Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls is one of the latest videos to take the Internet by storm, having been viewed by over 4 million in less than a week.
These days Black people are so progressive even some meat lovers opt for the vegetarian special from time to time being more conscious of hormones and chemicals used in animal products. Black Vegan Meetup is for people of color and their friends to meet other vegans and aspiring vegans in the Atlanta area.
As a courtesy to all members of the group and the venues we support, we ask that you show up for events that you've committed to attend.
It comes with the territory that I’d whip up some funky yet flavoricious treat to ring in the romance, but I wanted to do something else this year. Melt is a beautifully filmed online video series that teaches you and your partner how to give (and receive!) delicious massages right at home. Series 1, the basic massage course, teaches you the basic strokes and techniques of a drool-worthy massage along with common mistakes. I had one line, “You muthafucka!” It was the quintessential, Black girl neck rolling and Sam Jackson-esq, urban tone in which I delivered the line each night that made the audience guffaw on cue. I kind of instinctively knew this for whenever I’ve either read an article or watched a Black web series even remotely satirical, there would be at least one overly serious comment from a Black person not laughing.
I have a natural love for uplifting music, the sound of birds singing waking me up in the mornings, new adventures, and the clearness of the body.

I mean I’ll take an excuse to eat dark chocolate any day, but I could pass on the mushy cards and flower bouquets. Created by Australian professional massage therapist Denis Merkas, Melt features short, simple, and easy to understand video clips that are tasteful, romantic, and truly enjoyable to watch.
Cozying up next to your partner and learning how to massage one and other might not be how you pictured yourself spending date night.
The Melt Massage Series features 17 massage techniques and 3 massage routines for a total running time of 122 minutes. This will give another member the opportunity to attend and provide an accurate headcount for the venue.
Black Vegan Meetup and its organizers may not be held responsible for injuries at any events. Thankfully the boyf is nearly as nutty about health as yours truly, so adulterating brownies with beans on V-Day is totally encouraged. But imagine how much more connected your time together will be one you know how to make them feel like a million bucks!
The best part is that the videos are short, so you can watch a couple here and there and then pick up right where you left off.
Series 2, the learning highlights, shows you how to add flair and finesse to your massage, including 9 techniques to relieve tension in the head, neck, shoulders, arms, back, etc.

Coming from a person who gets frequent professional massages, I understand how incredible (yet expensive!) the massage process can be.
You can use each individual series as its own date night experience and spread it over three dates if you’d like. The videos state everything in terms that anyone can understand, and the techniques are simple enough for anyone to master.
It’s a mutually beneficial, relaxing, romantic, intimate way to spend the evening and it will NEVER get old.
Having the ability to make your loved one feel that sense of ultimate comfort and connectedness right at home (without your hands cramping up in five minutes) is quite the special gift, if you ask me. In the words of Denis and his lovely wife Emma, every relationship deserves a little massage! After you’ve mastered the basics of massage, you can get into Series 3, deep tissue massage. These advanced techniques teach you how to make the most of your thumbs for the best massage yet.

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