffer lower shaft, along with a softer middle, allows the shaft to load up quickly and easily. This thicker throat area will reduce blade deflection, or twisting of the blade, when shooting. Many players are buying and ordering this stick because of the “Bauer” name being so popular. The NXG stick comes in a variety of styles such as grip, non grip, different lies, curves and many other variations so that the stick suites the consumer as best as possible. As shown on the stick and a main prompt Bauer advertises, “TeXtreme”, which is a very light and strong carbon fiber is used which gives the stick strength but also keeping it light weight.

You can also see they are sticking with the gold and white accents which have been a prominent feature on the Supreme line for some time now.
In addition, it will feature eLASTech technology to increase the strength and durability of the stick. It seems like the stick has already made its way into the hands of some NHL players, but we don’t expect a retail version available until this fall. The Total One NXG stick retails for $259.99, but is currently one of the top sticks you can get your hands on. The Power Core 3 blade foam will help to increase blade strength and puck feel, all the while absorbing impact energy so the puck sticks to your blade when catching passes. Along with the Bauer Total One hockey stick, we can surely expect a Bauer Supreme One100 hockey stick to be making an appearance soon as well. Additionally, the .520 power taper will increase torsional stiffness to help maximize the load while minimizing the torque and twist on the shaft when you shoot. Because of all this the stick should have no problem with hockey players thinking it is too plain of a stick. The NXG, unlike many other sticks, does not have an over heavy blade or odd weight distribution. Another key aspect of this stick is the amplified ‘mid kick” which helps greatly with focusing energy transferring through the stick into the shot taken.

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