The Proposal Template for Word is a professionally designed formal business proposal template that would help you present your proposal and convince your client that you are capable of accomplishing the task that they require.
The inside pages contain color-coordinated, streamlined content that you can modify for your own business proposal. This business proposal template is part of the Modern Solid design set from Microsoft Office.
Many corporations and other businesses require a third party to accomplish the task and that is when you will need to write a convincing proposal to bid for a project and land it.

However, to match your company colors or to go by your preference, you can change the solid orange color and the overall theme of the business proposal template into any theme you want. Other than good presentation skills or a well crafted PowerPoint Presentation, you will also need a comprehensive business proposal. It has a well-designed cover page, where the proposed title can have an accompanying photo of your choosing, and these are flanked top and bottom by huge orange blocks that echo throughout the five-page template. You have an option to insert photos in the indicated placeholders throughout the body of the business proposal, or you can delete these if you want to.

The solid colors are similar to the Windows 8 Moden UI style, which can help you add some glitter to your business proposal. Underneath is your contact information such as address, phone and fax numbers, email address and website.

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