JGI has been a well respected company operating in the Shelby Township community since 2005. Safety Group ProgramThe Safety Group Program presented by BBB Serving Northern Colorado and sponsored by Pinnacol Assurance is designed to reduce workers’ compensation costs by promoting risk management and accident prevention plans in the workplace. Mountain States Employers CouncilMSEC helps employers manage all aspects of the employment relationship. Dispute Resolution Program BBB offers free dispute resolution services for both BBB Accredited and non-accredited businesses. Advertising Review BBB regularly reviews local business advertising and challenges ads that don’t meet our Code of Advertising. InvestigationsBBB investigates misleading and deceptive marketplace practices, and provides information to help consumers and business recover from scams. Community OutreachBBB Institute for Marketplace Trust, the community outreach arm of BBB, provides ethics-based assessment, training and recognition programs for businesses, consumers, nonprofits and students in Northern Colorado and Wyoming. InformationBBB encourages consumers to check out companies before they buy and to choose BBB Accredited Businesses. Business Tips - How to prepare a disaster plan, how to find the right IT help and how to boost sales are examples of helpful business tips we offer every month.
Data Security - Almost all businesses today collect, store and transmit more data than ever before.
Saper Law Offices, LLC is proud to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau for meeting its Eight Standards of Trust. Fox Live - Twitter Bot Interview - Daliah Saper - Principal, Saper Law from Saper Law on Vimeo. Daliah Saper will attend the 21st Annual Key West Songwriter’s Festival from May 4-8, 2016 to listen to up-and-coming songwriters and meet with clients, friends, and other music industry professionals.
On May 20th, 2016, Daliah Saper will serve as a panelist for the Texas TriCities Chapter of the National Association of Corporate Director’s (NACD) event: They Posted What Online?
Media Finance Focus 2016, MFM & BCCA’s 56th Annual Conference, will be held at The Sheraton Downtown Denver, starting on Monday, May 23 and concluding on Wednesday, May 25.

Classic SleepCare has implemented a Quality Management System to ensure consistency in the quality of the service we deliver to our stakeholders. It is widely acknowledged that properly executed quality management improves business, often having a positive effect on investment, market share, sales growth, sales margins, competitive advantage, and avoidance of litigation. Ability to win more business - particularly where procurement specifications require certification as a condition to supply.
Classic SleepCare is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB); we strive to meet or exceed the Code of Business Practices outlined by the BBB.
Working in an industry where there are many questionable transactions JGI wanted to make sure they were recognized for the solid and professional work they preform.
Businesses that qualify receive a 4 percent discount on premiums and have a potential to earn an annual dividend. Training and development services are provided at a discounted cost for BBB Accredited Businesses. Local businesses can submit marketing materials prior to publication to ensure they meet the BBB Code of Advertising. BBB Institute programming is offered through three centers of excellence: BBB Center for Character Ethics, BBB Center for Fraud Prevention and BBB Center for Nonprofit Excellence. BBB sends out tips, event invitations and alerts to businesses and consumers and provides a wealth of useful information on our website.
Simplifying Data Security offers guidelines for handling and disposing of sensitive data, spotting identity theft, responding to third-party data requests, tackling global enterprise data security and more.
Since 1997 BMI has been a presenting sponsor of the Key West Songwriters Festival, the largest festival of its kind,  and has helped it grow into an event that introduces attendees to the new faces, voices and stories behind the songs that shape our lives. Her session will focus on advertising initiatives that involve social media run contests and sweepstakes. In August 2012 we achieved registration for the coveted ISO 9001:2008 quality standard (the International Standard for Quality Management Systems). The CHAP accreditation process utilizes Standards of Excellence that are driven by considerations of management, quality, client outcomes, adequate resources and long-term viability.

The Code represents sound advertising, selling and customer service practices that enhance customer trust and confidence in business.
In May 2014 the BBB (Better Business Bureau) reviewed the company and gave them accreditation based on their past work and recognized ethics. John Graham, John Graham Inc., and John Graham Realty LLC are Michigan licensed residential real estate brokers. BBB Accredited Businesses with 10 or fewer employees can receive a substantial discount on MSEC membership. BBB offers free mediation and binding arbitration services in the event a complaint cannot be resolved during the informal dispute resolution process. The ISO 9000 family of standards is related to quality management systems and designed to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to the product or service. It is just like Better Business Bureau, but this is for business to business, while BBB is for end consumers.
The standards are published by the International Organization for Standardization ("ISO") and made available through National standards bodies. Businesses meeting BBB standards are presented to local Boards of Directors (or designees) for review and acceptance as a BBB Accredited Business. ISO 9000 deals with the fundamentals of quality management systems, including the eight management principles on which the family of standards is based. ISO 9001 deals with the requirements that organizations wishing to meet the standard have to fulfil. Over a million organizations worldwide are independently certified, making ISO 9001 one of the most widely used management tools in the world today.

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