BEIJING -- The United States struggled to beat hottest favorite Brazil 1-0 in the extra time to claim the women's soccer title at the Beijing Olympics on Thursday. Brazil, the Olympic runners-up in Athens and World Cup runners-up in 2007, had to settle second again. World Cup champions Germany, who was crushed by Brazil in the Olympic semifinal, beat Japan 2-0 in the bronze medal match on Thursday.
It has been established, time and again, that when it comes to sports, women are no less than the men. The women’s teams bring to their nations the same pride as the men’s teams do, with every award they win and every great game they play.

Olympic Committee. The entire women’s team of United States was named Sportspeople of the Year 1999 by the Sports Illustrated.
A Pursuant of Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering with vivid interest on Technology, Art, Science, Literature, Mythology and almost about everything in this blue planet. Women have proven to be powerful, tenacious and skillful, both physically and mentally, and have displayed Great Spirit of sportsmanship and fair play in different sports. It is the responsibility of the nation, the media and the people to ensure that the women footballers receive their due share of encouragement and appreciation, so that they can move forward and present the sports history with greater moments. While having deep rooted interest in varied subjects, from Sports to Literature, from Art to Computer Games, from Scientific Discoveries to Social Issues, name anything and it will be stored in the brain bank to share tiniest secret available on that subject in this planet.

Even in a game like football which requires immense power and constant athleticism, women have shone.
Every football-playing nation has a women’s team, and these teams work rigorously to match up to international standards.

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