Blake Edwards' late-'80s dud streak is typified by Blind Date, Bruce Willis' first starring feature. Trivia, fun facts and more for the 1987 Comedy movie starring Bruce Willis, Kim Basinger, John Larroquette et al.
Contributed by: NickA point of interest for Star Trek fans is the appearance of Armin Shimmerman (Quark in Deep Space Nine) as a French waiter. Composer(s): Henry ManciniCan you help with any information or a review of the instrumental score music heard in Blind Date? Don’t get me wrong, Bruce Willis has made some bad films (*cough**Hudson Hawk**cough). If we were judging these films on how well they were made, this film would rank near the top. If Christopher Nolan didn’t exist, I think I could make an argument that this is the greatest comic book movie ever made. He focuses all of his attention on his work, and very little on his appearance or his non-existent personal life.His boss tells him that he needs a date to take to his company's business dinner with a new important Japanese client. It's astounding, in retrospect, that Willis grew into such a movie star from such meager beginnings.
Inevitably, regardless of the actor, by the time I reach the bottom of a Top 10, I find myself reaching to find quality movies or picking films that I have a soft spot for. We somehow forgive it though because Bruce Willis is just a bad ass. We also feel redeemed when, every few films, he comes back with another solid film to keep us hanging on.

I went with this one because it’s one of those films that I saw as a kid in the 80s and have always loved. Sure, there’s nothing fresh in this story of a washed up detective who teams up with a football player to investigate a murder sprinkled with deeper conspiracies.
If we were ranking them on greatest twist endings, this would be my number one of all time.
Something that is made more impressive by the fact that it wasn’t based on any existing property and came out a year prior to the comic book movie boom. Great list Kai – I was expecting to see Die Hard hit the number spot but it was a pleasant surprise to see something different.
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His brother sets him up with his wife's cousin Nadia (Basinger), who is new in town and wants to socialise. It took five screenwriters to churn out some of the most miserable material that romantic comedy audiences have ever been forced to suck down. How could you not with this cast that features a nearly unknown (at the time) Bruce Willis, a young Kim Bassinger and the sleazy lawyer from TV’s Night Court.
Some have been successful (Watchmen) and others have failed miserably (Ang Lee’s Hulk). It’s also a monumental film in the history of filmmaking spawning many imitators and changing the way films were structured.

I also love 12 Monkeys, and while I like it more than Armageddon, I do see your point about it being a guilty pleasure. In the end though, like other Besson films, it’s just a fun watch that is grounded in the performances of Willis and a very sexy Milla Jovovich. Now, while I think this is a truly twisted and enjoyable film, the problem I have with this movie is it has a very low rewatchability factor. For this film, Robert Rodriguez literally bucked the system and made a truly faithful comic book adaptation featuring some very innovative filmmaking techniques. Basinger should have changed her name to DeBasinger just for this one role, because Edwards spends so much time debasing her. It's wildly unpredictable, because you just don't know what the actors are going to do next.It has the feel of a theater farce, and the characters are so over the top that you can just sit and enjoy laughing as Willis and Larroquette lurch from one improbable encounter to another.Notice any mistakes?
The poor girl looks like she wants to do a good job, but she's asked to act out a criminally uncharitable character, a nice girl who gracelessly plows through all civilized company as soon as she gets a stiff drink in her. Worst of all is the psycho ex-boyfriend played by John Larroquette, whose recurring joke is that he keeps driving his car into the display windows of department stores.

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