I would totally message Jess (I’m not a dude though), because come on, her profile looks awesome! I bet smudged mascara (Alice Cooper style) and crazy blush would go over better than smeared lipstick.
My last OKCupid foray lasted about a week, and shockingly it didn’t end with tears or a restraining order!
I mean, I had to sift through 500 fucking INSANE messages from various psychos before I got there, though.
It probably would have made a great story for Dating Hijinks, but I was kind of scared he’d try to murder me for real.
Back when I was young and bored and working night shifts, I made a joke POF profile that was all about how I was looking for a boyfriend to dominate and make my bitch.

Narcolepsy is hot, cat ladies are in, and Ok Cupid is a lot more fun when you use it for purposes other than what it was designed for. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
Tune in next time, when I see if men will go for my increasingly fucked up cyber sex requests. With multiple disclosures in the profile that he was a cat, and a picture of him as the profile picture. What most men want is just a woman who can be real, who isn’t high maintenance, and can relax enough to let the guy be himself around her. And though often badly crafted, I think most of the replies were aiming at being humorous, too.

Also, a woman who cherishes sensual pleasures, like eating and sleeping, might not be averse to other very basic pleasures either. My guess is most of the men messaging her were imagining being able to pretend to be a walrus with chopsticks over a dinner date, and actually getting her to laugh versus being scolded (Does it make a bit more sense now why a comedian type personality contacted her?). They see a woman they can bring along with to hangout with the guys that will fit in, instead of looking bored and pissed in the corner. People seemed to enjoy that my cat had a profile, until one day I got a message from someone halfway around the world who said ‘This is my top match in the world.

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