Despite their calm and collected appearance, car salesmen are under immense pressure and will often do or say anything to get you to buy a car. The car salesman operates under the illusion that he is in control of the car-buying situation, that he's running the show. I attend Auctions 3-4 days a week and have met some of the nicest, down to earth, hard working, entrepreneurs in the country. My main problem with this article is that I find it interesting that this article can be written and taken in as dogma by readers without the proper documention. By the way, using your own deductive reasoning you, too, must be untrustworthy since your last name Royce MUST be related to Rolls Royce.
Please keep your comments relevant to the 5 Things You Should Know About Car Salesmen article. At a dealership, the car salesman will ask you lots of questions to learn as much about you as he can. Truant runs a different type of business and one that Sonia Simone of Copyblogger calls a "Third Tribe." Simone coined this term to bridge the gap between the two groups that largely make up the Internet marketing crowd. He went on to say that he doesn't abide by a lot of the standards that people think are necessary for business including SEO and social media. It's not that he thinks these methods are ineffective, but it's that he has found other ways to do business successfully. A press release is not the place for a blatant sales pitch — and writing it as such tends to turn people off. Telling them that whatever you’re announcing is the best thing on the planet with no proof to back it up = bad. The #1 way to turn a press release from a sleazy salesman-type pitch to a news announcement that sells, is to back up the claims made in the press release with attribution. You’re selling a coaching program and want to convey that you are an expert in your industry.
I totally understand what you are saying — but what should I do if I have a brand new business or product? Yep, the economy's in the toilet and headed further south--where that final destination is, we can only guess. Everyone's getting desperate--here at TCC we're stopping all deliveries of Costco cheese crackers --but car dealers are the worst off, so far as we can tell. This one's a little plotty, but the wardrobe and thematic motifs are clearly No Country for Old Men.
Here we present Dave Campo, used car "evangelist"--a hyperreal blend of the stereotypical Silicon Valley "evangelist" as much as he's a rogue Baptist church preacher hopped up on adrenalin. Suffering from incredibly low approval ratings, Congress is now less popular than cockroaches. All the wealth went to his people, beginning with widows and orphans first," according to Jack Weatherford, author of Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World.
But it's hard not to notice "a perceptible tone of disgust from the pundit class as to what Washington has turned into", says David Weigel, a DC-based political reporter for Slate. Domenico Scala, Fifa's independent audit and compliance committee president, resigns in protest at reforms. In our society lawyers and used car salesmen as a group have been given a reputation as dishonest.
A Stereotypes, whether they be about racial groups or about occupational groups, are sometimes based, at least in the remote past, in some form of truth. A People tend to,A  be like animals, they put other groups of a€?animalsa€? into catagories. Just like a€?Kitty,a€? we humans try to make sense of our environment about what is safe and what isn’t safe and might hurt us. A Of course, not all children who were abused or neglected become abusers or neglecters of their own children in turn any more than all children who are sexually abused by adults become pedophiles themselves, but some percentage in each category do become like the people who abused them. A Some families seem to produce more alcoholics than others, some more drug users, some more violent, and some cultures seem to produce more violence and lawlessness (by western standards at least) than others. Stereotypes grow from our minds trying to put people and things into broad categories and yet, somehow, we must make sense out of our universe, otherwise we would be on HYPER ALERT AT ALL TIMES, continually stressed and fearful. A Many victims of male offenders tend to lump a€?all mena€? into to one a€?groupa€? that can’t be trusted, or vice versa with men who were victimized by women. A The truth is though, that people of all colors, all nationalities, all occupations, and all groups of whatever kind, have predators among their numbers. A In order to keep ourselves safe, on a personal level, though, without being in a hyper vigilant state, always in fear of attack, we must look at our own prejudices. A Part of the problem with our thinking is that if one or two or more of a certain race , profession, or sex are known to us as abusive, irresponsible, etc we tend to lump all people of that group as predatory or dishonest .
A Frankly, I am prejudiced against REPEAT offenders of the laws, and ex convicts in general , as well as people who lie, manipulate, are irresponsible, or offensive to the laws of God and man in general.
As for Lawyers and used car salesmen, I’m cautious of doing business with them, or with anyone for that matter. A Our culture’s idea that a€?there is good in everyonea€? I think is because of good people trying to feel safe in an unsafe world. A As much as we would like to believe that a€?there is good in everyonea€? that just is not true. Our fear of abuse or more abuse may beA  reinforced when someone elseA  of that group does something bad, we then label the entire group as bad and not to be trusted, which is usually not true.
Joyce, I have learned a great number of things about my former personal prejudices, and flawed perceptions. So, trusting someone until they give me a reason NOT to (as I once did) is now off the agenda. Today, I recognize and acknowledge certain mannerisms and behaviors as wholly toxic and move away from people who present them, without anger, disappointment, or any other negative emotion. Maybe not ALL foxes would kill and eat a rabbit, but it is a good idea for the rabbit not to be too friendly to ANY fox.
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Car salesmen came in at the bottom of a new Gallup poll ranking professions for trustworthiness and ethical standards. US members of Congress are barely better than car salesmen when it comes to honesty and ethical standards, while senators score lower than journalists, a survey said Monday.

Nurses and pharmacists were considered to have the highest standards, according to the Gallup poll. At the bottom of the barrel were the car salespeople -- only eight percent thought very highly of them, while advertising people did not do much better -- just 11 percent of those surveyed rated them very highly.
Nurses however were on the top of the list -- 85 percent of people gave them a very high or high mark for honesty and strong ethical values.
Pharmacists (75 percent), doctors and engineers (both 70), police officers (58), college teachers (53), and clergy (52) were the only other occupations to score above 50 percent when it came to being given a very high or high rating. There was little joy for bankers (28 percent) and journalists (24), though both did better than business executives (21), state governors (20), lawyers (19), and insurance salesmen (15), when it came to top marks. Some 45 percent of those surveyed had a very low or low rating of senators, with just 14 percent viewing their integrity as being very high or high.
Gallup noted that members of the US House of Representatives have never done well in the 36 year history of the honesty and ethical standards survey. Gallup said its November 26-29 poll of 1,015 adults has a plus or minus four percentage point margin or error.
But the problem is that there are so many unscrupulous car salesmen and the nature of their game is so tricky.
I work at a dealership and let me tell you we do help our customers the best we can and the sales personel here are some of the sweetest most hard working gentlemen I have ever met.
Secondly, the majority of organizations, unless you receive state or government funding, must generate some kind of income to stay in business. Of course everyone knows that anyone associated with Rolls Royce and their automobiles are evil capitalists that have gained their fortunes from taking advantage of the unsuspecting proletariat. I have seen dealerships running 3-5 sets of financials while I was completing inventory finanicing. If you're like me, you totally think of the sleazy used car salesman like in the image below.
It's also a challenge for people trying to start a business because they don't want to be connected to a group of people that are known for taking advantage of people.
The one tribe consists of marketers that are focused on selling, and the second tribe is the social media crowd that is primarily concerned about connecting. You can include opinion in your release, just make sure to put it in a quote and attribute it to someone. I always research a product or service before I buy and I hate when companies spend so much time telling me to buy their product but never really say WHY.
If you stick to good attribution, the press release naturally comes out sounding more authentic. We buy because we make choices to buy based on facts — not simply because we are told to! I think while writing a Press Release, one must make sure that a PR is different from an advertisement.
From giving away free schwag like oil changes and extended warranties, the truly desperate car dealers out there are doing everything they can to move sheetmetal off the lots.
We think we nailed it, somewhere between the "butt in the car" jam found below and the wretched Spike Lee Jaguar X-Type that was so silly and so not Do the Right Thing, we couldn't even include it here. We turn to some groups (slightly) more beloved by Americans for advice.The 113th Congress has just begun, but already its lawmakers have their work cut out. When politicians lose the pundits - a group Weigel says has a "barnacle-like" relationship with US lawmakers - things have really gone south. Protecting us from accidents, nurturing us emotionally and physically, and when we cry they should come to us to reassure us that they are there to take care of us, thus giving the child a sense of being loved, cared for and heard. Some religions loudly condemn the lives of others as sinful, hateful and degenerate, while other religious groups embrace these same people and warmly welcome them to the pews of Currently, the world is viewing on news shows and in newspapers, Muslim factions fighting and killing each other and fighting their governments and the US presence, giving the world a a€?stereotypea€? of ALL Muslims in general as evil suicide bombers. By then I had stopped and stood very still, and the birds stopped their squawking, so he went back to grazing, but not panicked, but simply wary and keeping an eye and ear out for predators. But also true is that many offenders in the a€?higher levelsa€? of society such as politics, military, and other professions where there is power, seem to have a higher level of those whose consciences are low or missing entirely.A  Predators love power and control.
I’m like the little rabbit, I try not to get in a position where there is no escape, and no way to not have a bolt hole in which to hide.
There are those who have no conscience or desire to do right, who will use and abuse anyone that they can trick by using the processes of a€?the love bomba€? or the a€?pity ploya€? to hook that vulnerable person into not watching or seeing what their real intention is.
We need to learn to watch for the signs that someone is a€?love bombinga€? us and become wary of that individual. So being aware of our own prejudices, whether it is against people of other races, or against one sex or the other, or against people of another religion, or people without a religion, we must not let it keep us from realizing that we are dealing with (in general) INDIVIDUAL offenders, regardless of what group they belong to. If so, please share it using the "Join the Conversation" buttons below, and thank you for visiting Daily News Autos. And it's safe to assume that much of his salesmanship and his lines and even his "sincerity" are, often, simply part of his performance. My father runs a dealership and because of idiotic articles like these, customers come in repeating these same lines with the same crappy attitude.
As If it weren't difficult enough to try and earn a living, so that my family can pay it's bills just like you do, then your little smear should help to twist the faucett tighter to the off position. It's not, of course, that all salesmen are like this, and even all used car salesmen for that matter, but that type of stigma is just naturally associated.
This sales association has had such an impact on society that it even discourages some people from pursuing their goals. If your company is new, you can highlight the achievements of the people that founded the company.
They may be a national joke, but many lawmakers are based out of heavily redistricted areas, protecting their seat and providing a voter base of like-minded Americans.
Of course we know that stereotypes do not hold for every or even the majority of the members of a group about whom it is bandied about. When you are at a dealership, the car salesman will ask you lots of questions in order to learn as much about you as he can. Or he may say he doesn't know because he wants you to think that he's not as smart as he really is.
And if people think we're ripping them off trust me were not because not only do we need to pay for the car we need to make a profit to. The people at AOL really need to consider giving salespeople a fair chance to provide a rebuttal to Mr. Was the article written to justify already preconceived notions the writer had before writing a responsible article?

Maybe the dealerships should start the Chevy Cavalier at $40,000, then work there way down.
Many of those voters don't want compromise on issues like taxes and gun laws, and by obstructing national compromise on these issues, they are in fact helping secure their re-election.
Not all whites are racist, not all blacks are dumb, not all Jewish people are tight fisted, not all Irish are drunks, not all policemen are on the take or are brutal, not all politicians are crooks, etc. One of the first ones is a€?how does mommy and daddy feel about this kind of person?a€? I have noticed that even cattle and their calves use this same method. The early needs for attention and love are not met for the child, later leaving an adult with a€?issuesa€? related to early deprivations.
Not worrying about yesterday or worrying about tomorrow, but observing and acting on what was happening.
That would leave us open for abuse from a woman because we would not be reasonably cautious with her because she was not a man. CAUTION against attack is always a good thing, whether we are a rabbit or a human, there ARE predators out there, and we don’t know what they look like so we must be OBSERVANT of their behavior before we let them come too close to us.
So despite how cool and calm the salesman may appear on the surface, you can bet that underneath he's probably desperate to sell you a car. I have NEVER tried to set up my retirement on a sigle deal in the 9 years I have done this job. This article needs to be taken down because its giving a false conception of dealerships and the people who work in them. How many people go into department stores and start negotiating the price of a suit or diapers?
In a Public Policy Polling survey released this week, Congress was less popular than root canals, traffic jams, Brussels sprouts and other universal dislikes.
But all these stereotypes ARE based on someone seeing at least one person who was in those groups behave in that manner. Sometimes these needs to be loved are met by not having boundaries around people, even abusive people.
As a rabbit, with few defenses except to run and hide, he knew that his life depended on being able to find food and to running if a predator was near and hiding in a thick pile of brush that a predator couldn’t penetrate. To make our boundaries clear and respect those boundaries ourselves by eliminating anyone who does not respect them as well.
In this day and age of publishing costs and pricing I don't know anyone selling any car for more than invoice. Its funny that car salesman get the bad wrap, when there is mark up in everything that we buy. You can put together a test group to try out the product or service and have them take a survey afterward. People preferred head lice three times more than Congress, and almost twice as much as colonoscopies.
But US lawmakers are stuck at an impasse these days because they can't do both - and considering their track record, invading wealthy nations to finance this largesse, as Khan did, is out of the question. So to protect yourself, it pays to never fully trust any car salesman no matter how friendly you may get with him and no matter how much you like him.
Royce so that the public can then make their own fair assessment of what real car buying is about in TODAY'S market. Genghis Khan (preferred 41-37) Khan gets a bad rap as a brutal marauder, but life under the Mongol warlord was pretty comfortable. DC political pundits(preferred 37-34) The chattering class of DC pundits is a frequent target for ridicule.
But that legislation is garnering less support."There's a little more reason in how they're approaching thing - not that they are doing anything particularly good," he says. If I could sell 20 of those deals in a month (the national average is 8.5) I barely pay my bills. So for all you tire kicken time wasters out there, stay home or find a hobby if you want to waste your time. These journalists and analysts try to predict the outcome of elections and interpret the will of the politicians they cover, then follow up by making excuses for why they got it so wrong. But if they keep up the reasonable work, soon America might go back to scorning the pundits who cover politicians, not the politicians themselves. More than once the first question I was asked was; When do you think would be a good time for your husband to come in. People who were leasing weren't told about the models and the penalties," says Frank Aparicio, internet and fleet manager at Puente Hills Subaru in California. These car's have dry rotted tires, loose steering wheel's, rust, few with front end damage that is visible on the under carriage (salesman swears he cannot see it), and many, many other issues. I have outright laughed at a salesman when he told me the dealership had 9 thousand in a car, but he could probably get them to come down a bit since I was paying cash.. Let's set aside the fact that resale on this car is around $3,500.00 IF it is in excellent condition. Sorry, but if they have 9k invested, they were ripped off, if they are going to try to convince a prospective buyer they can sell the car for less money then they have invested in it.. Don't lift the hood to show me how clean the engine is, I have a nose and I can smell the solution used when it is steam cleaned.
I also have eye's so when you put it on the rack I will see the underside wasn't steam cleaned, and you will not convince me it is road grime that only sticks to the bottom of the car. If someone does take you for a ride and hustles you into a bad deal, then shame on you for being a complete moron! I know you sale cars as "your job" I realize that is how you make a living, pay your bills, clothe your children and pay for their college. If I turn down your so called "deal" do not follow me out to my car wanting to "deal" with me. You had your chance, I wrote you a check, in full for what I was willing to pay and handed it to you (and had a letter from my bank stating I have the funds to cover it in the account) and you blew it, so I am ready to move on. Stop wasting my time with mindless BS, and be straight up with me also or you to will be looking at my license tag as I drive away and you are left with the overpriced car still on the lot. What was stated in this article about the saleman needing the buyer is true, I do not need this car and neither does my 15 yr.

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