Bulk user creation in Active Directory can be completed using .CSV import and the steps are follows. The account password need to meet the complexity requirements, otherwise account cannot be enabled until reset with a new password. Creating user accounts in active directory is very simple, open active directory user and groups from administrative tools.
Being a network administrator we daily deal with user accounts, sometimes we have to create multiple accounts in very short times for example in university or college when a new semester is starts and hundreds of students got admission. User account template is also an easily and fast way of creating multiple accounts with similar group policy. With user account templates in AD create 100 students account with above condition is little easy.
Once you create this account right click on student account and click on copy and new user account dialog is appear you just enter the user name and password for  this new account. Where “viki” is the user that we want to create, CN=Users is specify the container where this new user should go and w7cloud is domain name.
You can create the user account in active directory with CSVDE command in same way as with LDIFDE, but in this case you need a .CSV files which containing the users.
DSADD is the primary tool for creating user accounts, you can easily create a bunch of user using DSADD command, but here I only mention how to create a single user with this command.

Enabled : Must be selected in order to activate this email account otherwise it will remain inactive.
You can setup a vacation response here, so that hMailServer will automatically sent response message configured here to the sender. Automatically expire : If you select this and specify the date then after this date auto response will be automatically expire and hMailServer will no more send auto response messages. You can setup auto email forwarder such that all emails coming at this email account will be forwarded to the specified email account.
Keep original message : By selecting this you can keep email coming on original email account also after being forwarded. Using this feature we can out source the authentication responsibility on active directory. Active Directory account : Select to enable active directory authentication for this email account. User name : Enter the active directory user name that will be used to validate this account with active directory. First you create a template user account with any name let say student and set the above all condition for student account. In active directory to create a user with this LDF file open the command prompt  and type the following commad.

You can use the following command for importing users from users.CSV file into active directory.
These are the only details required to create an email account all other details are optional. If not selected, the email will not be stored in the account from which it is being forwarded.
As we discussed in Email Server configuration scenarios, using external accounts feature we can configure hMailServer to fetch from external account and either deliver it to the account under which it is configured or distribute it to the local accounts depending on the recipients in MIME headers.
I'll be updating Active Directory integration part soon with diagrams to make it understand easier. There are some account automation methods using these methods you can create large number of accounts in no time. If HTML signature is left blank then hMailServer will use plain text signature as HTML signature. Also tried to explain with diagram the authentication process carried out by hMailServer with Active Directory.

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