Olympic Crush is exactly what it sounds like: A series about men and women we’re falling for during the London Games. But then I looked across the net and my favorite colors faded from red, white and blue to yellow and green.
Athlone is a young man whose background gives him unique insight on sociological and cultural changes that are happening today. These realities ensure that younger men are always vulnerable to competition to older males who (being on average more experienced, affluent and confident versions of themselves) have an edge with younger girls. This means that there are more opportunities for younger guys to compete for the pool of younger girls their older counteparts are also shooting for. This abundance mentality among young women compounds the difficulty for younger men, who already faced a numerical disadvantage. Most western societies are in this stage of development right now (declining fertility over the past decade or so), and the effects are being felt. Similarly, realities on the ground can improve as some parts of the world see fertility increases that create a surplus of younger women for men to pursue down the road. Kings Wiki is an ROK-affiliated wiki that contains articles around the themes of masculinity and nationalism.
Brazil celebrates their victory over the United States in the women's gold medal volleyball match at the 2012 Summer Olympics, Saturday in London.
London — The world got a taste of what Rio 2016 might feel like at the women's volleyball gold-medal match, and it was at once a carnival and, perhaps, just a bit of a funeral.In the end, there was no doubting how much it meant to the Brazilians, as they collapsed in a jubilant heap after the match's final point, wrapped in each other and their own disbelief. For it was then that I caught my first glimpse of the women on the Brazilian volleyball team. But these are the Olympics, a time to celebrate diversity, international fellowship and tight, tight shorts.

Women are well aware of this, and do everything in their power to guard against it (including shaming). This leads to an important demographic intersection with fertility rates.
When fertility rates are increasing, things are good for young men because there is a larger supply of younger women relative to the supply of older men (who, in a scenario where fertility rates are going up, would have been born in years of lower fertility and would therefore not be as numerous). In a decreasing fertility rate scenario, you’ve got a larger number of more attractive men (older dudes) pursuing a smaller number of the more attractive women (younger girls).
Your reality on the ground can change drastically as societies move between these competing scenarios and fertility (or, for that matter, immigration) rates fluctuate. Your fertile hunting ground today can be a dead zone tomorrow thanks to demographic shifts, and vice versa. But the Brazilian crowd's tone turned foul, raising questions about the Olympic spirit at Rio 2016. Volleyball is a national passion, and after losing the men's soccer final to Mexico earlier in the day, a win here seemed a golden tonic.
This means that the older generations (born in a period of higher fertility) outnumber the young.
The younger girls get more confident as a result of this-they now not only can choose from the more attractive men within their own age group, but not they also have a better shot at quality men 4, 5, or even 10 years their senior (some women will even consider men further above that range, though this is less common in some cultures). Only the cream of the crop (the younger dudes with the highest degrees of confidence, maturity, sociability, physical fitness and status) manage to easily clear this hurdle. Men in all age ranges are essentially competing most fiercely for women in one particular age range, generally 18-29.
Brazil) can change quickly as fertility rates decline and the supply of younger women goes with it. Indoor volleyball is the most underrated sport on the Olympic programme (when the Games are in London, you get the Queen’s English) and, for my money, watching our team fight for the gold medal is more exciting than anything you’ll see on a basketball court during the next two weeks.

Feeding off a crowd that was overwhelmingly Brazilian and louder than a jumbo jet at takeoff, every block, dig, and spike was party waiting to be unleashed, a Brazilian flag dancing in every aisle. If it did, it was only in helping the Brazilian team, which is notorious for playing on emotion. The US women, who face crowds much worse than this when they play on the road, probably found this tame. The booing is no excuse for their collapse after dominating the first set 25-11, and to their credit, the players did not try to make it one.It is also immaterial whether it was malicious. As the fans were waiting for the medal ceremony, a drum emerged from somewhere (how did that get through security?) and the crowd erupted into chants and songs brimming with national pride. But was there really ever any doubt that Rio would be a party? This is Rio, after all. It also suggests that the Brazilian athletes will get more than a polite welcome. And at sports close to Brazilians' hearts, the the crowd noise might be heard in Buenos Aires. What was the most technically proficient team in the women's game at times looked as sloppy as high schoolers, as Brazil, seen as inconsistent and on a downward slope before the tournament began, gradually found their old samba swagger. By the fourth set, the US resembled nothing so much as a bug on the Brazilian windshield.Athletes competing against Brazil in 2016, be warned. The triumph of standing in a cauldron of sound all willing you to fail, and still stubbornly finding that spot of sublime achievement. But is that the Olympics?In four years, we may find out.

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