After completing their last full practice session before their important match on Saturday, the Brazilian women's football team spoke to reporters at a press conference about the seriousness of the upcoming competition, according to media source
On the evening of April 19, the women football teams from Brazil and Ghana will go head to head at the Worker's Stadium in Beijing, fighting for the last entrance ticket to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
Although Brazil is favored by far to win the game, the footballers and their coaches have emphasized that they will not treat this match lightly, and will play to the best of their ability, not resting until the win is firmly in their hands after the final whistle blows tomorrow.

BEIJING -- The United States struggled to beat hottest favorite Brazil 1-0 in the extra time to claim the women's soccer title at the Beijing Olympics on Thursday. Brazil, the Olympic runners-up in Athens and World Cup runners-up in 2007, had to settle second again. World Cup champions Germany, who was crushed by Brazil in the Olympic semifinal, beat Japan 2-0 in the bronze medal match on Thursday.

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