What started as an idea for a fun activity turned out to be an amazing gift, the power to start a conversation. In our busy, verbal, somewhat loud and boisterous household, my six year old participates in plenty of conversations, but I was surprised at how the ability to successfully start a conversation empowered her. So as our holiday winds down and the magic of discussing Christmas gets a bit stale I am realizing that I don’t want to put our little box away with the holiday decorations. As always at Creative With Kids we want to share the magic; click here and download your own copy of these Conversation Starters for the New Year! Now that my kids are 25 and 22, I can see that all the time we spent together as they were growing up was soooo worth it. It’s Back to School at the Smith House and, even after just one day, the boys are already right back in the groove of our school routine.

She is only just beginning to read and often could not read the prompts herself, yet still she felt empowered. I want to keep this going for as long as it will last… so I came up with a new set of conversation starters. She has worked in a variety of enrichment settings with children from birth through adolescence.
One of our favorite activities was making play-doh and then they would shape it into cars and kitties and all kinds of imagined things. That way, the boys can spend some time each evening sharing a few things about the first few days of class without me prodding for more than just shrugged shoulders or nods when I ask them about their day.
It’s our most enjoyable hour of every day, where we spend uninterrupted time as a family just enjoying our meal and conversation.

I knew that this would be a fun way for our family to get into the holiday spirit and let go of the hustle and bustle of life as we sat down to dinner; what I didn’t know is how important this little box would be for my six year old. She enjoys working with families to create meaningful experiences that foster strong relationships.
These little slips were even useful in helping the kids to be diplomatic; on several occasions when bickering erupted at the table one of them would quietly pull a slip from the box and introduce a new topic of conversation.

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