If you want to check up on the bona fides of your plumber or your electrician, you contact your local chapter of the Better Business Bureau. In these early days, explains Kerry Ellen Pannell, associate professor of economics and dean of faculty at DePauw University (on whose 2002 paper "Origins of the Better Business Bureau: A Private Regulatory Institution in the Progressive Era" I rely here), BBBs spent most of their time either suing fraudulent businesses or lobbying state and local governments for stiffer consumer protections. Most hilariously, Ross reported (as The Big Money's Mitchell had earlier) that a man who goes by the pseudonym "Jimmie Rivers," says he's a former CBS affiliate news director, and runs a blog devoted to lacerating the BBB teamed up with some buddies to pay $425 to register Hamas with the Southern California chapter of the BBB. George Gombossy, a former business editor of the Hartford Courant who now has a blog called CT Watchdog, has been covering the BBB's problems for a long time. For the Record I Have AT&T and I’m not quick to come to their aid here, for the money I Pay, there are way too many dropped calls!!!
2 Rate determined by the aggregate number of closed complaints per company as listed on Dec.
3 In 2009, the BBB received 36,086 complaints while the FCC received 18,989 complaints relating to Carrier Advertising and Marketing, Contract-Early Termination, Service Related Issues, and Billing and Rates. Elijah Blake Gives 7 Tips How NOT To Act Around A Celeb, Plus Talks New EP, His First Big Check & More! Debit card fees: After Congress limited how much banks could charge merchants for each debit card transaction, banks started making customers pay instead.
Boarding pass fees: First, airlines started charging for checked baggage and onboard meals.
Early-termination fees for TV service: Be sure to read the fine print when you sign up for new a television service.
How can Sovereign Bank raise the minimum monthly balance to $500 for the checking account starting 2012 when there are so many people who unemployed and getting poorer? Fixing a $500 per month is forcing customers to loan the bank 500 bucks without interest to do its own business. DisclaimerViews expressed on this Blog are those of the individual author and do not necessarily reflect the views of BBB or the Council of Better Business Bureaus. By Landon Small, XFINITY Sports With the preseason underway, it's time to take a first-look at the quarterbacks leading each franchise in 2015.
Connecticut Better Business Bureau says consumers and businesses must strengthen their passwords, and not use the same one for multiple sites. The most commonly-used passwords include “12345,” “password” and “qwerty,” and statistics reveal similar, weak passwords have been on Worst Passwords list since 2011. The Better Business Bureau is a national network of local nonprofit groups that evolved during the early years of the 20th century to expose fraud—initially mainly patent medicines and stock swindles—in America's burgeoning advertising industry. Member businesses' names were made public in local BBBs' annual reports, but this information was not widely disseminated. In fact, Lazarus reported, any company could raise its grade by one-half (from B-minus, for instance, to B) merely by joining. It agreed to end its practice of giving additional rating points merely for being a member and promised to engage a third party in a review process.
Well they felt the Need to get some counter Information out there as well by way of the Better Business Bureau!
Verizon Wireless had 34% more complaints during that time frame, Sprint had 115% more complaints and T-Mobile had 207% more complaints. 3, 2010, AT&T Mobilitya€™s nearest competitor had 32 percent more BBB complaints and its largest competitor had 62 percent more complaints. 3, 2010, AT&T was rated A+ by 100 local BBBs, A by 7 local BBBs and A- by 1 local BBBs. The FCC also received 47,902 Telecommunication Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) complaints against wireless carriers which stem from unsolicited text messages and voice calls. As businesses scrambled to make up lost revenue, they tacked on charges for everything from paying a bill (online and offline) to printing out your concert tickets at home. Pay TV providers, such a Verizon Fios and DirecTV, are taking a pay from cellphone carriers and hitting consumers with high charges (from $200 up) for early termination of services. This season features two college stars going under the microscope (Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota) and a plethora of veterans with their eyes set on the ultimate prize. And while every QB dreams of starting their career off on the right foot, his rookie season was marginal.
His past season in Tampa Bay was mediocre to say the least, winning two of his 11 starts and completing a career-low 56.3% of his passes.
After a breakout rookie season in 2012, Griffin's numbers fell off a cliff, throwing more INTs than TDs and fumbling the ball nine times last season.
Enemkpali, who the Jets drafted in the sixth round in 2014, was promptly cut from the team and Ryan Fitzpatrick was inserted into the starting role. The quick and dirty on Dalton is that he's managed to lead Cincy to the playoffs every season in his four-year career, but he's yet to win in January.

Sure, the sophomore slump is alive and well, but Bridgewater, with the help of Peterson, has the opportunity to restore a winning attitude in Minnesota.
Super Bowl winners have emerged from the division in two of the last three seasons, but Arizona didn't roll over. He's now working with his fourth and possibly best offensive coordinator in Adam Gase, who came over from Denver with John Fox. Offseason acquisitions in Greg Jennings and Devante Parker will only help matters in South Beach. He followed that performance with an NFC Championship appearance, but took a step back in 2014, finishing .500 in the competitive NFC West. But Kansas City boasts one of the league's best defenses, which makes risk-taking all the more unwise on the offensive side of the ball. His sheer size and athleticism alone make him a challenge for opposing defenses, but his decision-making often undercuts his physical abilities.
The younger Manning completed a career-high 63.9% of his passes and was intercepted only 14 times, while throwing the most passes in his 11-year career.
But the reality check is two playoff appearances and zero wins, and that's the rub on the former Georgia standout.
The offense, which boasts two Pro Bowl receivers in Julio Jones and Roddy White, doesn't seem to be the problem in Atlanta. The loss of DeMarco Murray is nothing to scoff at, but if Dallas can establish their run-first offense with a new back and Romo can continue to dismantle defenses with Bryant, the Cowboys could be on their way to consecutive division titles for the first time in two decades.
Despite the collapse, Rivers amassed some of his highest career numbers, attempting 570 passes and throwing for 31 TDs. Big Ben, who threw for a career-high 4,952 yards at a 67.1 completion percentage in 2014, was rewarded in the offseason when the Steelers drafted Sammie Coates, Auburn's premier receiver. The 25-year-old recorded his best season in 2014, brandishing a career-best 96.5 passer rating and leading Indy to the AFC Championship game, where they lost to New England 45-7, deflated balls or not. Brees has since referred to 2014 as his most frustrating season yet, finishing 7-9 and second in the dismal NFC South.
But age eventually gets the better of everyone, and at 39, Manning is in the final stage of his career. One of the most decorated players in NFL history, Brady unearthed his most impressive playoff statistics last postseason, completing 68.9% of his passes for 921 yards on the way to the championship. From the start businesses were encouraged to join, but the imperative was that honest businesses had an interest in cracking down on dishonest practices that gave unscrupulous competitors an unfair advantage. Until the 1950s member businesses weren't permitted to publicize their BBB membership; BBB ratings ("satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory" and then, starting in 2009, letter grades) came later still. Both were told by BBB telemarketers that if they joined the BBB their ratings would improve.
Letting bygones be bygones, it replaced the Boston Ritz-Carlton's F grade with a (previously unachievable) A-plus and Spago's B-minus with an A-minus. AT&T also says it has an A+ average rating nationally from the BBB, having received 107 A+ ratings, seven A ratings and one A- rating from local BBBs across the country. These rankings are based on BBB confidence that the business is operating in an open and trustworthy manner.
Excluding these non-core customer issue complaints, there are roughly twice the number of wireless complaints filed with BBBs as opposed to the FCC.
With so many fees frustrating consumers in 2011, narrowing down the list was a daunting task, writes Liz Weston. The loss of Arian Foster puts more pressure on the quarterback, but reuniting with Bill O'Brien could be a positive experience for Hoyer.
The former UCF star was sacked 39 times in 14 starts, and threw 17 interceptions and fumbled four times. Superstar receiver John Gordon will also be sidelined for the entire season following his second violation of the league's substance-abuse policy. Despite his struggles and injury history, the Redskins rolled the diced and put money down on the former Heisman Trophy winner. Fitzpatrick came to New York from Houston this offseason and will assume control of the Jets' first-team offense. Carr's 204.4 passing yards per game also ranked 26th in the league, but 2015 could be the silver lining.
His career took off in 2013, were he threw for 27 TDs and just two INTs while leading Philadelphia to the playoffs.
While Murray is coming off a record season, Bradford hasn't taken a snap in a year and a half due to multiple ACL injuries.
Palmer is 21-11 in his first two seasons with the Cardinals and was 6-0 behind center in 2014 prior to a season-ending ACL tear.

We've all seen what Fox can do with non-franchise QBs, generating deep playoff runs with names like Tim Tebow and Jake Delhomme, so Cutler is his next project. The Panthers have a Super Bowl-caliber defense, but if they're going to get there again, the bulk of the work falls on Newton and his command of a young but promising offense.
The Ravens should be there again come January, but it's anyone's guess which Flacco we'll get in 2015. The key to the Chargers offense is the connection between Rivers and third-year standout Keenan Allen, who suffered a season-ending collarbone injury in 2014.
Despite falling short of a Super Bowl repeat, Wilson enters the 2015 season with new contract and high expectations, plus the addition of Jimmy Graham. Luck returns in 2015 with an improved receiving corp, boosted by former Texans star Andre Johnson. The NFL all-time leader in completion percentage also lost his go-to receiver Jimmy Graham to Seattle, but a youthful Brandin Cooks has the potential to put up huge numbers. That was most apparent in last year's playoffs, where the elder Manning simply ran out of gas. But Brady faces a four-game suspension to begin the 2015 season stemming from the 'Deflategate' allegations.
Rodgers, who won 2014's MVP award, put together astonishing numbers, including his sixth consecutive season with a passer rating over 100.
The BBBs recognized that such publicity might corrupt businesses into using their membership fees to bribe local BBBs.
Both agreed to join, giving their credit card numbers, and both saw their ratings rise within 24 hours—a C and a C-minus each upgraded to A-plus. But even if the Better Business Bureau does all these things, it will probably be a long time before it gets its good name back. Each business undergoes an evaluation in 17 categories including BBB accreditation, how well the company has responded to consumer concerns, the companya€™s complaint history with the BBB, and the truthfulness of its advertising claims.
The former Seminoles star brings a cannon, throwing for nearly 8,000 yards in just two years at Florida State. Although Hoyer's starting job hasn't been verbally confirmed, it looks like he will get the nod in Week 1 over Ryan Mallett, who went 1-1 as the Texans starter in 2014.
Bortles did show flashes of greatness, however, leading the Jags to their biggest comeback in team history in Week 13 vs. The run-first QB must get back to his winning ways and stay healthy in 2015 after missing 10 games over the past two seasons. The addition of LeSean McCoy should help Manuel, whose 58% completion rating ranked near the bottom of all QBs in 2014. Drafting Amari Cooper and the acquisition of Michael Crabtree are two upsides, aided by offensive coordinator hire Bill Musgrave, a former quarterback who knows the position top to bottom. But the former Arizona Wildcat came back to earth in 2014, which was cut short by a broken collarbone.
Reports indicate Bradford is finally healthy again, but until the live snaps actually matter, it's anyone's guess how well he'll do in Philadelphia.
Improvements to the offense including Eddie Royal and the return of Zach Miller should help.
Probably not, but he's certainly shown he can be the guy when it matters most, and that's exactly what the Dolphins have been missing. The third-year QB is learning the hard way that this is a pass-first league, as he was sacked 52 times last season.
It's easy to pile on Eli a€“ he makes it easy a€“ but it shouldn't be forgotten that he's a winner, a two-time Super Bowl champion to be exact. Depending on the success of Manning and the Broncos, Rivers has the opportunity to lead the Chargers to their first AFC West title since 2009. If history means anything, 2014's Super Bowl season began with a 2-2 record, and Brady's replacement, Jimmy Garoppolo, has been "getting better every day" according to Belichick. His ability to throw the deep ball with pinpoint accuracy, and his vision and movement in and out of the pocket, makes him the most well-rounded QB in the game. Worse still, it might corrupt local BBBs into using membership fees to shake down businesses, effectively turning the BBB into a protection racket. Stafford has shown flashes of a franchise QB in his tenure with the Lions, recording his highest passer-rating in 2014 (85.7) and cutting his INTs, which has always been his Achilles' heel. Winston's biggest question marks are away from football, however, as his legal issues have been well documented.

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