Presenting online content in an engaging manner is critical to the success of the eLearning course.
To be honest, if you stick to the learning goals when creating interactive content, you can never have the “too much” effect. The more your learners interact with your content the more they will get engaged and achieve their learning goals. What’s the quickest route of transferring knowledge from the working memory to the long-term memory?
When learners compare a new concept to something they are familiar with, they develop interest in it.
The power of stories and hypothetical situations continues to captivate us since we first believed in a good Christmas story!
Research the background of your subject matter, build a storyline around it, develop your characters, and let them narrate the facts.
Very few eLearning courses and online presentations can be successful without integrating videos. Animations can create the “entertainment factor” in your online presentations that lead to improved learner engagement. With more and more software freely available to create online presentations, eLearning program development has become challenging.
In a humorous, relaxed and pragmatic way, you will be introduced to tangible and useful methods that will make you a better speaker – and, most importantly, cause you to appear credible. A 4aesthetics by Paulo Monteiro vai promover nos dias 13 e 14 de abril, em Lisboa, o ‘International Presentation Skills Training Course’, um curso para medicos dentistas que pretende ajudar os profissionais a desenvolverem as suas competencias de comunicacao e de apresentacao oral.
Depois da acao, os formandos deverao ser capazes de “ determinar as necessidades da audiencia e definir o objetivo de apresentacao”, “planificar e organizar o conteudo para evitar a sobrecarga de informacao”, “usar tecnicas verbais e nao-verbais eficazes ao fazer uma apresentacao”, “usar tecnicas de ligacao e empatia com o publico” e “idealizar e criar o suporte grafico de uma apresentacao”. Paulo Monteiro, Diogo Guerreiro, Mario Rito, Pereira, Aida Chamica, Albert Waning e Joao Verissimo sao os formadores responsaveis pela iniciativa. O nosso website utiliza cookies para melhorar e personalizar a sua experiencia de navegacao. Target Audience : For beginner and professional who in need of Basic-Intermediate Microsoft PowerPoint knowledge in order to produce graphical charts for data analysis.
Any learner with a basic proficiency in reading, writing, and understanding English can pick up the   Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

Certification : Successful trainees will receive the internationally recognized ICDL Certificate in PowerPoint 2010 upon completion of the course. Intellisoft Training Pte Ltd is a premier training company providing practical, hands-on, useful and actionable tools and techniques to participants to boost their productivity & improve their efficiency. Most instructional designers take the safer route – PowerPoint or a tool that produces the “PowerPoint effect”. This process requires a great deal of creativity in terms of planning as well as visual design. Do you know what top instructional designers are doing to hold the attention of their learners? Turn boring material into an interesting novella where characters claim their solutions through the decisions made by the learner. A good story is the one which is believable, which your learners can relate with and something that connects their learning to their work-context. Develop your own eLearning videos, in which you teach some of the content, instead of your eLearners reading it. Use tasteful animations at intervals to demonstrate main ideas or complex topics in an easier way. We use it to post Tips-and-Tricks, Announcements, Step-by-step walkthroughs and Video tutorials on everything new or important about TalentLMS.
A thorough introduction as to the best way to utilize yourself and your strengths when you want to get your message across. We look at ways to begin and end a presentation, getting you off to a good start and wrapping up in a dynamic finish. The course focuses on practical advice, so you can try various methods in actual real life and can feel what works. Num ambiente tranquilo e idilico no coracao de Lisboa, este curso vai ajuda-lo a melhorar as suas capacidades de comunicacao e apresentacao, fornecendo-lhe estrategias e tecnicas comprovadas para a preparacao e realizacao de uma apresentacao bem-sucedida”, refere a organizacao do curso. Learners get tired, and so do instructional designers, by looking at the same monotonous slideshow. In order to create an unforgettable eLearning experience, you need to think outside the “PowerPoint – box”. Create navigation systems that are easy to use and have alternative methods to reach a certain point of your course.

Metaphors create a visual image of a relatively abstract concept, making it easier to understand. This is a natural “hunt and seek” knowledge gathering behavior in humans, triggered by a good metaphor. With the aid of these tips, you should be able to improve your online presentations and create satisfying eLearning programs.
Get rid of your bad habits, get a grip on anxiety, and learn how to use this knowledge to tighten up your message, so you will appear credible. After the course, each participant will have learned the best way to convey a message to an audience, while each of person also knows what to work on to become even better. Foi com base nestes principios que Paulo Monteiro resolveu apostar num curso para ajudar medicos dentistas a desenvolver a capacidade de comunicacao oral.
In this article, we divulge some fresh tips on giving life to your online presentations – all tried and tested! This encourages your learners to reply back as soon as possible, engaging their peers in the process. Bring your online presentations to life by using stock images that are unusual and attention-grabbing. Try adding small doses of humor to entertain as well as help the learner connect with the material. We also consider what to do with your hands, body, voice, where to look, and, most importantly, what you should do if you get nervous. Student must clear an online assessment at the end of the course to qualify for this International Certificate. We will also take a look at some persistent myths, many of which contribute to the make us look worse than we really are, and that, I might add, in spite of the fact that we think we’re doing exactly the right thing.

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