It is possible that India’s fast growing smartphone user base has served as bait for the company. Will Tinder’s algorithm change facilitate the Indian youth’s quest for love or will it serve as matrimonial research for negotiating dowry? This entry was posted in Featured, Thoughts and tagged apps, mobile, tinder on January 20, 2016 by Debeshi Gooptu.
Success of social dating apps may be somewhat surprising in India, where arranged marriage is still the norm.
The success of social dating apps may be somewhat surprising in India, a deeply conservative country where arranged marriage is still the norm and marrying outside of one’s religious or ethnic community is often frowned upon.
App developers are seizing on what they see as enormous potential in India, where half of the 1.2 billion population is younger than 25 and smartphone sales are projected to surge 67 percent this year alone.
His company includes special features to reassure women the company has their best interests in mind. Developers said they were being particularly cautious after another app-based company, taxi service Uber, became embroiled in controversy in December and lost its license to operate in the Indian capital after one of its Delhi drivers was accused of raping a 26-year-old passenger. Marketing to women means not just giving them more control over whom they connect with, but also carefully controlling which men are being featured and offering reassurance that the men are legitimate. To do so, TrulyMadly encourages men to upload copies of their passports or other government-issued IDs, or to verify their phone numbers – all measures that might raise red flags over privacy in the West. Whitney Wolfe, who co-founded Tinder before leaving to launch the app Bumble, said designing platforms that give women more control work in any country, not just India, where men traditionally take the lead.
Some young Indian women say they’ve been thrilled by the chance to chat with men they might not meet through family functions or in the office. While Malhotra and many others may be dabbling in dating through the social apps, they’re not all quite ready to give up on traditions like letting their parents chose their spouse.

InYourLeague is a new part-game, part-dating app that tells you if you’re hot or not and connects you with those in your league. You can check out the leagues and see who you’re up against, in your home town, your country or even worldwide. A mobile dating app claims to know which cities and states have the most and least attractive people, and the company behind the app says it has the research to prove it.
Clover, a dating app for smartphones similar in concept to Tinder or Grindr, believes that "mutual attractiveness" is the foundation of most successful relationships, which is why the company developed its own scoring system in order to find out where the most and least attractive people live in the United States.
In the category for "Most Attractive Women," Clover's data analysis determined that Connecticut and Manhattan hold the number one spot in their respective categories.
The Clover scoring system determined that the most attractive men live in Montana and Jacksonville, Fla. According to media reports and statistics available, a whopping 90 per cent of marriages are arranged by families in India. According to reports, the company’s app download grew by 400 per cent in the country in the past year and more women were downloading it than men! Has the app become sanskaari to ensure survival in India’s rather traditional marriage market?
A report by IAMAI and KPMG projected that India will reach 236 million mobile internet users by 2016, and 314 million by 2017.
The dating app market has exploded in recent years, with more than a dozen companies operating in India and more than a million smartphone users who have downloaded at least one of them. But youths raised during an era of economic growth and modernization are eagerly embracing Western ideas, and increasingly willing to risk scandal to do so. Indian companies are coming up with home-grown dating apps to compete with imports like Los Angeles-based Tinder.

India has been roiled in recent years by a series of high-profile cases of gang rape and violence against women, leading to front-page headlines and stricter laws on women’s safety. It forbids risque photos, Bhatia said, and men who are married or post pictures of themselves smoking or holding a beer bottle are rejected outright. When you sign up, you play the game by favoring one player over another, and by doing so you help build the app’s database. In fact, the company has zeroed in on India as the first overseas country from where it will launch international operations.
Strangely enough, women seem to be the focus as potential users of the app in India, not men as we would like to believe. If reports are to be believed, the number of requests for adding this information was the highest from Indian users. The dating app market has exploded in recent years, with more than a dozen companies operating in the country and more than a million smartphone users who have downloaded at least one of them. And it’s not just about dating anymore, one can use the app to hook up with like-minded people or people with similar interests online. Once you get your rank, you can see where you stand and connect with others in your own league. Don’t Indian men and women just marry people their parents choose for them and live happily ever after?

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