This adapter allows you to use your existing PCI-E 16X Card in the notebook PC for gaming.
In the fourth part I setup LiSA and got Ethernet frames forwarding  between two PC hosts in same VLAN 50.  In this part you can also show how to setup permanent IP configuration of Microcore Linux. Vyatta_II was Master with priority 254 for VLAN30 and Cisco 3725 was first Backup with priority 100 in VLAN30.  Vyatta_I was acting as second BACKUP with default priority 1 in VLAN30.
LiSA is not Cisco switch when you plug computers to the ports of switch and traffic goes between computers. Please download the fourth part - there is showed how I configured LiSA for both L2 and L3 routing. If you use Linux situation is a little bit harder because there is not such a thing like all-in-one package.

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Now, it is time play a little bit with these network devices and to make simply compatibility test between Cisco 3725, Vyatta 6.1 Core and LiSA.
I could only test LLDP between two Vyattas because of lack LLDP protocol in Dynamips supported routers. I am not sure why LiSA didn't  show CDP neighbours but I guess it could be a problem in my own LiSA qemu image. Router 3725 was MASTER with priority 254 in VLAN50 and Vyatta-II was first BACKUP with priority 100 in VLAN50.
Simply go to global config mode and under interface configuration type "shutdown" and "no shutdown" command.

You only enter "configure" command and "set interfaces ethernet eth1" and then "commit" command.
Although I used Idle PC and cpulimit to decrease processor load it was still high because of video recording program. Everything worked OK except LiSA  didn't show CDP neigbours.  LiSA doesn't support LLDP protocol yet.

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