Share Tweet +1 EmailTotal Shares 2Director of San Francisco’s The Society of Professional Singles creates Cougar-themed events and activities to tap into the latest media obsession. The entire event was organized by Rich Gosse, who calls himself the “headmaster” of his Cougar School. After 30 years of promoting his singles organization, Gosse knows how to hustle the media and how to hit a sweet spot in the growing singles demographic. With cougars a hot topic these days, Gosse managed to wrangle some big stories for his cougar branded functions, and he’s been promoting singles events long enough to know how to get the word out. According to Lucia, a cougar is over 40, single and exclusively dates men who are at least 10 years younger. Lucia said the negative attitudes about older woman dating younger men is the result of thousands of years of living in a patriarchal society and cited witches being burned at the stake.
A Rapid Dating activity conducted by longtime singles industry vet Renee Piane helped break the ice.
His friend Brett, works for Wells Fargo and said he agreed to come because he’s “down for fun things.” Brett said he thought most men there came either because they wanted to get laid or just simple curiosity. Another group of five men, all good friends, came at the urging of Danny, 27, who found out about the event from Gold Star.
His friend, Chris, 26, said he agreed to come to the event because he wants to find a cougar for himself. A woman in her mid-30s who came to write a story for a local newspaper said she found the event embarrassing and degrading for the women.

However, for most of the women and men who actually came to participate in the event, excitement was in the air – the chance to fulfill a fantasy – and as Brett mentioned, the possibility of getting laid by an experienced older woman and for the women, the opportunity to have a relationship and great sex with a ready and willing younger partner.
SingularCity Helps Raise Funds for the Los Angeles Youth NetworkSingular Serena Williams Is No. As part of a season of programming marking Sir David Attenborough\'s 90th birthday, four of his favourite films are brought together as the renowned naturalist looks back on his personal highlights. First transmitted in 1971, A Blank on the Map is a unique record of a remarkable overland expedition into the heart of unknown territory in Papua New Guinea to make contact with a previously unknown tribe, the Biami.
A cryptic message from Bond's past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organization. Billed as the World’s First Cougar School, it took place in a medium-sized ballroom on the second floor of the Crowne Plaza Beverly Hills, just off Pico Blvd.
Gosse is also the director of San Francisco’s The Society of Single Professionals – what he claims is the largest non-profit singles organization in the world.
There were dozens of journalists at the event, cameras clicking, video cameras humming, notes jotted furiously. He even hooked a feature in Details, a national magazine that described the cougar convention Gosse held a few months back in his home base of San Francisco. Lucia is attractive, smart, charming, and refuses to tell her age, saying unless you’re from the social security office, there’s no reason for you to know.
Men lined up on one side, women on the other – and Piane, in leopard-print dress and cordless microphone, kept the women moving from one man to the next for a short chat.

He said he came out of curiosity and that he had a cougar experience when he was 22 with a woman in her 40s. By that time, the men had lined up around the edges of the room, eager for their cub initiation. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE.
Ita?™s been 19 years since the UK last won the competition (Katrina and the Waves triumphed with Love Shine a Light in Dublin in 1997), but we keep coming back for more because Eurovision is the one night of year when an entire continent can collectively indulge in the guiltiest of TV pleasures. More than one attendee noted there appeared to be more media than cougars roaming the room.
I bailed out before the raffle for sex toys, passing women posing for  photos with stud muffin cowboys, so I can’t tell you how it all ended or who was crowned Miss Cougar California. The women ranged in age from 40 – 75 and many were wearing the “dressy attire” requested by Gosse.
However, I do know there was a long line of cars filled with women 50 years plus, wearing cocktail dresses and dramatic makeup, coming in as I left.

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