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The previous Bauer Supreme Total One NXG skates feature the TUUK LightSpeed2 holder, this is still today the most widely used holder on the hockey market.
Both NXG and MX3 Hockey skates feature the famous curve composite found in all high end Supreme skates. The Total One NXG skates feature a more traditional skate making process with lots of pieces of the skate glued and stitched together. The injected stability lacing system was previously seen on the Bauer Vapor APX2 hockey skates. The most obvious improvement or change in the tongue section would be the curved composites inserts that sit inside. The Free Flex Tendon offered the player slight flexibility in the tendon area for improved range of motion. Look closely at the Bauer Supreme MX3 Hockey skates, it seems Bauer have added a ware patch to help prevent the skate from breaking down to quickly.

Overall I’ve been very impressed with the changes that Bauer have made to the new MX3 Hockey skate as well as the new full range of Supreme skates. So what cool new changes and improvement can we expect to find from the old Bauer Supreme Total One NXG? The new MX3 skates features the TUUK LightSpeed Edge holder which has 2 most noticeable changes. This has been further developed to offer a greater and truer wrapping of the foot during the baking process resulting in a better fitting and performing skate. The MX3 skates feature the new injected stability lacing system which eliminates numerous parts of the previous lacing system resulting in a 1 piece lacing system construction. Bauer have created a move durable composite insert to better support the players using them. Bauer have upgraded the tendon guard featured on the MX3 hockey skate by improving its construction to help extend its life during use. It’s always great to see when a company learns from previous skates and improves their design and construction.

The holder new LightSpeed Edge holder features a trigger system that allows the player to release and change their runner in seconds!
The new lacing system offers the player much more forward flex in the knees and ankles, better control over the skate, reduced negative space inside the skates and a much more comfortable hockey skate. Bauer have also increased the flexibility of their tendon guard featured in the MX3 hockey skate to improve range of motion on the ice while in stride or sharp turn.
This means that if you lose an edge or break a steel, you’ll be back on the ice in seconds and never miss a shift.

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