Today I want to share with you how to memorize Bible verses using a system I’ve created with the Evernote app–and it really works! The problem with memorizing Scripture is that we may learn a verse, but if we have no reminder to review it, we’ll quickly forget it. I know I usually write about marriage, but one of the top posts on this blog is the 50 most important Bible verses to memorize.
I scan all my receipts into Evernote, save recipes in Evernote, save notes for meetings in Evernote, and more. The key to memorizing Bible verses is to make sure that you know the verse down pat, and then to make sure that you have a way to review the verses. If you say it correctly, you review the verse in a year–and you keep reviewing it on that date every year from here on out. The verse can have the MVDay1 tag for umpteen days in a row, but you can’t move it to MVDay2 until you say the verse correctly without looking.
So your verse may be tagged MVDay1 everyday for a week, and then you finally get it right, so it moves to MVDay2, and then to MVDay3. Then, the next time the 19th day of the month comes along (in this case, February 19), you’ll review it again. I just take a picture of the verse, crop it so the picture shows only that verse, and then share the picture with Evernote.
Now crop the picture so that only the verse is showing by dragging those little corner things. Click on Evernote, and then type in the name of the verse (John 3:16-17), and then choose the correct notebook (Memory Verses).

This way you can save a verse when you’re doing your devotions and you come across something that speaks to you.
If you find a bunch of verses that you want to memorize, enter them into your Memory Verse notebook, but just don’t tag them yet. If you enter all the verses you know this way, you’ll have a method of telling how many verses you know, AND a method of making sure you still review them on a regular basis.
Start with any verses that are marked yearly, then do the monthly ones, then the weekly ones, and only then review the daily ones.
If you type the whole verse out, of course, it will show up on the phone like the second version of John 3:16 did above. Once you’ve attempted a verse and either succeeded (or not), repeat the process above for adding a tag.
One more cool thing about Evernote: Evernote’s search function is so good that it can search for words in photos! So even if you’re taking pictures of verses, if you ever forget something and want to find it, Evernote can do it for you! Join over 23,000 people who receive my monthly marriage newsletter--and get a FREE COPY of my eBook, 36 Tips to Bring Sexy Back to Your Marriage. When you’re studying for and taking exams it’s very empowering to pray and claim passages from the Bible to help you stay focused and help you to get in touch with God’s power.  Here is a final exam prayer using verses from the Bible. Dear God, I ask for your help during final exams based on who you are and the promises that you make in the Bible. Help me to remember that however complex the subject may be that I am tackling, you can enable me to grasp it, understand it and remember the details because you are the originator of all knowledge.

College stress: College can bring stress over money, academics, relationships and life direction. Anyone Can Post Content using our simple online forms to share a place of prayer or a product review on a prayer book, app or music.
Encouraging words and music whether you are dealing with bloggy woes or some of the difficult seasons for all boomers and seniors.
An important and TIMEly reminder, Multigenerational encouragement, and St Patricks Day coloring pages for kids and adults. This year, why not decide to memorize Bible verses and figure out how to REMEMBER them afterwards, too!
And after reading Paperless Home Organization and Do More Better about how to use Evernote to help you be more efficient, I thought of a way to use it to memorize Scripture. And the benefit is that it has this amazing search feature so that you can always find things. I can just look at the left column and see the verse address and try to say the verse, and then I can click on the pic to see if I did it right. Here are some fun ways to Celebrate our Creator AND His lovely creation, as well as practice enjoyable recycling ideas. The problem with doing this on the desktop is that there’s no real way to cover up the verse, so you see the whole thing on the screen.

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