PhotoShelter is packed with features to get noticed, impress clients, and make life easier.
PhotoShelter templates provide your website visitors with an elegant, fast, and intuitive way to see your best work. Upload your highest quality images in any format to create a secure and searchable archive of your photography online.
Deliver high resolution files, create private client galleries, and post to social networks, all from within your own website.
Sell prints, products, downloads, stock photography, and your services directly from your website. All photographs and illustrations that appear on the site are copyright of their respective owners. 20 Best Photoshop Actions for Beginners and Experts - July 31, 2014 Top 20 Best Photoshop Tutorials: Create Creative!
Top 15 Best Mobile Apps for Animation Lovers - April 16, 2014View all Top 20 Best Comic Websites for Comic Lovers - April 10, 2014View all 35+ Very Creative Mixed Media Digital Artwork examples: Just Splendid!
Nowadays, website is must for every business as well as one can also make a website or blog for their personal purposes.
Website with a good background image looks attractive and therefore, people tend to browse around.
Background images also grab the attention of the visitors and hold them to the website for some time. An extravagant background image shows that you have a modern approach and this may increase your sales.

Website background images also hold the attention of the users due to which your average sales also increases to some extent. It is also necessary for a web designer to have a keen look at the website background images. Stock photographs are usually dull and lack imagination cannot be used as a background image. Images those are poor in quality due to over-compression, poorly resized or low resolution should be neglected too.
If a website background image is attractive then the readers need not read the content and they may understand the whole scene in pictorial form. NeiL Mac is web enthusiast filled with passion and obsession for creating something unique and incomparable. Every member of our New York-based team is an expert PhotoShelter user and many are experienced professional photographers. They can make a website more attractive and awesome so that the users can visit that particular website again and again. Background image should be placed in such a way that it should not look awkward and miss-matching. Background image of a website should have some link with the theme of the site otherwise the readers will get totally confused. On instances where there was a tie, the site with the higher Alexa rank received a higher ranking.16.
Here, we describe some points related to background images of a website that can increase the attractiveness of the website.

Web CremeNearing almost 4 years of operation, Web Creme is one of the more matured website showcases on the web.
If the background image of the website is attractive then we should think that half our work has been done. An effective background image leaves a memorable and positive feeling on the people who view these works of art. It has been seen that in order to make website accessible it’s necessary to switch the attractive look of the website to a simple one.
CSS ManiaCSS Mania features hundreds of web designs a month organized into many categories for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. The Best DesignsThe Best Designs features only top-quality designs which are categorized into many helpful keywords for easier navigation and searching of sites.2.
Pretty cool tool as you can submit multiple pages for the website and always come back to them in case a website has been redesigned. Inspiration by the designs literally!Mack Aug 06 2011Excellent list of galleries I was already using few of it.

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