Once your invitation is complete online, every guest you designate will receive your invitation through email and be able to RSVP online.
Personalized and easy, Modern Day Invite brings the ease of Internet communication to a task that used to be time-consuming and expensive.
More than any other day in your life, you want the day of your wedding to be absolutely perfect. Design your floor plan for any of your wedding events, populate guests, and print or email your chart to share with your venue. I think it’s safe to say that busy wedding blogger, 50peach, is a bridal organization champ!
My Guest List tab may be my dorkiest thing ever, but I love that it shows a ton of information in one place: full names, addresses and whether they are out-of-state. BIO: Peach is an Atlanta blogger, runner, yogi, dork-o-rama and clean-eating foodie with a mean sweet tooth. Our invitation builder will allow you to pick from multiple templates, colors and designs so you can personalize your perfect email invitation cards.
Start your marriage with a smart choice by embracing the new look and tradition of Email Wedding Invitations. Give our services a try and we promise you'll want to leave the world of licking envelopes behind.
The options for the online invitation layout are so diverse and elegant, I had so much fun designing my email wedding invitation. You can choose from a number of different layouts and fonts to design an announcement that fits you and your event.

No matter what you need, youa€™ll end up with a product that is more effective and affordable that pretty much any wedding announcement on the market.
Dig her four fab tips on easy wedding organization to make sure your wedding guests, your vendors, and most importantly YOU beat the stress and enjoy your big day. I was in a supermarket at 8:30pm on a Wednesday, and I was doing a phone interview with a potential DJ for our wedding.
Instead of trying to remember this overwhelming amount of stuff in your little noggin’, write it down in one place and make that your go-to.
She is marrying her Jersey Boy in October 2014 and can be found egregiously overusing hashtags as 50Peach on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You will also have the option of uploading multiple pictures and choosing music available on our site to play along with your email invitation or upload your own sound file. Instead of having to settle for a single photo, we allow you to include a slideshow of wedding portraits, showing your guests several of your engagement shots. And if you get so wrapped up in the logistics, planning, details, drama (you know I’m right) and madness without ever taking a break, you will go off the deep end. You can also include a special song with your invite that will play when your guests open their email.
You can always print out the checklists and templates available to you online and put them into a fun notebook. That’s why my fiance and I have already booked a getaway weekend about three months before the wedding!
Each invitation will also include an option for your guests to RSVP, which will provide you with an accurate count of the amount of people you can expect at your event.

I started with an Excel spreadsheet for my budget (this one from The Little Canopy is great!!).
And for those times where you’re out and stumble across something that is JUST PERFECT for x y and z? No matter how much relinquishing control may make your OCD senses tingly and twitchy, you’ll find that there is a happy balance of accepting help while still providing guidance toward the final product.
A neat feature is that you can view how many people have read the invitation and how many guests are coming to the event. In hindsight, it would have been so helpful to have all things wedding go into one specific email account. For more on this, there is a whole post of mine dedicated to this topic over at The Broke-Ass Bride. Modern Day Invite is environmentally friendly and an economical way to send wedding or party invitations. So BEFORE you sign up at The Knot or David’s Bridal or WeddingWire, make a new email address to use for your online wedding persona! Already, three of my guests said they are going to use this site when planning their upcoming events!

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