You may need a disposable email address for hiding your real identity online while providing your email address to anybody or anywhere online or offline.
Yahoo has introduced new redesigned user interface  for Yahoo mail with new features and improvements. Remember you can create this base name for only two times for a Yahoo account so be careful to choose an anonymous name.
You can delete it whenever you like and you can create 500 temporary email addresses like this with different keywords. As with all other email clients, Zimbra Desktop supports Gmail, Hotmail, and all the mail servers that support POP or IMAP. One thing I really liked about Zimbra Desktop is that it is really easy to setup your email accounts in Zimbra. Right now, I am using 64 bit version of Thunderbird (Shredder) to check my corporate email.
Once the account is created, the email account will load and you’ll have access to the email program as well as other components of Yahoo. To initiate the procedure of making a Yahoo mail account, you will need an internet service, which will help you to connect with the rest of the world. After clicking Create New Account option, a registration form will open, which you have to fill, in order to become a Yahoo mail user.
One by one fill in all the information starting from your Name, Gender, birth Date with year, Country, Language.
The next thing which comes in the same registration form is the selection of an ID and Password.
After selecting your ID and getting it confirmed, now you will have to decide an appropriate password for your account, which will make your account secure.
In first step you have to type your profile name and you can see my profile name in the picture.
Here you can see the confirmation message and it means this free Mail Address has been created. Flickr make a terrific App for the iPad and iPhone and there are a large number of independent Flickr Apps available.
The best way to learn how Flickr works is to poke around the interface, upload some pictures, and play around with the controls. You can upload photos by clicking the Upload button in the toolbar, then choosing to drag and drop or browse your Mac for images.
Recently i wrote about what is disposable email and how to create disposable email address, but you can also create disposable email address with popular email providers like Yahoo and Outlook(Hotmail).

To create disposable email address go to : Creating Additional Disposable Addresses With Yahoo and follow steps and create your disposable email on Yahoo. I started MuchTech as a passion.Here at Much Tech I write about Tech Tips,Tricks and how to guide. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Now Yahoo in new Yahoo mail beta offers to create and use free disposable or temporary email address to use and throw at your leisure. Click on next.It takes a few seconds to create your base name and then you are all set to create your first out of 500 disposable email addresses. Next you are presented with a Pop-up to complete the process.You will be asked to write a keyword for creating a temporary email address. However, Zimbra has one big advantage over other free email clients – you can even check your Yahoo mail in Zimbra (I am talking about the free version of Yahoo mail, not just Yahoo Plus email). If you had an experience of setting up your accounts in Mozilla Thunderbird, you are going to be pleasantly surprised with Zimbra. Zimbra desktop does not support LDAP for address book which is a must for me to check my corporate email account. I don’t need a desktop client for my yahoo and gmail as tamil R8 toolbar for firefox is helpful in notifying the yahoo and gmail mails.
Not as easy or feature rich as Outlook, but ability to check Yahoo mail is a very huge factor for me. This is the username you’ll use to play games on Yahoo and log in to their other components. On the left side you will see numerous options, which are basically the services which yahoo provides to it’s user, free of cost.
Select an appropriate Yahoo ID, without spaces and Yahoo will automatically check if the similar account name is being used by any 1 else or it is not, if it is, then you will have to come up with another ID. Make sure the password is strong, with at least 6 words and no one knows about it, or else your account might get hacked in the future.  You will have to re type your password for the purpose of confirmation. You will have to fill further more information which will help you out later, if by any chance you forget your password. This will conclude the entire procedure and you will successfully attain a Yahoo mail account of your own.
If you are looking to Create a Free Yahoo Email Address or Email Id then we can teach you each and every step. You can share posts on your Id with them by sending Emails to your lovely friend on their Id.

If you want to use this disposable email address on a shopping site you can keep this keyword as shop to help you remember it easily. Zimbra Desktop is a full featured free email client, and is equally good for both home, as well as business use. This would be expected, as Yahoo has to add up some advantage to Zimbra that other email clients out there cannot enjoy. Among its services the Yahoo mail facility has been declared as the second largest web based email service, in the year 2011. Provide an alternative Email which can be related to any other search engine besides Yahoo. You can also suggest Yahoo Email Account to your friends. You can communicate with your family members by suggesting them to create a free Mail Address online. Choose a folder where you will like mails addressed to this email go and save to create your temporary email address.
From the feature lineup, it seems Yahoo is pitching Zimbra Desktop as an alternative to MS Outlook.
Just this feature made me switch from Thunderbird to Zimbra, as Thunderbird did not let me check my Yahoo account.
This free service along with chatting facility has also provided the internet users a most convenient way to share their documents, videos, pictures and other official document to any corner of the world, the only requirement which is needed, is the availability of internet and a Yahoo account. Then you will have to choose a secret question and underneath that question mention the answer of that question.
If you are trying to setup a Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, or AOL account, you do just have to provide your email address and your password, and nothing else!
They request this information to target advertisements to your area as well as news that would be of interest to you geographically. Two questions will be asked and in the same manner you will have to answer that as well question. Clicking this will take you to the registration page where you can begin filling information in to create your Yahoo!
Once the email account has been chosen, plug in a password and then head to the security portion.

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