Developing your business plan can be lonely, and has you deeply involved in such a way that you may miss the obvious. You may be so deep into your subject that you dont see the plan the way an investor or other partner might. Getting an experienced outside business plan review can give you useful feedback, save time and money. Do not let anyone else write your business plan for you and always get a business plan review.
You may have started with a clean sheet of paper, used a template or used a successful plan as a model, or used business plan software.
You do not want a critique that will drag you down or build in an unnecessary delay–a business plan review is quick and practical. Venture Founders can undertake this review for you within 7 working days at a fixed fee of $299. You have three ways of checking whether you feel confident about our ability to do the job.

Contact the Owl, William Keyser, with a brief outline about your business and what you need. You will receive a reply with confirmation that I can do the work in 7 working days from receipt of your plan and attaching an invoice for $299 for the business plan review, which will need to be paid before I start work.
If you would like to get a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement signed first then tell me up front. Consultation: When you have read the report, you may want to have a half-hour consultation, by phone, Skype or Google Hangout. Our revision will ensure your plan covers all the aspects required by banks and investors while assessing the viability of your proposed business at the same time.
Get advice and input, sure, but if it’s not your plan you are unlikely to make it work.
When I have received your request, I will ask you to send me a check, or a transfer via PayPal, for the fee of $299 and when I have received it, I will write and confirm its arrival and the date by when you will receive your report. But, however you drafted your plan, you are going to need a second opinion, and maybe more.

The business plan needs the entrepreneur to make it work and is not a blueprint for someone else. Team members will be involved anyway, but an experienced outside business person is going to save you a lot of false starts and may shorten the inevitable re-writing process.
When I started my first business, I considered those who did not think it would work were idiots. NDAs tend to be a waste of (legal and attention) effort except in mergers and acquisitions, where critical negotiating points are involved. Yet, I took their comments seriously and determined what would be needed for their dismal forecasts not to happen.

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