Media coverage by your community newspaper, or a small blog, or perhaps entering into a retail partnership with a local boutique are both fantastic ways to ?boost ?awareness about your business.  And you never know where they might lead! A quick tip: write an email to a business editor at your local or regional newspaper sharing your entrepreneur story for editorial consideration. It’s absolutely critical that you identify what makes your product or service different from others in your category.
Celebrity Endorsements: If getting your product into the hands of celebrities is important? to you, consider a celebrity gifting service. Charity Events- Not just Good Karma: ? Look into opportunities to get involved with charities.
Finally, if you decide to invest in a PR campaign, be open to all media opportunities? and excited about building up your repertoire of media coverage. Slateplate makes cheese boards, plates, serving trays, chalkboards, L’Amuse Bouche Slates and coasters using only real, natural North American black slate. Glamma WineGather ’round with family and friends this Thanksgiving and enjoy a glass of Glamma Wine.
Scrumptious BrowniesShare the love (and blissful brownie bites) this Thanksgiving with Scrumptious Brownies, which are tiny, bite-sized brownies that are too good to resist! Whatever the occasion, Scrumptious Brownies ships fresh to the recipient, gift-wrapped with a hand-written note. Camera Roll the most popular camera in the world is an iPhone – but how often do you look at those pictures? Football and Tailgating go together like PB & J, bread and butter, peas and carrots, you get the gist! Ditch the mayo and discover the mouth watering, out of the box flavors that enhance your BBQ with hummus from Hummusphere Foods.
Up your tailgating fare by adding savory smoked flavors to food with A-MAZE-N Products’ Tube Pellet Smoker. Tailgating beverages just got a boost beyond beer with the Boxxle, a new 3-liter premium box wine dispenser designed to rest on a banquet table or any flat surface. Keep pests away naturally when outdoors tailgating or at the big game with BugBand Towelettes! Celebrate your team spirit with your favorite college team logo added to The Portable High Chair! While volunteering along the streets of Texas, Tim and Agata Scott discovered that right after food and water, there was no greater request among the less fortunate than for a clean pair of socks. They set out to do something about it and created the company Mitscoots. In addition, for every Zymbol sold the company gives an acrylic pendant to a child in the hospital for the sake of true inspiration. What’s more, with every purchase, Fotostrap donates 10% of proceeds to Fotolanthropy, a non-profit that gives portrait sessions and short films to inspiring people who are overcoming adversity. Created by developmental experts, Hoppibox is a quarterly customized toy box filled with fun and colorful toys that support fine motor, cognitive, and social skills for little ones ages 0-3 years. If seeing your product in glossy magazines this holiday season is important to you, it is imperative to start your PR campaign over the summer! Media timelines are a funny thing – while everyone else is savoring summertime sun and fun, magazine editors are knee deep testing the latest and greatest items for holiday entertaining and gifting.
Knowing whom to pitch, when to pitch them and how to secure their interest is our specialty. The holiday shopping season is upon us and Orca clients are getting into the spirit with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday special offers that rival any deals around! Offer: Free dual port charger with purchase over $30 from Black Friday through December 5th.  Neet Cable Keeper is really neat solution and the first cable management product of its kind! Offer: Black Friday Deal and Cyber Monday Deals: Buy three, get one free AND free shipping!
Offer: Use promo code HOLIDAY14 at checkout Black Friday through Cyber Monday for 25% off each book order!
Orca booked another phenomenal National Yoga Month segment on “Indy Style” - WISH-TV (Indianapolis, Market #26)! Fox 28 WTTE-TV “Good Day Columbus” (Columbus, market #32) aired a segment for National Yoga Month, “Yoga Fashion with the Queen of Chic” on September 19 and included YogaSmoga and Bed of Nails. There is still about a week left of National Yoga Month, so get your zen on with three great Orca products. September is National Yoga Month and Saturday on KENS-TV in San Antonio, Lifestyle Expert Michelle Levy Hirschfield shows the best new innovations for the beginner to experienced yogi!
CBS 13 KMAX-TV “Good Day” (Sacramento, market #20) aired this roundup for National Yoga Month on Monday, September 1. September is National Yoga Month and if you’re ready to find your inner Zen, here are a few products you need to get started.
One or two - like Facebook and Twitter, or Facebook and Instagram? - can work great for a business. Conduct a website audit to go through your pages to find and fix broken links, missing metadata, etc. Be sure to let them know if your business gives back to ?a local charity ?and any other angles that might pique their interest.
Communicate that ?clearly ?in all of your branding (on your website, social media, in customer service, and all other marketing channels). Many charity events hand out gift bags to all guests and they welcome companies willing to donate product.
Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank fame considers an article she wrote that appeared in the New York Times key to her incredible success.
Don’t forget to share on your website and social media and contribute to the online conversation.
I’ll never forget my very first major media placement 13 years ago and that feeling of seeing incredible exposure for my client and all the hard work come to fruition in front of millions of people. Keep it real and and enliven salads, veggie trays, meats and more – Tessemae’s products are gluten-free, all-natural, sugar-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, and contain zero additives or preservatives. This fun and festive brand is all about sharing laughs and creating memories over a good glass of wine. Embrace The Brand New Bowl Huggers Solution In Your Kitchen Refrigerator Three cheers for saving leftovers get in the food-grade silicone spirit by sharing Bowl Huggers, a sure-fit reusable lid solution created by the team that released the reusable fruit and veggie savers, Food Huggers and Avocado Huggers. These freshly baked brownie bites to go are the perfect item to serve or take along as a hostess gift! Choose from four sizes, including The Brownie Jar, The Box of 3, The Box of 4, and The Big Jar (which includes 7 dozen bites plus napkins and tongs).
Rooster Race™ is a fun simple card game that suits all ages, from kids, teens, college students, parents, and grandparents. However, today’s definition of tailgating is very different, it has come a long way from throwing frozen burgers on your portable grill.
Handmade gourmet marshmallows stuffed with tiny, meltable chocolate chips, need we say more?
For salads, veggie trays, a perfect marinade and more – Tessemae’s products are natural, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, and contain zero additives or preservatives. The first and original smoked hummus on the market, Hummusphere Foods’ Fire Roasted Red Pepper Hummus adds a smoky element to the flavor profile of your burger. It gives wine lovers a convenient and attractive way to dispense and enjoy boxed wine … elevating it above the rim of the glass for easy dispensing, right down to the last drop. Baby The Portable High Chair is perfect for having mealtime anywhere, even at your spirited tailgate party!  The Portable High Chair is lightweight and all-in-one, folding right up into a carrying bag to help your little ones enjoy the comfort of mealtime anywhere.

With 47 teams to choose from – a logo appears on the front headrest area and on the carrying bag too! Mitscoots makes awesome bright and bold socks in three different styles — casual, active and performance.
After the founder decided to write the phrase, “Love is all you need” with a peace sign all stacked on top of one another, all the letters of the alphabet in addition to numbers 0 through 9 were found embedded within the design. From start to finish all Fotostrap camera straps are designed and manufactured in the United States. Each of the 3-5 toys included are thoroughly researched for their educational benefits so that they’re not only fun to play with but also aid in a child’s development.
It is created using re-purposed fabric from the production of Pocket Poppet cardigans, so it is eco-friendly. In particular, national magazines plan and finalize editorial content anywhere from 4-6 months in advance.  Regional magazines generally work about 2-3 months ahead.
With our flip flops on, we’re in the throes of holiday pitching for clients right now in hopes of making the 2015 season the most wonderful time of year for their business. As we head into Thanksgiving week, we note how grateful we are to be able to work with such amazing businesses to help spread the word about their fantastic products and services. Everything in the B&N Laundry line is chemical free, completely safe and completely effective. This multifunctional cable management solution will organize, protect and help users identify their mobile device cables – all in one neat little package. What makes it our favorite cardigan of all time is that it folds into its own attached convenient and protective pouch.
Ministry of Supply Aeon Sweater- 20% off.  The digital destination of lifestyle finds just for men.
You want to be remembered for what your outfit says about you without saying a word, in a good way. Vida is an app that provides you with a personalized program that combines technology with a human touch to help you reach success.
Applied prior to activity, Hair Warrior works with your body heat to smooth, protect and condition each strand – preventing damage and strengthening your hair. Using UV light to safely get rid of bacteria, the PhoneSoap charger does not use heat, liquid or chemicals. This professional-grade home system that deep cleans, infusing nutrients into your skin, smoothing and brightening your skin while restoring a youthful glow on the face, neck, chest and nose. Black leggings are quite the fashion staple because they are practical, comfortable and adaptable to many occasions. Orca publicists sure did and secured some fantastic features for several clients who had products that tie-in well with downward dog poses. Check out host, Kelley Minnaugh, feature YogaSmoga, Aquasana, Karma Gifts’ Jute Tote, Freetoes, Elastic Boutique and CRAZY LEGS from Endless Games. Jaymes Duke Ballard featured YogaSmoga, Pocket Poppet and Hemlets in a National Yoga Month segment that aired this morning on WFLD-TV (Chicago, Market #3)! As National Yoga Month wraps up, Arizona Midday’s host, Destry Jetton is raving about Orca clients, Yogasmoga yoga apparel, The Pocket Poppet cardigan on-the-go, plus RockTape and Bed of Nails –two innovative and healing lines for yogis feeling the pain after their workout. Top fashion site Refinery 29 (5.4 million UVM and 330,000 social media followers) recommended YogaSmoga in this roundup of its favorite performance-based yoga gear. During their “Check This Out” segment, lifestyle reporter Courtney Dempsey looked at some products to help viewers get through their yoga session, including Orca clients Primal Pit Paste, Rocktape, Dragon Wing, Pocket Poppet, Freetoes and Bed of Nails.
Orca clients YogaSmoga, Rocktape, Pocket Poppet, Dragonwing Girlwear, Aquasana, Bag Inspiration, Primal Pit Paste and Bed Of Nails were featured. This morning, Fox 31 KDVR-TV (Denver, Market #18) morning show “Colorado’s Best” and lifestyle expert Erica Mccllaugherty showed viewers in the Mile High City the latest products for those looking for greater clarity and harmony. We like to think of ourselves as innovators since we’re former members of the media or longtime PR pros who know what producers and bookers are looking for. Also, are you using Google Analytics and taking advantage of inbound marketing opportunities? Consider contributing to a blog or local magazine? on a topic that incorporates your product or service. Typically, you only get one chance to make a first impression with editors and producers, especially at top-tier outlets. Tessemae’s has more than 20 tantalizing condiments, spreads, and dressings to choose from, including a delicious Slow Roasted Garlic Spread, Green Goddess Dressing, All-Natural Mayonnaise, Lemon Chesapeake Dressing, Honey Mustard Dressing, and Southwest Ranch Dressing.
Just like brownies you would make yourself, with real butter, pure vanilla and 100% pure cocoa, packaged beautifully for gift-giving and sharing!
We’re talking about hauling out your smokers, deep fryers and outdoor cookers out on game day for shrimp skewers, smoked pulled pork, homemade pub burgers and even lobster boils. No more cold pieces of chocolate bar sandwiched between a hot marshmallow and a graham cracker – the chocolate is inside the marshmallow already! This unique grilling and cooking tool is for high temperature cooking – steaks, seafood, veggies and even cookies can be made using this innovative culinary must-have.
Not only is the hummus a much more delicious option, it is a far healthier choice as well with nearly half the calories and a fraction of the fat.
With Boxxle, wine lovers can use the entire bag without having to tip or drag the container to the edge of the countertop. They have strappy wedges, sandals, flats and furry boots so you can sport the look no matter what the weather is outside. It can be a basic necessity like shoes or clothing or something simple like flowers or a balloon.
Their products are made with quality construction and each donated backpacks is filled with school supplies . This fashionable camera accessory is offered in a variety of different colors and patterns in order to empower the photographer or enthusiast to further represent their brand or personality. It is because of our Fotostrap customers that Fotolanthropy can continue to give, capture and share inspiring true stories. Each box comes with a play card so that parents know which developmental milestone is being stimulated and ideas for how to use them with their child. Some may have it all wrapped up by October, while others are just getting started around Thanksgiving. The line features goat milk soap as an incredibly effective base and essential oils that not only add a beautiful and safe scent, but also help in the cleaning process as well.
The NEET Cable Keeper is a sleeve made with vibrant fabric that feels great to the touch and has a wire designed to allow users to form the cable and prevent tangles. You can throw this in your purse, gym bag, diaper bag or the bottom of a stroller knowing that when you feel a chill, you’ll have a clean and wrinkle free extra layer for when the weather cools or an indoor space is ultra air conditioned. From magnetic tech gadgets to moisture-wicking sweat pants, Topwick offers products from some of the top up and coming innovative lifestyle brands that are revolutionizing the marketplace. Pieces from StatementBoutique will leave the others in the room speechless, but just for a moment.
Vida is designed to help individuals lose weight, detox from sugar, reduce stress, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, prevent or reverse diabetes, and manage a large variety of chronic conditions. This new, time-saving, patent-pending product helps you re-close and reseal food bags like chips, cereal, frozen vegetables and salad bags. PLUS our Always Free Shipping! Cyber Monday Sale: 30% off your entire purchased PLUS Free shipping! Ultrasonic waves at 24,000 Hz per second, the Labelle helps to unclog pores, remove dead skin cells and debris, remove pesky blackheads, and even out skin tone infusing your way to glowing skin!

Featured are YogaSmoga, Primal Pit Paste, Rocktape, Elastic Boutique, Pocket Poppet and Bed of Nails. If your product is Made in the USA, handcrafted, made in small batches, or designed with eco-friendly materials, make sure that information is prominently displayed in all of your branded materials. I still get just as excited as when I first started in PR each time one of our publicists scores a blockbuster media feature. Scrumptious Brownies now offers a Gooey Gluten Free version, which people say is the best gluten-free brownie that they have ever had…try it for yourself! The object of the game is to make educated guesses; to predict if the value of the top card in your card stack is higher or lower than the last card played by your opponent. If you are ready to up your tailgating game make sure to grab these must have tailgating products!
Toasted golden brown over an open fire, sandwiched into a top-notch s’more, or melted into steaming hot chocolate – there is no end to the delicious possibilities! From ranch, soy ginger, honey mustard, cracked pepper, green goddess, teriyaki and so much more!
Available at retail locations throughout the US, including select Whole Foods, Safeway and coming soon to Costco. Cuce’ Shoes are so fashionable you will want to wear them on game day and every other day of the week! Safe and effective, the towelettes allow for exact application of Geraniol lotion on exposed skin.
National Give Something Away Day is a day to pay it forward and do something nice for someone, whether it is someone you know or a stranger.
Another fashionable aspect of the camera strap is that it was designed to rest lower than the average camera strap to give a relaxed, hip look. Here is a list of some of the offers our clients have put together to make your holiday shopping that much easier.
The small gift basket includes One bag of Laundry Detergent, One bag of three dryer balls and a stain stick. Installation is simple with the full zipper opening, allowing for one or more cables to be added with ease. When you shop for them at Tattoo Golf, you’re sure to get them something that is both unique and useful. The pouch is also happy to give you an extra hand as it can be used to store items as well.
Products rotate in and out about every two to three weeks giving shoppers fresh new, cool picks to choose from.
No need to worry if you want to charge and clean your phone overnight, the PhoneSoap charger has unique acoustic outlets designed to let you hear your notifications and alarms even when your phone is inside. Instead of paying $50-$75 per treatment at a spa, treat yourself in the comfort and privacy of your own home. With Hemlets, you can easily add a little oomph and fun to your plain leggings by adding a colorful and changeable hem! That means it’s essential to make sure your Facebook page reflects your brand with professional-looking cover and profile photos. If you have ever played war or blackjack, Rooster Race™ will be your next card game favorite for family game night! The magic happens when you add heat – the chocolate chips melt as the marshmallow toasts to a rich golden brown, ready to become a tasty addition to any tailgate or barbecue on game day! Pink Himalayan Salt Plates and other Himalayan Salt products from Salt Rox enhance and season food, both before and during the cooking process.
With its contemporary stainless steel design, the Boxxle is sturdy, built to last, and compliments any kitchen, bar or dining room decor.
Well, after wearing the pendant around town for a couple of weeks and getting enormous positive reactions from people it came to pass that the Zymbol pendant quickly became a personalized inspirational piece of  jewelry that can mean anything to anyone. This personalized guidance from real-life experts draws upon protocols developed in partnership with leading medical institutions.
PLUS our Always Free Shipping!?Fun, cute and oh-so fabulous—Avery & Ethan have the most adorable personalized items for your kids. Hemlets are cuffs to add to your favorite leggings that show off your distinctive personality and style. Also, if your last post or status update was way back in 2013, make it your top priority to post a new update and to keep your page up to date, with posts at least weekly. Forget using a salt shaker, the flavor of Pink Himalayan Salt is much different than a processed sodium product. The variety of boxed wines on the market is impressive, with producers offering everything from Moscato to Monastrell and many smaller, family-owned wineries selling boxed versions of their premium wines including Cabernet Sauvignons, Chardonnays, Pinot Grigios and organics.
Each Zymbol pendant comes with a gift card that allows one to trace their individual Zymbol (inspirational) message that can evolve and change for each day or simply remain constant.
Edgy, tattoo inspired graphics, fresh colors and upgraded fabric choices that include UV protection and moisture wicking material are all found at Tattoo Golf. Vida uses wearable device integration and Apple’s HealthKit, as well as data from patients’ doctors, to suggest the optimal care approach for each person.
These must-have gift items include: personalized and customizable plates, placemats, lunchboxes, shower curtains, towels and totes just to name a few!
Customize your game with exclusive items such as clothing, hair color, households, lots, objects, patterns, tattoos, worlds, accessories and more. A great?-looking, easy-to-navigate and error-free site is vitally important to your overall business success.
The salt plates can be safely heated or chilled to great extremes from 0 F to 700 F (salt melts at 1473.4 F). BugBand Towelettes use naturally derived active ingredients to repel mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and no-see-ums. Wear yours and trace out names, places, dates, goals, challenges, inspirations, and anything that you are thankful for.
If your website looks sloppy, is difficult to navigate or is riddled with errors, it reflects badly on your business as a whole and could turn ?off ?potential customers. From serving a cheese course on top of your Salt Rox Serving Plate to grilling a perfect steak on the Cooking Plate, Pink Himalayan Salt lets the natural flavor of food come alive!
The entire collection is truly a spirit lifter and has touched so many people in so many different places. Post navigation Be sure to take advantage of Electronic Arts Origin and special promotions to get extra savings and discounts on your next order.
Dragon Age, FIFA, Hasbro, Madden, Mass Effect, Medal of Honor, NBA, Need for Speed, NHL, The, Tiger Woods, and more. DC Universe Online Available EA and EA: Buy The High-End Loft Stuff (PC, Download) and get the exclusive Escargot Outside Processor [Exp.
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