Personally I can still remember what it was like to NOT be able to keep a conversation going.
So I’m not going to show you how to ‘trick’ people into thinking that you’re having a conversation when you’re really running through a script in your head. To start with you might need to remind yourself of these techniques but as you continue things will get easier. Social skills are just that – a skill and they need to be learned just like any other skill.
If you’re sick of reading about making a change and want to actually learn how to make one CLICK HERE. If you’re frequently talking to people you’re comfortable talking to or you’re panicking when talking to strangers then you might be in the habit of not really paying attention to what they’re saying and keeping your attention inside your own head. When someone in a conversation isn’t actually listening and is just waiting for their turn to talk?
If you listen to a normal conversation going on around you they flow naturally with exchange of information and questions and this is what you need to learn to do.
Use a little common sense here and don’t be too intrusive with strangers, unless it’s clear they want to talk about it of course. If you’re struggling for a topic to start a conversation or move one on from small talk then I’ve a few suggestions for you. You can never always know the right topics to talk about, especially if you don’t really know the person you’re talking to. Too many times in conversations I used to find myself going silent because I didn’t want to say what was on my mind. I’ve already looked at how to properly keep eye contact but it’s basically just something you need to work on.
A good way to think of keeping a conversation going is a technique called conversation threading. So there for example you could ask about her trip to France, tell an anecdote about your own jet lag or ask about her work.
If you do find yourself at the end of the thread and they haven’t offered anything new (like getting a one word answer) then do one of either two things. The idea of threading a conversation like is probably the easiest way to keep a conversation going.
It becomes a bit of a vicious circle, but the more you have people to talk to the easier you’ll learn.
It’s entirely possible to practice your conversation skills online or through phone texting. The more you practice these techniques, the easier you’re going to find it to keep a conversation going without even thinking about it. If a conversation is becoming one sided and the other person is obviously not making an effort with you then it might not be worth keeping a conversation going.
If a conversation is going well then try to get into the habit of ending it with a follow up. Now not everyone who has a problem keeping a conversation going will have a problem with shyness.
If you’re looking to add a little extra kick to your social training and see the quickest possible improvement then take a look at our online training course. One thing I found which really helps (if you don’t mind me adding my advice here) is that keep in mind everyone is different. I am shy, unconfident, have very low self-esteem, isolate in a hermit-like way and have no friends at all. I am 19 year old a girl and a kid i stay away from everyone, to be honest ur just like me and I can’t talk i hate my voice because I sound like a gosh darn mouse! Hello, am a very shy guy but luckily for me, i managed to get a girlfriend after so much beating around the bush.
There are instances where nerve wrecking silence rules and threatens to ruin the best of get-togethers for you.
If you have serious problems in dealing with people, then always take an extra effort to go out of your comfort zone and meet people. Too Many Questions: Asking questions is good but too many questions often irritate the other person.
Sarcastic Jokes: Making sarcastic jokes thinking that they will evoke laughter can be an unforgivable mistake in decent company.
Interrupting People: If you are serious about making a conversation work then let others speak their minds. If you ignore the above signs and continue talking, then the listener may very well take the next step and disappear from the scene. Let’s start with a video from Videojug, a great site with loads of interesting vids, WITH transcript, which makes it a lot easier to understand if you are not really confident with the pronounciation of the speaker. What they are interested in, perhaps what they did earlier in the day, or yesterday, and from that, just begin a series of gentle questioning. Meanwhile, then you can get calm and you can begin to relax, and once you do so, you’ll notice the conversation will spin a lot more easily. And if people feel comfortable just hanging out with you, then the conversation will flow, and it’s not your responsibility to have it continue on.
Now, let’s have a look at the advices given in Face to Face about Keeping a conversation alive, using the example of Sue and Kim. It happens to every guy – you start a conversation with a girl you’re interested in and it hits a roadblock and your mind goes blank.
When you speak from the heart to a girl without self-criticism, your words and body language will come across as natural.
Fear and self-criticism causes the conversation to be boring and eventually stall altogether.
Don’t think about what the girl will find the most attractive before speaking, instead speak from the heart as much as you can, and ask her the questions that naturally come up in your mind as the conversation goes on. Conversational leads are talking points that the girl will bring up during your conversation. You need to keep your focus on what she says to pick up on conversational leads, and be able to respond quickly with a statement, question or a story in order to keep the conversation going. It’s better to try to follow up with a question or story because it is more likely to provoke a deeper response than a statement. A strategy for keeping the conversation going is to talk about the current situation or environment that you are in. When the conversation starts to die down you can always resurrect one of the first topics you discussed with her. Before you make the effort to talk to a girl either in person or on the phone you should be sure that you are in the right mood for talking.
Many guys lose their focus on what the girl is saying because of their fears or inexperience. The most important thing in learning how to keep a conversation going is to get out there and try to hold conversations with as many girls as you can. Once a conversation reaches that point any other topics can feel a little strained and difficult but sometimes it just seems hard to avoid getting there. Really though we just use these to get the practice in keeping small conversations going so it eventually becomes automatic. To start with it took work and I had to keep the techniques and practices in mind for every sentence I tried to get out of my mouth but now I carry a casual conversation and it just happens.
I’m going to show you how to actually have a conversation with anyone and keep it going as long as the both of you want. If you’re struggling with shyness then it’s important to learn how to keep a conversation going – but it’s also important not to force yourself into situations which you know will go badly. It doesn’t just come out of nowhere and even if you’re really ‘clicking’ with someone you both need to take responsibility to keep conversation going. Ask questions relevant to the topic and you can follow up with your own experiences – if they’re relevant to the topic. I don’t really advise ‘conversation points’ because you’re trying to learn to keep a conversation going naturally.
It’s better to stick to the bigger or better known events, and avoid the controversial subjects unless you know how the feel about it before hand. And certainly avoid the ‘small talk’ subjects such as the weather. And you’re never always going to say the right thing – but one piece of advice I can certainly suggest for this is ‘just say it’. I was worried how they’d judge me for saying it even if the topic wasn’t very controversial I’d worry about how it would make me look or that the person wouldn’t like the subject. I obviously filter myself from the controversial topics but otherwise I’m just going to say what’s on my mind.
Some people have a problem having ‘no filter’ and saying whatever comes to their mind which doesn’t work out so well.
Keeping eye contact might come easily to some people but if you don’t find it natural then you need to practice it. It’s an important part of conversation and the more you do it the more you’ll get used to it. Each part of a sentence can be dissected into parts and you can follow that part of the thread to keep a conversation going.

You could ask when she’s been there before, what she likes so much about it or where else she goes. If they’re engaging in the conversation as well they’ll ask questions and you should answer them without just rushing to another question.
Either this is the point to let a conversation end (see below) or you can loop back to an earlier thread.
It can take a little practice to get right but it’s easy to remember and leads to a more organic conversation. That’s why if you can actually say I have no friends you’ll need to start slow and ease yourself into this.
Even if it’s an old friend or family member – if you keep working on your conversation skills with people you’d normally be comfortable in silence with it’s going to help your social and conversation skills even further.
Ask them a question about their day, ask them about the online chat service, ask them about whatever you’re queuing up for.
Just remember that this doesn’t really compare to a face to face conversation and you’ll have to push for that at some point.
It’ll get you as close to a spontaneous conversation as you can really get online while using a chat or IM service, email, forum or phone texting can give you too much of a gap to think about what to say next. Your problem then (if you can really even call it a problem) is not going to be learning how to keep a conversation going – but how to end a conversation.
They might just be distracted or perhaps shy but if your attempts at keeping a conversation going are being met with one line answers and a lack of enthusiasm then it’s time to move on.
Politely let them go or parson yourself and you’ll leave the opportunity for another conversation in the future – keep them and they might want to avoid a repetition.
Asking to exchange contact details or continue the conversation and meet up another day might seem pretty daunting at first.
But statistically around 40% of people feel shy in one situation or another and it can certainly put a dampener on your conversation skills, let alone your social life.
But it’s not a race, do your thing and keep working at it you can see some results *very* quickly but don’t push yourself too hard. I was actually here a few weeks ago and told myself I would come back and share the good news so I’ll force myself to do something new. Someone else would start them (because I was too shy) and I’d usually run out of things to say and the conversation would die out and they’d start talking to someone else instead. You’re not going to be able to talk to everyone because sometimes people are just different. Have a boyfriend who greatly misunderstands me due to my poor way of communicating with him. Take a look at some of our shyness guides and just start applying them in your daily life – see how it goes! You may, at times, face a sudden scarcity of topics or even an unseen dip in confidence that can leave you speechless at a place where silence isn’t exactly welcome. Talking about activities, hobbies, projects, goals, ideas or jobs are some easy ways of going about things.
You can either speak or ask questions about early childhood experiences, school days or first job experience etc.
When faced with a situation when you have exhausted your list of topics, don’t leave the scene to avoid the awkwardness; face it. If your friend asks for your help with a new computer program, then jokingly saying “Are you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today?” may be accepted once or twice but not every-time.
Without being pushy or without being one of those people who are asking so many questions, it’s irritating. You might think that all of the potential topics have been used up and that there’s nothing more to talk about, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. On the flip side if you are thinking too much about what you are going to say before you say it, it will come across as robotic and manufactured. The key to having an interesting and exciting conversation is to remove nearly all of these filters from your mind.
When you filter your thoughts and criticize them, you are putting a roadblock up to the natural thoughts that make you unique and interesting. Obviously you shouldn’t make the mistake of saying something that would be offensive, but don’t be afraid to say something controversial or express strong opinions. They are a way for you to keep the girl engaged and interested because conversational leads are based on things that she is interested in and passionate about.
For instance, if she mentions that she is going to exercise later on that day, you can follow up with a question about her workout, a story of a past workout experience, or a statement about working out. This is important when the conversation starts to stall, as it is easier to pick up a topic from your surroundings and use it to spark the conversation again when you can’t think of any questions, stories or statements right away. You should never do this too much as it can make a conversation redundant and boring, but it’s one easy strategy to keep things rolling when the pace of the conversation starts to slow down.
If you’ve had a bad day it can affect the entire conversation, as you might display negative body language or a negative tone which are both major conversation killers. This often happens during the first conversation, and it often results in the conversation dying out quickly.
You will make mistakes and some conversations won’t go perfectly, but don’t worry about it. Well there’s a knack to avoiding an awkward silence without talking about inane things at the same time. If one person is trying to keep the conversation going alone it’s going to seem very forced. Avoid steering the conversation to you the whole time but don’t feel that you need to constantly ask them questions if you have something to add which is relevant. Instead focus on things which are going on around you or common interests you both might have.
It’s one way to start a conversation if you don’t have anything else but it’s a great way to kill a conversation because it’s going to feel a little forced after that. If it doesn’t interest them we’ll move on to another topic and if they don’t agree we might discuss it which leads to more of a conversation but few people are actually going to care that much about something I say. And personally I don’t think people change. But because you’re reading a guide on conversation skills it’s safe to say you have too much of a filter.
If you’re having a problem with meeting people directly in the eye then focus on the top of their nose between their eyes.
Generally (and I know this sounds cynical but it’s true) people talk about topics with others because they want to talk about it themselves. Learning how to keep a conversation going is possible from home so practice a bit and slowly ease yourself into tougher situations.
Talk to people around you, talk to people online, talk to people standing next to you in line. But it doesn’t hurt to talk to people online when it’s just not possible to meet people face to face.
Learning how to keep a conversation going like this is exactly the same, except you also need to avoid the far too common conversation killer ‘lol’. I’ll look at this in more detail in another article but every conversation must end at some point.
Some people will be too polite to end a conversation but don’t push it when it’s obvious they want to leave. But as your confidence grows it’s something which can certainly improve your social life pretty quickly. I’ve linked a few other guides above which can help round out your knowledge as well but just keep practicing. But now things are better for me I’ve followed a lot of advice on keeping conversations going and so far it’s much better.
I usually dread starting talking to people because after the first line or two it just seems kind of awkward and I have to get away.
Don’t worry about trying to please everyone but talk to the people who you genuinely get on with.
Talk about first dates, meetings or even interviews; speechlessness and awkward silences do tend to spoil important events for people.
Topics like observations about the opposite sex or your surroundings or even travel experiences etc.
For example, “What is your opinion about the latest development in Egyptian politics?” This will give others a chance to talk. Blurting is a conversational technique in which you tell the person about what you are thinking in that moment.
The best method to tackle the situation is to stick around even when there is a silence between you and your audience and wait for the other person to end the silence. Practice the magical art of euphemism and say “it is not so pretty” in place of “it is ugly”. Interrupting people while they talk is the most irritating thing you can do during a conversation. Look out for the following signs; they tell you when your listener has lost interest in your conversation.
Learning how to keep a conversation going will give you the ability to recover a conversation once it reaches a silence or slows down.

Don’t worry about saying the wrong things, in the majority of cases you should speak your mind.
Most topics are fair game even for a first conversation, and most guys severely limit themselves out of an irrational fear of judgment.
Girls pick up on artificiality quite easily, and most girls will lose respect for a guy that clearly changes his opinions in order to try to please a girl. Most women will find that more attractive and interesting than agreeing with everything that they say, or thinking too much about what you are going to say before saying it.
You can simply ask a girl how her day went or what her plans for the day are in order to get leads to build a conversation from, but leads will be available throughout the entire conversation. You can make a funny observation about the surroundings or talk about something as simple as the weather. When you are in a positive frame of mind the conversation is much more likely to be interesting, funny, and more likely to carry on in spite of temporary silences.
To get a girl interested, try to find out what her interests and preferences are for entertainment, and see if you have any similar interests. If you are focused on other things beside what the girl is saying, you won’t be able to create chemistry, and you won’t be able to catch specific leads to build on. With enough practice you’ll learn how to keep a conversation going with a girl no matter what the situation is.
Learning to keep a conversation going is an important skill to learn and can really help you overcome shyness in the long run. It’s one of the best things you can learn to improve your social skills and social life in general.
Throwing yourself into the deep end can certainly make things worse, so take things one step at a time OK? Some people just naturally keep conversations going without thinking about it – and with a little practice you can do this too. If someone’s trying to keep a conversation going with topic points it’s not going to flow normally. If you’re at a class or activity for example then you have an obvious talking point and it’s easy to get into the topic with a question about it.
I’d rather share my opinions and talk to people who share my interests (even if we don’t always agree on everything) than not talk to anyone and worry about what I’m saying constantly.
So let yourself go a bit and blurt it out, you’ll still have the sense to avoid the subjects the people with ‘no filter’ would probably bring up. If two people are talking about something which they’re both interested then it’s normal for them to make eye contact for roughly 30-60% of the conversation. So picking any of these threads in a conversation (even if they’re posed as a question) can be a great way to continue a conversation. You don’t want to drag down a conversation with a stranger about a family member on their death bed. Family is also a good fall back and once you’re feeling more comfortable with your conversation skills it’s easier to move from there. Even if it’s a short conversation it’ll keep the techniques fresh in your mind and boost your confidence.
Don’t follow everything they say with something like this, follow it with questions and actual meaningful conversation the same as you would in a face to face conversation. I’ve actually got people I talk to on a regular basis and I don’t mind talking to new people quite as much.
My anxiety is incredibly painful even when alone and I have many fears that keep me alone and feeling bad and prevent me from action in moving forward in any way in my life. Am getting scared she might have the feeling am not interested in her anymore… please help me. However, these obstacles in conversations are quite manageable provided you are seriously prepared to deal with them.
However, do make sure that you read your audience at all times; if they don’t share your enthusiasm regarding a topic then be flexible and choose something close to them to talk about. Questions like “Do you like Indian classical music?” elicit very monosyllabic answers like “yes” or “no”; steer clear away from them. And you should also know how to keep the conversation engaging, fun and interactive for both you and the girl, which will help reduce the chance of silence or a stall. As a general rule you should usually but not always avoid talking about religion and politics for your first few meetings, but eventually when the time and situation is right you can reveal your opinions on these matters. This is by no means a requirement to have a great conversation, but it’s an easy way to create a connection and gives you a common ground to stand on while you find out more about the girl and build on conversational leads. Also, girls can sense insecurity and a lack of the ability to focus which are both unattractive qualities. Now the trick to this is not to try and memorize some topics to keep using in conversation but to learn how to learn how to keep a conversation going organically.
That said learning to keep a conversation going smoothly can really help your confidence when it comes to social situations where you’d normally worry about ending up in an awkward silence. If you ask open ended questions and then follow that with follow up questions it will flow a lot better. This can vary if you’re talking during an activity which requires attention or if the other person has a problem with shyness and eye contact of course.
Even the loudest extroverts out there have learned how to keep a conversation going at one point and every time they talk to someone they’re just reinforcing these skills. Well social skills are exactly the same, we’re just expected to have learned them at some point and not everyone does.
There are certain things you should keep in mind to avoid making your conversation passive, dull and draggy. It’s the same for everyone, the more you talk to people the more natural it will become and eventually you’ll forget even reading this guide. You’d be amazed at how easily it all becomes the more you talk to people and eventually it’ll just be second nature to keep a conversation going easily. Asking open ended questions is an easy way to keep a conversation going and is probably the easiest way to avoid an awkward silence.
Equip yourself with some common topics that can be discussed anytime, anywhere and, with almost anyone. Other0 Comments 0 0CommentsWe all know most people aren’t comfortable being photographed. The following write-up mentions a number of tips that can help you keep your conversation alive and happening. We have to perform, be charming, build rapport, make people smile, effortlessly change the settings on our camera and ultimately show them how great they look in the photo. Over the years I’ve picked up many helpful tricks and now I can actually enjoy the spotlight and hectic pressures of a large wedding. Whether they pull a face or not they’ll often be more relaxed or even smiling naturally at this point.
You start with a glazed expression but as their eyes begin to dry out they start to smile and then laugh. I turn it into a competition if there are several people.Do you have any nicknames for each other?For group photos I have a method for avoiding people blinking. Maybe I’ll buy something from their shop or pretend I need directions to get the conversation going. However, it can feel a bit creepy doing this and it’s even more embarrassing when you get caught!An alternative is to put your camera on a tripod and use a remote shutter. You then wait for people to walk into your composition and fire the shutter at the right moment.
If you really want to step out of your comfort zone try How to Photograph Strangers: the 100 Strangers Project. 6 hours ago Weekly Photography Challenge - Spiral Staircases 1 day ago 32 Dizzying Images of Spiral Staircases 1 day ago Lauchlan Toal By far the most important aspect of photography, and one I really need to work on. We spend years learning about photography and then we discover that we have a lot to learn about the business side to get people to hire us.
After all that we get a client and then we freeze up because we’re not sure what to say. I always meet my clients before they’ve hired me so I get to know them a little before I ever shove a camera in their face. Ask kids what ideas they have as they spend their lives being told what to do so they’ll love you for asking for their opinion. I also demonstrate certain poses I want them to do which often gets a laugh if it’s a feminine pose! I often do this while getting them to mirror my movement at the same time which is excellent for rapport building and getting a smile.
But wen it comes to adult I always u de event of de day or wat is happening that time to bring their attention to make them relax and smile as well.

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