Friday, July 16, 2010“Continuing the Conversation” a Hybrid Events Hit at TS? Tradeshow! As you may know I have published several articles discussing Hybrid events.  For those of you new to the conversation a hybrid event is one in which virtual, or remote attendees interact with face to face attendees, utilizing some form of social technology.
Question:  What types of Hybrid events are you coming across in your event travels?  What do you believe works well?  What do you think of the scenario recapped in this article?
Digitell’s platform is one of the best I have seen for sure and yes many thanks to Dana Doody for an innovative application of the Hybrid model. Hi, Mike — just wanted to clarify something, as my original comment might have introduced confusion. As you correctly pointed out Dana and the Expo Group did a fabulous job of introducing a creative way for people to leverage hybrid event components to add value to the attendee experience. The speaker will become a facilitator, more along the lines of what Emilie did at TS2, where they will extract this data and resources from the virtual participants. I would appreciate it if you would elaborate, for our readers on what you are trying to say, cuz honestly you confused me.
Considering the above principles, how effectively are you leading your organisations conversation? Back in January, TS2 turned to us to assist in developing and implementing a social media plan and strategy for TS2 2010.

Conversation happens on a daily basis in within teams and organisations and much of this conversation occurs by default. Leaders are in the business of building bridged to the future, this requires the breaking down of walls! When seeking to bring about change, leaders involve influential people to help shape the message and allow them to take the necessary action to bring the message to life. Focus the organisations attention on a few key themes, the essential drivers of performance and shapers of behaviour. Frankly, we’re elated that Dana Doody reached out to TS2 with the prospect of including the InZone on the show floor. However, without a clear philosophy and vision, the shaping of the organisations conversation cannot happen. What a leaders does and what a leader says, are amplified and exaggerated by their constituents. This involves a very conscious choice of people, and of process that’s convened to manage the organisations the conversation. Leaders need to have a clear message that effectively sets the container in which conversations take place. Given this, if leaders don’t take charge of their words and carefully shape their messages, someone else will do it for them.

We helped a great deal with the latter, encouraging the smart use of hashtags, LinkedIn groups, and even PRSEO to brand the show, ensure post-event buzz, and more.
To effectively navigate change leaders need to be proactively engaged in focusing, shaping and influencing an organisation’s conversation.
Inspire influential people and they will take your message to others, sparking further conversation.
They should be repeated over and over, be managed and measured so that they lead to action. The quality of the conversation can be directly correlated with the quality of the organisation’s leadership. Key themes need to be framed so that they capture the imagination and inspire further conversation.

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