Sophie Hartley (Susan Sarandon), una exitosa ilustradora de Melbourne, estA? convencida de que alguien la acecha.
Puedes escribir una crA­tica de esta pelA­cula para que el resto de los usuarios la pueda leer.
Si alguna sinopsis cuenta demasiados detalles del argumento -o para corregir errores o completar datos de la ficha- por favor mA?ndanos un mensaje. The official music video directed by Brendan Walter and Mel Soria was premiered on Vevo on 20 February 2015. The band re-released the track with the extra collaboration of Demi Lovato on Friday October 16th. I think that’s where we are… “irresistible” always felt like it could become something else, something exciting, strange, beyond. The same day, they also premiered the promotional video of this new version starring Doug The Pug. A second and proper official music video for the single was premiered on January 5th including some special cameos of Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick.
Givenchy presents Live Irresistible in July 2015 as a limited edition that belongs to the Very Irresistible collection. But coming back to this fragrance It is quite a fresh scent in the beginning with bright opening balancing between sweet pineapple and green apple. To resume it is an enjoyable long lasting cheerful scent good for daily wear with a good chemistry and during cold period. Edit: finally it is a big no for me because the base notes consist of a pure praline patchouli. While I can appreciate the merits of this fragrance, it's just way too sweet for my liking. Edit: I forgot to say that the drydown is lovely, very soft but perky and wearable, but still a little headachy for me, which is unfortunate.
I was surprised to see pineapple, cause that tends to smell overly 'mature' (not "rotten" - more "fermenting") to me - here it seems to add an certain juiciness instead. If cold weather and lack of sunshine make you depressed, you should at least try Live Irresistible. Unfortunately, it turned too peppery on my skin, but it smells absolutely divine on a paper strip. I was just given a few samples of this at shoppers drug mart, and I must say I actually like it. My mum wear La vie et belle, and when I first smell Live Irresistible immediately remembered lveb. I am certain that, despite how pleasant it is, I have smelled something similar to this at least a dozen times so far. It is not a disappointing scent considering that it is pleasant and has a good silage and longevity.
Remember when being irresistible to men that one of the most important qualities you can posses is confidence without being cocky. Sospecha que Mara (Emily Blunt), una compaA±era de trabajo de su marido (Sam Neil), quiere quitarle a sus hijos, a su marido e incluso matarla, pero nadie la cree.
Where in the same store there was a dollar bin full of toys that no one really wanted that would band together like the misfit, offbrand little outsiders they were.
The bottle design departs from the previous editions of this collection with form and textured glass. I KNOW La Vie Est Belle - yet if you gave me a test strip of Live Irresistible, I would insist it's La Vie Est Belle. Or maybe it is the mix between pineapple and grapefruit that makes me think about an apple. As for me I'm too afraid of this sweet patchouli and that is the main reason why I won't buy it.

However on my skin I'm getting the patchouli note or maybe the amber that reminds me of the frutchouli kind but subtle. Sunshine, margaritas, short dress, strappy sandals, hat, sunglasses, wide smile, bouncy walk - that's the association for me.
It has a fruity opening that I don`t care for (my daughter loves it though), but as soon as it settles in, it has an incense-like scent (as the previous reviewer has said) that I really like.
Despite the description it reminded us both of incense, or a new age type shop that is burning that.
I find that givenchy fragrances are typically head ache inducing, strong spicy and usually nothing I like. At first my untrained nose did not know at first what I was smelling apart from the fruity nature.
It could very well be “Si” by Giorgio Armani, “La Vie Est Belle” by Lancome (minus the smokey note), “Black Opium” by Yves Saint Laurent, “Decadence” by Marc Jacobs… the list can go on and on.
Very bad combination of notes for me, I have owned about 5 Givenchy fragrances and I am a fan of this house. It's on the cover of every woman's magazine, splashed over television and women's programming and of course, on the Internet as well.
Dont look for everyone else in the room to boost you up and make you feel good about yourself.
Many women go to great lengths to feel fabulous for men and don't realize that they become difficult to approach and even intimidating.
Nothing is more attractive than a woman who's willing to step out of her comfort zone and try something a little different.
If things don't go your way or you're upset, just say what you need to say and then let it go.
Take time to learn the art of flirting and then try it out the next time you are at a party or social gathering.
It's ok to be assertive and to know what you want, but another thing to try to control someone else.
Allow yourself to be yourself and have fun and it will show through as true happiness and confidence which attracts men.
You want to be approachable, not intimidating but you want to show that you know very well what a beautiful, sexy and confident woman you are.
Live Irresistible's bottle is beautiful, which is the reason I tested it, but it smells so much like La Vie on me, it actually made me mad. This is a room filling floral fragrance, Live is uplifting & fruity but not at all pungent more tart like.
And I love the fact that it is from Givenchy as it has the typical great scillage and longevity that I am used to with my other Givenchy perfumes and eau de toilettes. I only detect sugary notes, the scent is almost identical to la vie est belle, only tiny bit gentler and less chemical! The pineapple is a not a ripe yellow sweet syrupy texture but still retains some of its greeness.
I am not suggesting that they are identical or dupes for each other but, they are so similar that I feel I could easily confuse one for the other.
Juicy fruity floral, the floral notes are there from the start, especially the rose, so this isn't like an Escada fruit concoction, this is a rich charming creamy scent! I've tried most praized for their longevity such as TM's Alien,Rebelle by Rihanna,Manifesto etc. I only tested this on a card but I like it enough to want to try it again on my skin to see how it develops and lasts.
I do not smell much rose in here ( at least on my skin not), but just a sweet musky pineapple and a hint of pepper and strong amber note. Besides, even if you manage to fool him, why do you want to be with a guy who thinks he's with someone else?

Don't fish for compliments from your man but show that you know what a great woman you are. They don't want to be around the woman who's moping in the corner or complaining the whole night through. Angustiada, ademA?s, porque tiene que entregar un trabajo y se aproxima la fecha, Sophie se vuelve cada vez mA?s paranoica. I think there's a slight note of pineapple that makes the two formulas different, but the praline-patchouli is so prominent on my skin it's difficult to discern Live from La Vie.
I found this very appealing & modern, full of energetic youthful charisma with a spicy kick from the white pepper but with a soft rose petal heart. I had to step outside for fresh air, so if you plan to wear this to work or another public place, please apply sparingly with the head-ache prone in mind!
Pineapple and tangerine notes make it so juicy and thanks to praline, it carries a slight gourmand vibe too. I don't think it smells at all like La Vie Est Belle because the pineapple is much too strong. Because usually his scents are rather sweet and I need to make a break using fresh fragrancies. Patchouli is balanced by musk and Amber and it is a very good thing because I hardly appreciate sweet patchouli (usually if it is too strong it makes me feel sick, and the only exception is Oriens Van Clef&Arpel). After a good 4+ hours or so when the amber and musk played it's final role i somewhat surprised myself with past recognition of Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison creaminess. It's a sweet and fruity scent, but not at all flat and airy, so I think it would be quite suitable for winter wear. The only perfume so far that stayed put on my skin was Givenchy's Very Irresistible and I've been using that one for years. This is going by my very own opinion due to the vanilla & praline base but this time drawn to it's peppery grip.
By spice I mean something that hits the nose rather than a particular scent I can pick out (so, pepper). Light fruity tropical fresh pineapple does not work with warm spicy amber- it equals a sickly sweet awful smell. Today I got a bottle of this liquid gold and voila,same longevity and sillage as Very Irresistible. Far too sickly sweet- don't blind buy- this is not a safe option perfume- I think it will depend very much on the individuals skin scent as to how this perfume will take. I can see myself wearing this in winter even if it's a more spring and summery scent just to brighten up the gloom of the winter months.
Perfect for summer days or evenings,although,in my opinion,it would smell amazing during cold days as well,when we all need some sunshine. Roses,musk and pepper could do their magic during winter months yet pineapple makes this perfume pure perfection during summer. It does seem sweet for the first few minutes but after that it develops into such a sophisticated but not cloying scent. For me this is one of those perfumes that make you wish you could walk backwards just so you can smell it. I sprayed it only twice today and I've been sitting for hours in it's cloud of deliciousness,enjoying every minute of it.

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