There are a lot of Christian philosophies on dating and sometimes it’s difficult to know which one is best for you.
It’s important that believers conduct themselves in a gracious and honorable manner in their dating experiences.
Don’t disregard your own inner convictions or Christians standards to please your date. Some Christians make the grave mistake of not really being who they are in Christ when they are dating. Don’t allow yourself to get so caught up in the romance and emotion that you lose objectivity. Romance, infatuation, and emotions are always readily available in the beginning of a relationship.
Dating can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience if you are willing to trust in the Lord and take the steps to guard your heart.
Crystal McDowell is a writer, speaker, and teacher with a passion to encourage believers to know and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ through practical application of God’s word. A good place to begin before dating is on your knees and clearly communicating with God about His will for your life. The world has lost the beauty of discovery in courtship as it pushes people towards sexual relationships. Keeping secrets about your dating desires or experiences can complicate your situation as sin loves to hover in the darkness.

There are times when people play down their faith when they really feel convicted or they play up their faith to give a faulty impression of spirituality. As a believer in Jesus Christ, you don’t want to pollute your relationship by being overly engaged and inappropriately affectionate. However if you allow yourself to be immersed in any of them, you will lose your focus and direction in the relationship. As a freelance writer and editor for over 13 years, Crystal has published numerous Christian curriculums for Sunday School and VBS as well as many articles dealing with marriage, motherhood, and relationships. Christianity should affect our home and work relationships.Submit on one another out of reverence for Christ. Many people have suffered greatly in their relationships because they neglected to spend time with God before dating.
Abraham’s belief underscores the significance of dating and marrying someone within rather than outside of the faith. You also run the risk of not seeing your date as they are, but rather how you imagine them to be. Begin your relationship with a God focus so that you can look back in honor with no regrets. The Christ-like spirit is not being interested in getting all that you have coming, We are all to be willing to submit to one another.
Allow a third person of accountability to be a part of your decisions so that you keep yourself from the appearance of evil.

You don’t have to be on a soap box preaching about your Christian experience, just be yourself in the Lord trusting that God will give you wisdom on what to share and what to keep to yourself.
Recognize your weaknesses and desires with a willingness for the Holy Spirit to gently prod you towards a realistic view of your date. It should be no less serious for a child of God to seek His wisdom and direction before the first date and on every date afterwards. This habit will pay off in huge dividends in spiritual growth and the ability to follow God’s directions. Be gentle and courageous to speak up if you are uncomfortable and need to feel secure on your date.
The principles that govern these relationship also govern workplace relationships.Paul tells wives to submit to their husbands.
Do this so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no benefit to you.

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