Why We Should Care About Customer Experience: […] How To Personalize Your Design for Different Types of Customer? Why We Should Care About Customer Experience: […] What Makes Checkout Process Easier for Customers? Why We Should Care About Customer Experience: […] How To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment? How To Personalize Your Design for Different Types of Customer?: […] How To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment? About Farshad Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs.
Create yourmultilingual online storeSmoolis is a simple, multilingual ecommerce store creator for everyone who wants to build within a few clicks a professional online store.TRY IT FOR FREESell your products worldwideWith Smoolis you can easily build your own multilingual online store. Webydo, the popular community-led cloud platform that lets designers create beautiful responsive websites without code, has announced the launch of its a€?Pixel-Perfect Responsive Editora€™ for users. Made by designers for designers, this revolutionary new tool was determined and requested for development by its growing designer community, which has seen a growth of 300% over the past six months. This game-changing, code-free editor allows individuals to create highly-responsive sites for their clients with total creative freedom.
Pixel-Perfect Precision: Designers have complete control over the sitea€™s elements, layouts, content, navigation, and functionality with pixel-perfect accuracy. Traditionally, there is a need for web developers to create extensive coding to produce a highly responsive site. With Webydoa€™s code-free Pixel-Perfect Responsive Editor, designers are able to take full control over design elements, allowing them to save both time and costs.
He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging. DesignPart of the modern technology fun, micro-blogging, and social networking era, Tumblr Themes, Tumblr layouts, Tumblr blog, and Tumblr blog themes especially the free ones are so in demand online. You simply sign up, select your theme, add your products and you are ready to start accepting orders.

Not only is this time-consuminga€”hampering progressa€”but it also ups the production cost, taking up to 70% of the web design budget. This is the best collection of WordPress themes in many categories.As we know WordPress is the best blogging platform since it started.
In other words you can create wireframes which may be suitable for standard screens, smartphones or tablets. DesignHaving a limited budget can often restrict you from building your business in an effective manner. However, therea€™s no need to place your business on hold due to your limited financial resources. Translate easily everything including the cart and checkout process.Multi-CurrencyYou are able to to add multiple currencies in your store, even in your checkout process. Other benefits of HotGloo include the ability to upload and share elements with users online and find out what your colleagues are working on. DesignIf you decided to get married you might want to advertise your big day online or you might want to share the most important moments with those that cana€™t attend.
When you add more than one currency, a currency converter will be automatically activated.Free themesEach Smoolis theme has been crafted by the Smoolis Team.
All together WordPress worth number one position.Themes are the hot topic when we discuss WordPress.
DesignNot only the front end of a website is important, but the behind the scenes the part where you act as a website admin is too. There is an unlimited scope of customization is provided by WordPress theme engine.There is a huge market out there for WordPress themes and plugins. Manage your products, orders, translations, notifications, fonts and colors, shipping costs and tax rules easily in the administration area.
Today we are talking about free responsive WordPress themes and a great list of free Responsive WordPress themes 2015. Free WordPress themes are handy if you have a tight budget for marketing your product or service.

Many times the menu will not function as what it intends to be which may be caused by a faulty installation. DesignGone were the days of a€?men at worka€? icon and a€?under construction signa€? used for an under construction page template.
Under construction page template provides the very first all important impression for your visitor. DesignIf you are looking for the best website templates for hotel and resort company website, there are a lot of themes on the internet that you can choose from. DesignMany new businesses and organizations don’t have enough money to pay for a web designer, so their option is to search for some free business website templates. Many websites offer free, easy to use and stylish css3 buttons and css button generator that provide websites their own unique atmosphere.
DesignThere are many types of mobile friendly web templates which can help you to reach one of the faste growing marketplaces today – those who use cell phones and other mobile devices to access the internet. It’s a perfect fit for Photography, Personal, Fashion, Lifestyle, Business, Non-profits blogs or people looking for a theme with clean design to share their photos, galleries, videos and articles.
With clean and modern design and aesthetic feel, showcase your content in an contemporary timeless style. For images used on this site, copyright remains with the original image creator unless otherwise specified. It’s has a clean, sharp, modern design based on beautiful typography, nice micro interactions and a fully responsive layout.

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