We all know a business website should have the feel of the corporation and its aim towards the users in a clean, direct and user-friendly way. Last week, I released PSD monitor graphic for website header purposes, and a couple of days later, I thought to develop the header graphic into a full homepage design.
Therefore, a developer and designer should adopt proper strategies to develop and design a perfect looking site that can come up on the internet to depict the real picture of a commercial purpose. There is no dearth of quality and beautiful business website templates on the web; however, it is imperative to select the one that can deliver the sole purpose of a business without creating any inconvenience for the visitors.
This particular template is actually based upon the twitter bootstrap framework, an intuitive, powerful and sleek front-end framework for convenient and faster web development. This receptive business website template brings many layout options and each of them is perfectly optimized for proper screen resolution.

Finesse is a very alert portfolio and business theme sensibly handcrafted with the help of CSS3 and HTML5. Joseph Mills is an amazing Wordpress Geek with extensive knowledge of Wordpress management. Hence, the monitor graphic freebie is the main inspiration to create this corporate PSD template.  Anyway, this homepage template comes complete with the psd for customization as well to create inside pages for the website template.
It brings lots of ready to use components (menus, tabs, rounded images, alert boxes, princing tables, etc…) for its users. Also numerous width options are included, and most of them for the desktop computers, Smartphones and tablets. The Photoshop layers are organized in folders for necessary adjustments to your design needs.

It features a very neat and clean interface delivering everything a visitor needs to know about a business. The real purpose of a business website is to expand the visibility of a specific business corporation or company through the World Wide Web.

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