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Considering the above principles, how effectively are you leading your organisations conversation? Who is the most important person in your life and what could you do to enhance your relationship? What one step can you take to connect with another believer at a more genuine, heart-to-heart level?
If you could have a bottomless drink dispenser in your kitchen – like a faucet that just gave any one drink, anytime you wanted it – which drink would you choose? If you had a theme song (one that played every time you entered a room), which song would you choose? If one of your 5 senses could have supernatural abilities, which one sense would you choose? If you could go on a trip anywhere with three other people, where would you go and what three people would you take? If you could achieve the highest level of education in any one discipline, which would you choose?

If you could write an article for any magazine, which magazine would you choose, and what would your article be about? Conversation happens on a daily basis in within teams and organisations and much of this conversation occurs by default. Leaders are in the business of building bridged to the future, this requires the breaking down of walls!
When seeking to bring about change, leaders involve influential people to help shape the message and allow them to take the necessary action to bring the message to life. Focus the organisations attention on a few key themes, the essential drivers of performance and shapers of behaviour. However, without a clear philosophy and vision, the shaping of the organisations conversation cannot happen. What a leaders does and what a leader says, are amplified and exaggerated by their constituents.
This involves a very conscious choice of people, and of process that’s convened to manage the organisations the conversation. Leaders need to have a clear message that effectively sets the container in which conversations take place.

Given this, if leaders don’t take charge of their words and carefully shape their messages, someone else will do it for them.
To effectively navigate change leaders need to be proactively engaged in focusing, shaping and influencing an organisation’s conversation. Inspire influential people and they will take your message to others, sparking further conversation.
They should be repeated over and over, be managed and measured so that they lead to action. The quality of the conversation can be directly correlated with the quality of the organisation’s leadership.
Key themes need to be framed so that they capture the imagination and inspire further conversation.

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