Lighted Pathways serves the communities in the greater Capital District area including: Saratoga Springs, Ballston Spa, Wilton, Gansevoort, Middle Grove, Greenfield Center, Galway, Porter Corners, Corinth, Schuylerville, Stillwater, Waterford, Malta, Round Lake, Clifton Park, Mechanicville, Cohoes, Watervilet, Albany, Colonie, Schenectady, Troy, Scotia, Glenville, Burnt Hills, Ballston Lake, Glens Falls, South Glens Falls, Queensbury, Hudson Falls, and Fort Edward. Giving advice through an article without knowing who the reader is, the details of your unique situation and your partner's view on the situation is hard. 5) Talk to elders, your pastor or others in the church with years of experience that you trust and can get knowledge and tips from. 6) Reading general relationship advice and self help books can be useful, but some things will be different when you get them from a Christian perspective. No matter if you have been married for years or just started a new relationship, the relationship can get complicated. By using some of the above Christian relationship advice you have a bigger chance of building a more loving and intimate relationship.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. MY COVENANT LOVE presents? The place where you can find a good Christian friend? Join our Chat Room and talk with Pastors, Ministers and other Christians? Learn how to be a good Husband? Learn how to be a good Wife? Learn how to Love your Mother and Father? Learn how to Respect your Children? Learn how to be a good friend? There is no reason for you to ever hit a Woman!? You do not have to sell “DRUGS” we can replace that income with something legal? You do not have to sell your precious body, stop degrading yourself we can replace that Income? Find the one this is evenly yoked with you!? Get your “BILLS” paid! We Are A MinistrySome of the Goals we would like to accomplish on our site1.Children who have come up in a single parent home, yournot alone any more you have a friend in Jesus!2.
An individuala€™s unresolved trauma, regrets, and guilt can stand in the way of your experiencing these loving relationships. However I will offer some general advice throughout the following information to try to help you focus on Christian moral values.
By taking care of your relationship with God, all your other relationships will be influenced as well. Don't do something just because other's don't think you are cool enough or to make someone else satisfied.

Their years of experience with walking by God's side has often taught them to speak from great wisdom. Some of the advice here you may think is obvious, but in daily life when you are busy and there don't seem to be enough time, it can be easy to forget or don't take the time to pray together as often as you would wish. Teach the young Men, just because you saw your Fatherbeat your Mother, that is not the way to treat a Woman!3.
Young ladies you do not have to degrade yourself andsell your temple, we have an alternative income.6. You can personalize your back ground the way that you want it, you don’t have to look like all the other profiles! Discussing your relationship conflicts and concerns with other Christians can be very helpful. Many couples don't understand the power of prayer, however research has shown that spouses that pray together have an increased chance of maintaining a happy relationship. Take the time to involve God in your relationship and soon enough you will experience change in other life areas too, including your relationship to your partner and other people.
We pay your Medical and Dental Insurance!? We pay you a Mortgage and Automobile Allowance.? You can Play more than 100 Video Games! Woman, just because you saw your Mother get beaten byher husband or boyfriend, that does not means that heLoves you!4.
We are the only Relationship Website that gives back over50% of our monthly subscription fees back to the people! Now look at your Finances the third month after being with us, indicated by the “RED BAR” 2. Christian counseling at Lighted Pathways can also help you settle these questions in your mind, leading to increased peace and contentment and a renewed or strengthened faith.

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But look at your finances the second month after being with us indicated by the “BLUE BAR” 1.
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