Low Cost Website Design and Email Hosting for the small business owner we do Website Design, E-Commerce Websites and Blogs. Fully optimised Website Design Website using a business CMS Website Design that you can edit and update yourself with ease. We at Low Cost Website Design specialize in high impact websites so be it a personal blog or a business website we can give you what you need to get your business on the World Wide Web. Not having a website or a personnel email address is like not having a fax machine or a fax to email you just can’t do business that way, so why you waiting.
Get your business website on the World Wide Web reaching a potential 5 million Internet users in South Africa only.
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We use our a professional website builder to put your business, or personal website online. If you're a business owner that's just starting a brand new business then more then likely you only need a website that can provide information.
The reason why I selected Wordpress is that it is one of the most popular CMS systems on the web, among web developers and you can add so much additional functionality through plugins.
An example would be searching for "doctor wordpress themes" and Google will find wordpress themes specifically for doctors. You will still need to speak with your web designer and have them install the theme, setup the web pages, secure the wordpress installation and customize it with your logo and pictures.
Buying A Theme & Installation: Between $200 to $600 This includes buying it and having a webmaster install this theme. Option 2: Create a Custom wordpress theme If you'd rather not buy a theme then the next option is to build your own custom theme. The cost here is the graphic design (the look and feel of the website), converting the design to a wordpress theme, then it's same as above. The cost varies depending on the webmaster or web design firm that you use and the type of work that they do.

For business web site design you can find prices starting from $1200 all the way up to $25,000 based on the type, quality and amount of features.
Creating A Custom Design Theme: Starting at $1200+ This includes creating a design specifically for your business and then having a webmaster install this theme. Our team of web designers at Simple web design Houston base their quotes and plans directly on this system. If you're a business owner that wants to sell products directly online then eCommerce web design is the right option for you. An eCommerce website allows visitors to browse products by categories, add products to shopping cart, rate a product, leave reviews, view their shopping cart, checkout by paying with credit card. For an eCommerce website there are also two main options depending on your budget and which features you need. Once you've purchased the theme then you have to get your web designer to install the theme, customize it to add in your images, logo, product categories, products, additional plugins as needed, add in products or even show you how to add in products. Buying An Online Store Theme & Installation: Between $300 to $800This includes buying a ready made theme and having a webmaster install this theme. A custom theme is perfect when you don't want to buy a theme or template for your online store and want something more suited specifically for your business. Custom Designed Online Store: Starting at $1800 This includes creating a custom design for your online store, setting up payment system, setting up shopping cart and then installing the online store. A custom built website is not very common because it really depends on what the goal of your website is.
A custom website can have any feature that you want because it is custom programmed specially for you. The biggest reason why more people don't use custom is because building a custom website requires building some, if not all, features from the ground up. If you buy a pre-built house then the choice you have is basically the houses that are available. If you were custom building a house then you could add all types of features such as a waterfall pool, adding in a balcony, creating 3 story house (let's assume your area allows this), adding in a shed and much more. The cost for a custom built website will depend on what features you need and how much time is required to build them. We also include SEO Services, Social Networking Services, Domain Hosting, Domain Registration, Full email services on all our web hosting websites. You also have the ability to update your own site thus saving you on website editing costs.

Make 2016 the year you put your business on the map to success do not get left behind on the road to success. This website would almost be like a brochure type website, also known as small business website and also as information website. A CMS is type of system that allows you the ability to make changes to the website without the need to learn programming code.
There might be additional costs depending on whether you want the webmaster to also add the items in your store.
By making it custom you'll be able to specify the look and feel, which plugins to use, and lots of other features. We can also help you with Google+ Landing Pages, Facebook Landing Pages and Pinterest Landing Pages hey we even do Twitter Landing Pages. We also include Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools giving to the ability to track your visitor’s.
All sites are linked to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools, web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Their knowledge, combined with our Web Design department's experience, sets Medical Management Associates apart as a leader in the medical practice website design, managing, and marketing.
We can now offer you an Affordable Website Design and Web Hosting with high impact at a fraction of the cost. We also include a sign up box for prospects,  Essential Plug ins, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Full Email Support. Giving you the power to get your business online and ready to tackle the Internet super highway. All our websites are connected to Google Webmaster Tools as it provides you with detailed reports about your pages visibility on Google. We also add your site to Google Analytics giving you key insights that help drive the evolution of our product on our mobile app and desktop. We also keep your website updated with the latest software updates and security updates to keep your website running smoothly.

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