It's hard to describe how long six-and-a-half minutes feels when you are listening to a vulnerable person begging for a little human kindness.
An injustice that can never end: Accused of gang rape, these students were only exonerated after two years of hell. Along with three friends, Leo Mahon had been accused of taking part in the gang rape of a young woman at the May Ball of the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Four defendants accused of raping a young woman during a party at the Royal Agricultural University, Gloucestershire, were 'dragged through hell' before all charges were dropped last month. Vote Leave champion Boris Johnson said attempts to impose a single European identity across the continent had been tried and failed for 2,000 years. The Ukip leader compared fellow anti-European Johnson to former US President Ronald Reagan - and said he would be a much better leader than 'pro-Brussels fanatic' David Cameron. Calvin Klein's adverts are cynical, manipulative and downright dangerous, likely to pressurise girls into the kind of behaviour that we as adults hate. Ukraine defeated Russia in Saturday's Eurovision Song Contest with a controversial ballad about Crimean annexation after pipping late favourites to the post. All but one of the acts performed at least some of their lyrics in English, including French contestant Amir, flouting his nation's usually fierce defence of its native tongue.
James McAvoy and Anne Marie-Duff shocked fans when they issued a joint statement announcing they are to divorce. The highly sophisticated 'jamming strike' crippled the group's communications network around their stronghold of Sirte, a town on Libya's Mediterranean coast - just 200 miles from Europe. New guidelines have refuted long given advice that breastfeeding your child can help prevent them developing a food allergy.
In a tense interview, arts editor Will Gompertz repeatedly asked Foster how much George Clooney and Julia Roberts were paid to appear in the new movie she directed.
We are compelled to pay for it under the threat of imprisonment, it decides which opinions are approved but the BBC ignores the views of about half the population, writes PETER HITCHENS. Holly Brockwell (centre), 30, unleashed a storm when she asked doctors to sterilise her - but yesterday, after a four-year battle in the public eye, she had her operation at St Thomas' Hospital (left) in London.

TOBY YOUNG: How can they deliver a syllabus to a class of 30 children, something that requires a good deal of careful planning, if those children can drop in and out whenever they like? New Top Gear host Chris Evans says he has had enough of sniping from the critics ahead of the launch of the relaunched show accusing them of being 'mus-slinging weasels and malcontents'. Their relationship is seemingly over after they became embroiled in a heated spat outside London's trendy Groucho Club. Liz McInnes, Labour MP for Heywood and Middleton, told party whips that Simon Danczuk threatened to 'dig the dirt' on her as part of a campaign to install Karen Danczuk in her place. 6 engines for love today with real cowboy singles enjoy the work of attraction singles site, and get the expectations. I (Simon Murphy, centre) imagine that when you are the one doing the begging, a 96-year-old, once a woman of substance but now a confused and hungry nonagenarian, it feels far longer.
The 22-year-old, centre, flinches whenever he brings to mind the moment he told his parents his 'appalling news'. In perhaps the most political Eurovision yet, singer Jamala (centre) managed to triumph over Russia's Sergey Lazarev (right) and Australia's Dami Im (left) at the final hurdle with her song 1944 - which sheA dedicated to her great-grandmother and is reportedly about Stalin, Crimea and claims of ethnic cleansing.
And the Scottish actor, 37, has allegedly formed a close friendship with his X-Men co-star Alexandra Shipp, 24, according to a report in the Daily Mirror. Here, she describes her passionate and honest account of that fight, one that many will find controversial - but one which everyone must read.
And pictures of Steve Coogan, 50, and Downton Abbey star Daisy Lewis, 30, have emerged showing the pair having the emotional argument in Soho, shortly after the latter appeared on stage opposite James Norton in Bug. I am personally shocked that her 'guests from hell' failed to honour the sacred English compact. Patrick Foster, right, Thady Duff, left, and James Martin had similarly dread-inducing conversations with their parents. She reveals how she was 'patronised, ignored, harassed, judged and demonised' over the last four years. The Alan Partridge star was seen hunched over a railing wearing a navy bomber jacket, jeans and brown shoes while Daisy attempted to speak to him.

But once all four gave their version of events, their families offered unequivocal support.
James has been quite open among the cast and crew that his marriage was over - and it seems he has struck up a friendship with Alex since then. Ms Brockwell said she wants 'the freedom to pursue the things that are important to me' and 'the energy to be a good partner' to her boyfriend, Zack (right). Discover under 30 online dating love today with real cowboy singles enjoy the expectations.
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