Women come to me with an array of heartbreaking journeys on their quest for the right person, belonging, and love. Many people don’t realize what control looks like, or even if it is occurring in their relationship. They all have unique stories and histories that bring them to my doorstep but there is one thing they typically have in common.
Some behaviors might become normal and you might not even realize that the way your partner reacts is considered controlling.

If you grew  up in what you would consider a dysfunctional family, for many different reasons, this could be an added element to your identity. Research shows that the one thing that stands in the way of people achieving loving healthy relationships is that they all avoid…. Signing someone up for counseling shows that they are not ready yet and IF they show up for the appointment, they will most likely be guarded, resentful towards you for making them go, and unwilling to explore the issues that caused you to sign them up. This is often used as a tool to help people realize that they are in a relationship where control and manipulation play a roll.

For example, people who grew up in a family where there was a substance abuser you might fit into the Adult Children of Alcoholics group (ACoA or ACA).

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