Kim Basinger, Bruce Willis, Timothy Stack, Priscilla Cory, Jack Gwillim, Alice Hirson, Ernest Harada, Diana Bellamy, Bill Marcus, P. Overview - A married couple deals with a crushing loss in a way that's both funny and deeply sad in this comedy-drama from director, screenwriter, and star Stanley Tucci. Reviews:"Perhaps the most interesting thing about Don and Janna is that they are played by Mr.
Dutch painter Jan-Van Rooyer hurries to keep a rendezvous with Jacquleine Cousteau, an elegant, sophisticated Frenchwoman, slightly his elder, whose relationship with him had turned from art student into one of love trysts.

He has authored or co-authored several papers on the topic, which have appeared in publications such as APL Quote-Quad and the IBM Systems Journal.The picture below was taken following a presentation Stanley did at IBM's T.
Stanley sometimes collaborates with "Right On Band", a 70's show band headed by Nigel Holland. Randall Bowers, Dick Durock, Mark Blum, Brian George, Sab Shimono, Paul Carafotes, Mike Genovese, John Larroquette, George Coe, Don Sparks, Susan Lentini, Stephanie Faracy, Phil Hartman, Bob Ari, Joyce Van Patten, Seth Isler, Graham Stark, Emma Walton, Herb Tanney, Barry Sobel, Louis Price, William Daniels, Billy Vera, Jeannie Elias, Georgann Johnson, Momo Yashima, Armin Shimerman, Elaine Wilkes, Arlene Lorre, John Demy, Jon Smet, Noele De Saint Gall, Julia Jennings, Stanley Jordan, Peter Bunetta, Ricky Hirsch, Lyle Howry, John F.
He arrives and is confronted by Detective Police Inspector Morgan who accuses him of having murdered Jacqueline.

Morgan listens sceptically to the dazed denials of Van-Rooyen as he tells the story of his relationship with the murdered woman. Morgan, after hearing the story, realizes that the mystery has deepened and it becomes more complicated when the Assistant Commissioner, Sir Brian Lewis, explains that Jacqueline was not married but was being kept by Sir Howard Fenton, a high-ranking diplomat whose names must be kept out of the case.

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