A training presentation must outline the modules that the trainee will be trained in, the cost for the course of training as well as the need and benefits of a certain kind of training.
You can Download the Free Training Presentation Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print.
Microsoft® and Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Presentation is the one way to branding your product, and there are two most commonly used presentation software programs out there. Previously we have published 10 best powerpoint templates and today we’ll be taking a look at 10 creative keynote templates. This is a clean and modern Keynote template designed for companies but it will work as well for any professional presentation.
Blue, the color of GraphicRiver, my avatar, my logo, the sky, water and of course the color used mainly in the Blue’d Presentation! 60+ Best Free & Premium Keynote Templates for PresentationFor making a presentation on Mac you have Apple popular software keynote, and to make use of those templates online we have this post, where you find more than 60+ best free keynote templates for powerful presentations. Keynote has features like wireframing, multiple slide masters, styles, grouping, animation and UI narratives.
All the premium keynote templates are chosen by industry expert and researching of hundreds template made us believe in this list. Fortunately, there are some awesome templates out there that can make working with Keynote a pleasure, and will help you engage your audience even more.
Here’s our fresh list of creative Keynote templates, including designs for every taste, business, and style. If your numbers are not about commerce but you’re in the market for statistics, this template is right for you. So there you have it: 10 high quality themes from GraphicsRiver that can make your Keynote presentations prettier, more professional, and simpler to put together. I want to thank you for this post very nice and I am very pleased that my template makes use of these 10 templates presented. Thus a training presentation template must highlight these concerns of a potential trainee. Sampletemplates.org is not associated with Microsoft and templates provided are for guide only and not legal. The template features a golf course with a golf ball in the foreground, and an animated title bar in the design of a golf hole flag. This presentation is easily customizable in Keynote (placeholders for your text, image and video files) and Adobe Photoshop. The template includes 12 slides for speeches, case studies, graphs, tables and regular text.
With all those input’s keynote has got its market share well within reach; its counterpart from Microsoft (Powerpoint) has installed many of the features from keynote.
The last thing you need is to be overdosed on caffeine and suffering from lack of sleep because you had to pretty-up your presentation until the last minute. Granted, these templates will cost you a couple of bucks, but I’d dare to say that a meager $15 is more than adequate for a well-designed presentation. All of the following themes are ones creative designers are selling on GraphicRiver, another project from our parent company, Envato, but we think they’re nice enough to be interesting for our readers, too. But if you have a lot to show and a complex structure for your content, this is the template to go for.

Interest your customer with the results of surveys or studies – and head off arguments caused by misunderstandings by displaying your data in a compelling visual way. Which is great, because your audience will grasp the meaning of an image much faster than getting your message from reading a text. The template uses three color schemes, bold typography using ChunkFive and Helvetivca and is easily customizable. This presentation file will make it easy to create a stunning Keynote presentation to blue (blow) your viewers away.
You get the looks, you get the animations … and that enables you to focus completely on your content. It comes with some interactive elements, such as a slider for the images on the overview-page and menu that slides out if needed, that make the content appear less heavy.
No one ever reads them without falling asleep and the folks at the back of the room will squint at the tiny font. The template includes different pages for different kinds of content and it stands out through its bright colors, which are still in harmony.
There are different styles to choose from and a lot of templates for multiple photos or single presentations. Again, probably not suited for most business uses, but why not use it for restaurants, museum, or historical sites? The good news is there are plenty premium and high quality presentation templates is available for you with low cost. Also, the interactivity captures your audience and holds their attention much better than any average text only slides. Of course it’s adaptable to your own color scheme, as are all the other templates introduced here.
If you think you can pull it off, Minimalist is the perfect template to support your presentation rather than carry it on its own.
Everyone will be able to grasp the meaning instantly, and you can explain the intricacies verbally instead of forcing your audience to read them line by line. Of course, it may not conform to your CI, but just change the colors and add your own logos. It boils your content down to what really matters – and if you do have a photo you want to show, it comes with an awesome full-page template for that as well. While it will give your slideshow a very professional look, why not also use it for a private photo show? And who knows, a well-designed presentation like this might go down a lot better with sponsors than your average black and white slides. Football TemplateOur new Football PowerPoint Template is the perfect way to celebrate the launch of the new Premier League season. Digg out those old images of your parents and grandparents and surprise them with some vintage feeling. And if your task is to create a template for future presentations, this is as good a base to start from as you will get for this price.
The use of keynotes with relevant images and illustrations to support your spoken words will help you involve the two main senses – listen and see. All element easy to edit and you can easily change the color to match it with your personal or company brand. Ideo has 130+ unique slide (team, portfolio, chart, infographics, map, table, timeline, etc)Six Keynote Template – MORE INFOThis template is based on unique ability to use free or commercial dingbat fonts as icons.

The presentation includes custom animated pages and transitions, based on master-slides and placeholders. Enjoy this template with the following contemporary features: professional design, image placeholder ready, awesome template, animated effects, documentation file in MS word document and PDF, and PNG files included.
Enjoy customizing with ease by changing photos, texts, colour and by adding different background or selecting your preferred ribbon, and much more!Parallel Keynote Presentation Template – MORE INFOTalking about ingenuity and stylishness, Parallel Keynote Presentation Template is one good example. It has a contemporary and sophisticated design for creative agency, photographer, high street retailer, fashion brand or any business with style. It uses a free font in the template which is very quick to download and goes with 5 PSD files that are well layered and easy to customize.Watercolor Keynote Template – MORE INFO Stun your audience with this unique and creative customizable HD Keynote template! It has an amazing 21 slides with graphics, business proposals, timelines, column variations, metrics and more. It showcases two dominant colors for clarity of presentation for a more professional appearance.
You can choose Edmond sans, calibri and governor fonts to make it look formal.Minimalist Presentation PLUS Keynote Minimalist – MORE INFOAre you up to clean and sleek presentation? It has 23 slides with animated effects and transitions, 3 key files, jpg files and help file. Download now and feel very professional!Course Presentation – MORE INFOIf you have an agency, this keynote template is the right for you. This template is very ideal in your eCommerce survey and other type of statistical analysis—both in original infographic and professional way. However, it is also good for reputation-building of any company.This template allows the company to show attractive an elegant presentation—just like little websites. Enjoy!Rubicon Keynote Presentation Template – MORE INFORubicon Keynote Presentation Template is a keynote template which is very professional yet very easy to utilize. This template will make your presentation modern, memorable and exceptional.Vintage Photo Album Keynote Template – MORE INFOIf you have a classical heart and a soulful vibes, Vintage Photo Album Keynote Template is perfect for you!
It has the easy and customizable Keynote Template Set: three master pages designed for text, four different cover pages and typographic styles to mix-and-match, 36 unique master pages and many more. Plus you free use of fonts of Parisian, Amatic SC, Good Foot, Hominis, Ostrich Sans and Lewis Carroll!Retro Slides – Keynote Template (Full HD) – MORE INFOGo backtrack with Retro styles and effects. It is highly customizable with simplicity both in Keynote (minimum iWork ’09) andadobe photoshop. The setting is in full HD (1920×1080) and the file is full of graphic elements (more than 50 PSD). This is perfect for creativity, reports, business presentations, corporate training and portfolio.
Have fun!Author : TroyTroy Amplayo is an accomplished and versatile writer and journalist covering a wide array of topics. He is a passionate blogger with more than 5 years of experience with SEO, online marketing and web development.

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