Meet Other Attractive Christian Singles That Share Your Beliefs At Our Speed Dating Events! I’ve been living in DC for several years now, and every time I meet someone who just moved here who is looking to meet a potential partner, I always tell them they can meet Christian Singles at speed dating! I think people always have some pre-conceived notion of a speed dating when they hear about it, and picture a room full of nerds and weirdos, and the company who runs the dating calling out in front of everyone how many people are interested in meeting you. I love telling people about speed dating events and then accompanying them on their first attempt! Even though I haven’t met “THE ONE” yet at a speed dating event, I have made some amazing friends and memories.
My religion is very important to me, and I want to marry a fellow Christian and raise our children as Christians.
Christian speed dating in Washington DC is totally one of the most underrated places to find guys in the DC area.
I just moved to Washington DC from Maine, and I am looking for a way to meet any single Christian Washington DC girls. Growing up in Maine, I always went to Christian schools, all the way through college, so meeting other Christians was never really a problem. Washington DC is one of the most powerful cities in the world, and by default, obviously one of the most political. Nobody wants someone to think that their religion is impacting their politics, so in order to stay neutral on the subject; it is simply never discussed, unless you are running for political office on the basis of your religious beliefs. Religion is and always has been very important to me, and I need to be with someone who feels the same way. I have tried going to social events at my church, but most of the people there are older than I am, and I want to meet someone my age. Quickly after that, I realized that online dating, even for Christians, is simply not for me.
I was able to find a website by a company called Professionals in the City and they actually offer speed dating for single Christians! Overall, I have to admit that I am very disappointed with my prospects for meeting other single Christians in Washington DC, but I’m excited at the possibility of meeting someone at the upcoming Christian Singles Speed Dating event I’m planning to attend. Rounding out the rest of this weekend we have a new event for you to try, Dog Lovers Speed Dating at Alexandria Dog Gym!
In addition to our Dog Lovers dating, we will also be hosting our Generation X Seated Speed Dating ~ for People Born Between 1965 and 1982 (Ages 33-50). We also host Baby Boomers datings, 35 plus datings and many more age combinations just for you!
DMV Speed Dating for Black Singles is unique in that we try not to leave anyone out of the fun.
As soon as the words come out of my mouth, I get the strangest looks and people always assume that I’m joking around.
I’m naturally very shy and wasn’t sure if my quiet personality was going to be noticed in a room full of people, but it actually ended up being very intimate! On various TV shows and movies, they always made the matches right there on the spot, and the thought of that absolutely terrified me. They are always so terrified before it starts, but I love staying after the event, grabbing a drink at the venue, and talking about all the cute guys! I’ve gone out on a few dates with really great guys, and I look forward to going out on more! That is why I love the fact Professionals in the City offers speed dating specifically for Christians, along with several other religions, ages, and interest groups. I would absolutely recommend trying it to anyone who might be a little hesitant- the price is right and the night is a blast, so you don’t have anything to lose! I was very active in my church and community, so it was much easier to meet people through those activities that shared the same values and beliefs as I do.

The biggest things that people try to keep separate are religion and politics, so I have found that nearly nobody talks about their faith or religion down here. However, for those of us who work in the political world but do not directly influence any legislature, religion is a very taboo point of discussion. It’s not even really an option for me- I’m not interested in going out with a girl unless she shares the same beliefs as I do. It’s sort of disappointing how there are so few people my age that are passionate about their religion.
I would have to send out dozens of messages to even get one simple reply from a girl, and even then, the conversation would always fizzle out very quickly.
I’m debating checking it out, because it seems like a really cool concept that I think would definitely work for me!
Although there is a smaller pool of single Christians in Washington DC to choose from, I’m still excited to be living in one of the most amazing cities in the world and look forward to exploring the dating scene and hopefully meeting my future wife! Since speed dating is so popular here, we have tested our various niche’s that we find attracts the most people to. We are continuously trying to partner with Catholic organizations to grow our Catholic singles following.
Try our Wine Lovers Seated Speed Dating and Wine Tasting and Date While You Sample Wine, because who doesn’t love wine? We’ve got a little something out there for everyone, whether age is your fortay, religion, heck we even have geographical locations such as Shirlington, Columbia and more! We believe that there's a special someone for everyone, and since we don't all have the same tastes, why have one type of speed dating event? After I drag them against their will to a speed dating, they realize I’m not messing around! I’ve attended six Christian singles speed dating events now, and I have had an amazing time at each one. The venue had a private room just for the event, and the music was turned down so it was easy to hear the guys I was dating.
I didn’t want people to know if I was interested in them or not while I was still standing a few feet away from them! I know that my Prince Charming is out there, and I have a sneaky feeling I am going to meet him at a speed dating event somewhere. It helps to narrow down the prospects a bit and is a relief to know that the big religion question mark is totally off the table at these events! I just feel like in this day and age it’s extremely difficult to meet girls my age who are serious about their religion.
However, as soon as I moved down here I realized that finding a single Christian Washington DC girl was going to be difficult.
Everyone keeps it under wraps, so as not to influence their political beliefs or the opinions of others when it comes to their motivations.
I don’t see what the point is in even going on a casual date if there is no potential for a serious future together. Some people still go to church, but I’ve even found that is far and few between for my age group. I don’t think I come across very well over electronic forms of communicating, and strongly prefer the tried and true method of face to face dating. It would allow me to meet single Christian girls in person, and then decide from there whether I am interested in pursuing a relationship!
The speed dating events tonight in Washington DC consist of Seated Speed Dating ~ Women Ages 20-30; Men Ages 25-35. With this event, you’ll get to sample 6 different wines WHILE meeting singles at your table. Meet singles in your area, your age range, whether you’re a dog lover or a sci fi feen, we cater them all towards your choosing!

We strive to host events for different types of Black singles, so you'll be able to pick and choose which events you attend based on your interests. Instead, I was relieved to find out they had an online system, where you could log in, add a photo, and send messages to the guys from the speed dating. It’s especially hilarious when one guy has the same “opening line” he uses on all the girls! It’s something you don’t want to bring up on a first date, so it’s nice to have that part out of the way. Although I’m not looking to get married that soon, I still don’t want to waste my time and my date’s time if there is not at least a possibility of a future together.
I decided I needed to change my approach to finding a single Christian Washington DC girl and signed up for online dating on a Christian dating site. There was too much pressure, and it required way too much time and energy just to get a one line email response. The next event is two weeks from now, so I’m probably going to sign up next week at some point.
But don’t worry, if you find yourself 36 and above but still interested in this age group it is also open to you. DMV Speed Dating for Black Singles is dedicated to hosting speed dating meet ups for All Singles, Marriage-Minded Singles, 40 + Singles, Christian Singles, Gay and Lesbian Singles and more!
Believe me, I have seen plenty of cute, young guys at these events, and from what I can tell they are all very normal!
The good news is that if I didn’t like the guy, I only had to talk to him for a few minutes before my next date began. If you didn’t feel bold enough to send a message, you could also check off that you were interested in them, and would receive an email if they also said they were interested in you!
I’m pretty excited to check it out, because as of now it seems like my only prospect for finding a serious girlfriend! The general majority of people attending the event will be between the ages of 20-35, but it is open to people meeting people within that age range as well. Speed dating is no different than going on blind dates or signing up for online dating, except you actually get to converse with the other person in a safe, controlled environment for a few minutes to see if there is an actual spark! It totally took all the pressure off, and allowed for some casual and fun conversations after the event.
While we are talking about speed dating events with a twist, let’s discuss some of our other similar events. In addition to Catholic speed dating events, we have also offered Jewish, Muslim and Christian singles speed dating Washington DC events too! Our Singles Seated Speed Dating and Twenty Questions Party takes regular speed dating to a whole new level. Having like minded, dog loving singles on site will help ease your mind in knowing that that special little (or huge) furry face will be loved just as much as you!
We want everyone speed dating with us to enjoy their experience and to keep coming back again and again!
With this event, we will ask a brand new question that will spark a new conversation for every person you meet with!
I work on the Hill and I went to George Washington University” talk, then this event is right up your alley. Other popular events similar to speed dating but with some extra pizzazz include our Lock and Key dating and our Profile Hunt and Match datings.

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