Featuring femmes Patty Griffin, Imogen Heap, Timi Yuro, The Bulgarian Women's Ensemble and other loquacious ladies we love. This column is like the title says - its intention is to fill the gap for those of us who were satiated musically in the '60s and then searched desperately as we aged for music we could relate to and get the same buzz from nowadaze.
I also include older items that I felt were obscure originally and might not have been heard back then.
One of my favorite singers in the ‘60s, she had an amazing singular sound that emphasized her lower range.
An early Queen of Electronica, she seems to have been sidestepped in the barrage of younger, less experienced bands that soon permeated her market.
Between Millie Jackson and Laura, no man could get away with a damn thing while the two of them wrote songs and recorded them! I have been playing and enjoying this music since Jac Holtzman at Nonesuch Records released it in the '60s.
Legendary musician (Bob Dylan, Blues Project, Super Session, Blood Sweat & Tears), producer (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Nils Lofgren, The Tubes) and author (Backstage Passes & Backstabbing Bastards), Al is happy to join the staff of The Morton Report in an effort to help his fellow listeners stay in tune!
By using this Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms of Use. The reason I am writing this column is to make sure others don't miss this wonderful music.
After you read about them below, go back and listen to whatever you like by just clicking on that title in the jukebox, or stream the whole playlist by clicking on the "play" icon at the top. At present, Grooveshark is not compatible with those operating systems, and in order to stream the playlist, you will need to use a PC or Mac. After heroin problems in 1960, she left Otis and was re-discovered by Kenny Rogers, who signed her to his brother's R&B label, Lenox. Richard Thompson and I were considering a trip to Bulgaria to hear them live in the ’80s, as they had never performed in America. Like Timi Yuro, she was blessed with an amazing voice but, unlike Yuro, has written more than a handful of great songs.

The new songs from Eddie Jobson melt into the Bulgarian folk tradition seamlessly and though a complex melancholy permeates the album, Voices of Life ends up being just what its title says.
I have the first two Mysterie De Bulgares albums and I prefer their versions of Polegnala E Toudora, Pilentze Pee and Kalimanko Denko. She led off with maybe her biggest hit, a cover of the country staple "Release Me" which she R&B'ed to the top of those charts.
This is a pretty great song with a great country title, but I had NO IDEA it was country til I read up on her.
This is from the latter part of her career and she has aged like fine wine — she still has that amazing bouquet that draws the ear to the heart of her soul. There is still far too little of the vast Bulgarian repertoire available in the West, so it is somewhat a shame that they chose here to re-record several of the same songs from the first two albums.
However, there are some great songs on this album, my favorites being the surreal Utopia and Sestro Dobriano.
This has a very explicit line in it that I removed because it might have gotten ALL the attention and homey didn’t want that. We're just in the business of hopefully making your days better by listening to great music. Maybe she should do the opposite of what Sheryl Crow is undertaking now and make a pop record even though she’s associated with country. That was a good enough reason to move there as far as I was concerned, but generally speaking I had a great all-around time in the South.
Guest vocalists, including Lalah Hathaway (Donny’s daughter), strut their avant-garde stuff magnificently. Sure, this was not authentic folk music, but rather polished Communist-era arrangements, but the unusual singing techniques and strangely sexy dissonances was a pleasant surprise to music listeners abroad. The most interesting part is that they use chord changes that are Western and are therefore more easily UN-foreign to our ears. In particular, the version of Polegnala E Toudora presented on this work is wonderfully emotional, and I feel the ambient quality of the recording enhances the experience.

Never got any comments last time I ran one of their tracks, but I don’t mind listening alone if I must. This is from Snarky Puppy's just-released album, Family Dinner Volume One.10-4, as they say, and thanks again to our all-female amazing lineup. The three Jobson tracks are simply horrible, and totally incongruent with the rest of the album. Essentially, they are long, meandering synthesizer works with the Bulgarian vocals and instrumentation overlayed. Nonesuch has two, one a Communist-era work that is closer to the real folk tradition, and the other a thrilling set of ethnomusicological gatherings. I was exploring deeper into other cultures when I came across this CD newly placed on the shelf. After listening, I felt as if I had no need to acculturate myself with the Bulgarian culture any further. The music comes from the ancient land of Thrace, where the mythical musician Orpheus was said to have originated.
This has been the first foreign adventure into cultural music since 2001 and I have found a new addition to foreign music.
The women's choir has the ability to bring a chilling mood to its listeners evoking the world of color, beauty, harmony, and religion.
A song such as Polegnala E Toudora has the ability to sooth its listeners as well as other tracks.

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