Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. SlideShare utilise les cookies pour ameliorer les fonctionnalites et les performances, et egalement pour vous montrer des publicites pertinentes. Windows Presentation Foundation (or WPF) is a graphical subsystem for rendering user interfaces in Windows-based applications by Microsoft. For the past few months, I've been working on a shared source accounting application called Trial Balance.
Whilst developing the new UI for Trial Balance, one of the hurdles I ran into recently was the lack of an ErrorProvider control, similar to what there is in Windows Forms. In this article, I'll demonstrate my version of the ErrorProvider, written specifically for the Windows Presentation Foundation. I'd like to point out right now that this isn't anywhere near finished, and should be considered a "proof of concept". Before I get started though, thanks go to Mike Brown from the MSDN WPF forums who showed me the use of the WPF LogicalTreeHelper class. When told to display an error for a TextBox, it simply changes the border color and sets a tool tip.
Using the Strategy Pattern means you can manipulate the element any way you like, and restore it any way you like. It knows the framework element that the binding belongs to, so it cycles through the known IErrorDisplayStrategies, looking for one that matches the type of framework element it needs.
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CyberBionic Systematics тесно сотрудничает с ВУЗами и на постоянной основе проводит бесплатные технические семинары для студентов. During my discussions with a wide variety of architects I have learned that Solution Architects care very much about security, open standards, interoperability, services oriented architecture, relationship between key technologies (for example Workflow Foundation and Biztalk) and productivity. WCF allows you to architect services by offering a standards- based framework and a composable architecture. Microsoft provides a number of messaging layer channels and service model layer behaviours that can be added and removed easily.
Finally in terms of productivity you can get a significant order of magnitude difference in developing secure transactional web services using WCF. Workflow Foundation is an enterprise class workflow development framework and engine that has taken declarative workflow mainstream for the first time. In terms of authoring options, you can use XAML mark-up only, mark-up plus code or code-only. Workflow Foundation, (WF), was developed by the same team at Microsoft that developed the BizTalk workflow engine and is intended to be utilized by BizTalk Server in future versions. In terms of MOSS 2007 and WSS, MOSS 2007 is built on top of WF and provides additional functionalities and features using WF for the base functionality.
Windows Presentation Foundation attempts to bridge the gap between the immersive user experience typically found in the gaming and entertainment industry and the static and hard-to-use world of business.
I would encourage you to see a demonstration of a WPF application to understand what I mean by the next-generation user interface. From an architectural perspective, WPF maintains a very clear separation between the graphic element and business logic. In today's world, everyone carries a number of self asserted and third party issued identities.

In the digital world, identity can be expressed as subject (who), identity claims and security token (digital representation of subject and claims). Windows CardSpace provides an overarching framework for various implementations of identity management technologies to work together.
Trial Balance is a personal project of mine, and is designed to be a demonstration of how I think developers should approach creating a rich client application using the Windows Presentation Foundation. The ErrorProvider will then automagically display any errors on your objects, with no need to write validation code on the UI. I'm posting this because I expect a lot of people will be wondering how to emulate this behaviour.
This class is the one that makes it easy to recurse through the layers of WPF elements on a window.
The only constraint so far is that the ErrorProvider element must be "lower down" in the stack of framework controls. When it needs to display an error for a given WPF control, it will consult this list, looking for a strategy that will work on the given element. It gets a little complicated because it needs to maintain a list of changes so that they can be rolled back when the errors are cleared.
This is a big advantage over the standard Windows Forms ErrorProvider, which simply gives you an icon and tooltip. Calling this method simply gets the first FrameworkElement on the page that has an error displayed.
Since each binding has a Path which points to a property, it uses that Path as the argument to the IDataErrorInfo indexer that is implemented on the bound object (our data context, in this case). I'd probably prefer if you could code up your own solution and blog it, or make a CodeProject article, rather than sending me lots of little code snippets to integrate.
Windows Forms - зрелая и полнофункциональная технология, способная выполнить основные задачи современных бизнес программ.
It is designed to enhance productivity, reduce infrastructure plumbing, provide an identity meta-system, and facilitate development of enterprise-class services, work flow solutions and immersive user experiences. The three key design philosophies for WCF are interoperability, productivity and service-oriented development.
It also allows you to define your own custom instances, for example you can write or buy a custom encoder for ASCII and insert it as a reusable channel in the messaging layer that can be used across various systems. Think of WCF as tens of thousands of lines of code that you would need to develop, generate and maintain, but instead are provided now as part of the base framework. Visual Studio 2005 Designer for Workflow Foundation is available as a downloadable plug-in and provides a drag-and-drop design surface, intuitive graphical tools, integration with the Properties window, debugging and graphic Commenting capabilities.
WF provides the foundation for implementing workflow scenarios mostly within an application and between applications in certain cases. Windows SharePoint Services provides a subset of the functionality of MOSS 2007 as an add-in to Windows Server. WPF uses XAML extensively to allow you to develop the next generation of interfaces without becoming a graphic designer yourself. Examples of these identities include driving licenses, credit card, frequent flyer card and others.
At Java One (which is the one of largest Java conferences in the world), Sun and Microsoft did a joint keynote demonstrating interoperability mechanisms based on WS-* standards.
It is intended to make it significantly easier for you to develop, integrate and maintain application based systems.

Consultez notre Politique de confidentialite et nos Conditions d’utilisation pour en savoir plus. I've also implemented a Strategy Pattern for displaying the errors, to keep the provider as reusable as possible. You can look at the included Account.cs class to see a rough implementation of these, or read my (much longer) Delegates and Business Objects article for a more in-depth discussion of the topic.
This method is useful because you can simply call it, then call the Focus() method on the element, to direct the user's attention to the next error they need to fix.
I could do some weird caching to try and reduce that, but I'll worry about that when I actually feel the performance degrading.
Again, I could cache them the first time, but you might get strange behaviour if you dynamically add controls to the window. If you make an alternative, or improve on the approach, I'll happily add a link in this article. XAML is a declarative XML-based language that defines objects and their properties in XML allowing customers to develop workflows (WF) and immersive user experiences (WPF) declaratively. WCF offers one of the first core programming frameworks that have been designed from the ground-up for services oriented development. It provides runtime infrastructure, flexible flow control, long running and stateful work flows and runtime and design time transparency and auditing capabilities for compliance and record management. Basic activities are steps within a workflow while composite activities contain other activities. BizTalk allows you to automate your business processes, orchestrate processes comprising of systems implemented in different technologies through adapters and provide advance business activity monitoring capabilities.
This reader is a WPF based application hosted in a Internet Explorer browser session and is referred to as an XBAP, the technology meant to replace ActiveX in the browser functionality-wise. The following picture illustrates the protocol that is used to exchange information between the various entities. I have posted the link to the demonstration and the toolkit at my blog mentioned at the end of this article. This change implies that you can use a single model for different types of application behaviours which significantly reduces the complexity in application development. You can add and remove activities even when a workflow is already in progress allowing you significant flexibility in terms of change. The key differentiator for WPF is not the end product, a wonderfully rich interface, but actually how easy it is to develop and maintain the application code. WCF also offers interoperability with non-Microsoft applications through support of the WS-I basic profile and a number of additional WS-* standards. Workflow Foundation provides a base activity library out-of-the-box and a framework for partners and customers to easily author custom activities.
Windows CardSpace participates in an identity meta-system such that can significantly improve the way enterprises manage identities within their organization and between different organizations. To understand the potential, it has been praised by one of Microsoft's prominent critics as "one of the most significant contribution to computer security since cryptology.
WPF комбинирует лучшие аспекты традиционной разработки для Windows, с множеством нововведений, позволяя строить насыщенные графикой интерфейсы для пользователя.

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