What I wanted to do was think of this differently than I had my other presentations in the past. It’s interesting because even as I type this post I can feel my opinion changing about presentation.
Using each principle, I ensured that my presentation was mindful of my purpose and audience. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Below you will find the rubrics that will be used to assess you participation and your Final Project media presentation. Please fill in the Group Process & Participation Rubric  after you have completed your presentation for Activity 2 as your self assessment component. I teach middle school English and some of the new design principles seem to be geared towards adults. I didn’t want to look at what I had done before because those choices were not made with the Presentation Zen presentation design principles in mind. Normally, I view Powerpoint as a way for the students to get the notes and content they need for the unit. I am treating this as a true presentation in ever sense of the word and NOT an opportunity for the students to take notes (or grasp every nuance of the concept).

I am always telling stories with my students and this doesn’t affect my slideshow part of the presentation. However, in trying to think of my students as 13 year olds, I tried to include photos that would make them laugh, engage, question, and care. I included a silly picture of a cat with a pineapple right at the beginning of my presentation (and the first step of TPCASTT). I think that it is quite important to help my students find meaning, purpose, and relevance with what I am discussing. The Final Project criteria can be an excellent framework for you as you work through your tasks and final project to evaluate whether you have addressed all the necessary components of a good project and presentation. I decided to focus on these 6 principles and truly got my inspiration from the final image on the page. I go through the presentation painfully slow as the students (basically) copy the definitions, explanations, and ideas into their notebooks. I am going to tell the students that I am introducing a way to analyze poetry called TPCASTT and they do not need to take any notes (if they don’t want to). I will simply explain and connect the concept of poetry analysis with my personal struggle of analyzing poetry without a method.
In my previous presentation, I spoon-fed them all the information I thought they needed: for notes, application, etc.

That all being said, I decided to redesign a Powerpoint that I created a few years back that I mentioned in my post from a few weeks ago. Oftentimes we get to the end of the Powerpoint and they are so disengaged with the content that they have no idea what we have been talking about for the last 40 minutes.
Additionally (and ridiculously), I actually took the time to plan out how I wanted it executed. My passion and excitement for the topic should be obvious within my presentation and hopefully the engagement with the slideshow will help transfer the ideas to the students.
Being aware of what I wanted inside my presentation and how it would be organized made a difference in the final product. We will discuss the idea of shifting from seasons; how you expect it to still be winter, but see the shift towards spring. Ideally, they will use this analogy to connect to a poems shift in tone, mood, speaker, etc.

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