When I think of the Mafia, I think of their visits to the local merchants to collect rents.
The truth is, it’s a conflict of interest for the Better Business Bureau to accept money to mediate.
I really wish their was an honest place people could make valid complaints that didn’t take money from businesses. Please contact us for a confidential, complimentary consultation to further explore how The Nery Corporation will work together with you to successfully achieve your goals. When I think of Yelp, I think of a great service that has built a reasonable revenue model that may or may not produce results.
Not only that, if you leave a company review instead of a complaint, they will contact the business as if you wrote a complaint. Today, in my opinion, it’s a business that makes its living off of coercing other businesses to become a member. He explained that the two negative reports we had was a lot for a company with only several hundred customers.

A restaurant with 4+ stars is almost always good if there are enough reviewers (typically more than 50 is my threshold). I explained that we had over 25,000 customers and then reiterated that we only had two negative reports.
Unfortunately, that lure of money is just too great for companies like Yelp & Trust Pilot because they continue manipulating reviews and they make no apologies for it. They do NOTHING to help people with a complaint other than to make the company that had a complaint against them aware that someone had a complaint against them. He had just cut a deal with them and they allowed him to market to their clients, and they gave him the use of their domain to send his emails.
The only difference here is the Better Business Bureau doesn’t hold a gun to your head to get you to pay.
Without asking me to verify a single number and after I agreed to join if he fixed this, I hit refresh on my browser and our score was an A+. While they do discriminate from time to time by removing posts or changing how posts are approved, they seem to be getting it right.

As soon as businesses catch on that nobody is really using them anymore, they’ll stop paying them. Their business model is to sell a business on services that are beneficial for their marketing. I asked him why would he try to fool someone into believing that they were representing the BBB, when in fact they were a third party.
These services are not mandatory, and for the most part, they are not holding you to buying anything as a result of the reviews you receive.
You can access the reviews for free, respond directly to the reviewer and you can even contact Yelp and ask for a review to be removed if you feel it was illegitimate. Let me say that again, the BBB sold their client list to a third party and then allowed them to misrepresent themselves as an employee and service from the BBB.

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