BBB then wrote to me stating, "In this case, the company has responded to the complaint by addressing the disputed issue(s) and the response is not unreasonable in our experience.
Better Business Bureau (BBB), didirikan pada tahun 1912, adalah sebuah Perusahaan terdiri dari beberapa waralaba bisnis swasta Organisasi BBB lokal berbasis di Amerika Serikat dan Kanada, yang bekerja melalui perusahaan induk mereka, Dewan Biro Better Business (CBBB). Better Business Bureau, melalui cabang lokal, mengundang perusahaan untuk menjadi anggota yang membayar iuran. Better Business Bureau mengumpulkan dan informasi arsip itu menerima sekitar bisnis, baik lokal maupun nasional.
Better Business Bureau baru-baru ini mendapat kecaman keras dari sumber-sumber media karena diduga menjual penilaian positif.
Wiki Indonesia adalah lembaga non profit buatan Indonesia, dalam bahasa Indonesia dan juga dalam puluhan bahasa daerah yang beraneka ragam di Indonesia, bertujuan untuk membangun pusat pengetahuan Indonesia bersama. As a customer or client, it is extremely hard to trust any company in this day and age with so many scams out there. The most effective way of contacting the BBB is to call the local office of your bureau directly and take information regarding a company. You will come across an automated system when you call the toll free number of the BBB and will have to follow the instructions before the system gives you the information about the desired company.

In order to check the standing of any business, you can also visit the website of the BBB (
If you are not happy with any company or business, you should call the BBB immediately or visit their website to file an official complaint. Sebagai gantinya, BBBs memungkinkan perusahaan anggota mereka menggunakan logo mereka, layanan mediasi, dan akses ke informasi mereka dikompilasi. Tidak diketahui apa pemeriksaan atau proses verifikasi BBBs digunakan dengan informasi yang mereka terima dari konsumen dan bisnis lainnya, atau jika ada proses verifikasi.
This was the reason why Better Business Bureau (BBB), a non-profit organisation, was established in 1912.
Check your local listings and make sure that the toll-free number of the BBB office of your state is written in your telephone directory. However, if you are not good with automated systems and are facing problems in getting the required information, it is strongly recommended that you should talk to a BBB representative by following the recorded instructions. You can easily check the rating of any company over the internet and save yourself from any kind of a scam. Keep in mind that the BBB gives ratings to companies as per the feedback they receive from consumers.

BBB menyatakan tujuannya adalah untuk mengumpulkan informasi tentang kehandalan bisnis, waspada masyarakat untuk penipuan terhadap konsumen dan bisnis, memberikan informasi tentang praktek-praktek bisnis yang etis, dan bertindak sebagai perantara antara konsumen saling dipercaya dan bisnis untuk menyelesaikan sengketa. The basic job of the BBB is to ensure quality and credible service to the consumers all around the United States and Canada.
Before you sign a contract with any kind of a company, it is highly recommended that you call the BBB immediately to verify the credibility and past record of that organisation. A BBB representative will give you detailed information about the company you are looking for. Most US citizens know about the BBB but still there are many who either fail to contact the bureau or adopt a lazy approach, which is the reason why many scams are still operating, causing serious financial losses to those unaware.

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