Our Black girls are sweet, happy, genuine, and are looking for a man for friendship or love.
I have never brought any girl home before to show my family, ive had girlfriends before but none like this girl. Your parents can disapprove all they want but they can't stop you from being with the girl brah. Go with what makes you happy bro, don't let your family ruin what could be the best girl of your life.

Theres this mixed race girl at uni that i have strong feelings for, we have started dating. I am very sexually attracted to her, should I just tell my family and see what they say, even if they are dissapointed in me? And I doubt they're racist to the point where they'd flat out disown you in the event that you got married to her. I am seeking a sincere, respectful man with a good heart and good vales to have a life together.

My grandparents in particular are racist, and my grandad was just the other day making jokes about 'chocolate' people.

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