Every Saturday and Sunday until Sept 6 2015, you can buy a movie ticket at Fandango with a $10 off discount when you pay via Visa Checkout. Your multiple discounts will work with the same Visa Checkout account as long as you use different emails. This huge SD thread suggests that there is a way, as long as you are a member of AMC Stubs.
You can buy your tickets for any day of the week as long as the purchase is completed on the weekend.

The Visa Checkout deal is much more liberal as it allows you to buy tickets for any days of the week, as long as you buy it on the weekend. I'm an avid traveler, a travel and credit writer, and I'm the author of the bestselling Lazy Travelers Handbook series.
And you can apply the discount for as many tickets as you want, although it requires a couple minutes of extra work. Abonnez-vous a la newletter Ces bons plans devraient aussi vous interesser : Vente privee TGV Ouigo : 10 euros le bon d’achat de 20 euros !

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