INDIANAPOLIS, IN and DETROIT, MI--(Marketwired - January 13, 2015) - Online Tech is hosting free Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) workshops in Indianapolis on January 22 and in Detroit on February 19.
Online Tech is the Midwest's leader in secure, compliant enterprise cloud and colocation hosting services.
A voice of change; Ms Shurooq Amin A new brand; to make you up in Kuwait Welcome to SoMu in the Souq Mubarakiya We call her maid A new shopping experience in Kuwait Hip Hop, Hip Hop… Yo! The Department held an informative disaster readiness workshop to ensure business continuity plans are in place in case of any eventuality. The sessions will feature three industry experts who will guide attendees through BCDR planning strategies and real-world scenario exercises.
The company's network of five data centers protect mission critical applications to ensure they are always available, secure, and comply with government and industry regulations.

Backed by independent HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2 and Safe Harbor audits, Online Tech delivers exceptional experiences for companies in need of a strategic hosting partner. Learn lessons from experts who have seen it all in the real life recovery of hundreds of companies from the brink of both human-made and natural disasters. The interactive format will empower attendees with practical guidance to positively impact their own companies' BCDR planning needs.
Valuable expert counsel and peer review are also available to three organizations willing to share their BCDR challenges during the "IT Disaster Recovery Architecture Options" portion of each session.
Registration for each workshop is limited to 50 attendees, ensuring the sessions provide a focused learning environment.
Instructors will also be available by appointment for one-on-one consultations after each workshop, giving attendees an additional opportunity to obtain guidance for their specific business continuity plans."Helping to educate our industry has been extremely important to us throughout our 20-year history," said Yan Ness, co-CEO of Online Tech.

Our goal is to enable attendees to work on their companies' BCDR plans with help from experts who have deep and practical subject matter experience. These workshops are going to be outstanding for attendees, and I'm very proud that we will be the host," said Ness.

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