We’ve presented in previous posts how to create a website and even an online store for free using open source and free tools like WordPress, Joomla, Magento and many more. This guide will present a step by step tutorial on how to create a website for free using ImpressPages and Openshift, the only skill you’ll need during the tutorial is your ability to use a web browser.
A free Openshift account, just go to Openshift website and register using your email, no credit card is required. After registering; go to Openshift home page and click on the “MY APPS” on the top of the screen. You’ll be directed to your log-in window and enter your credentials, you’ll be directed to a new window click on the blue “Create your first application now” link.

It will take a while then you’ll be directed to a new window, just click on the blue “Not now continue” link. You’ll then be directed to a new window to confirm the addition of phpMyAdmin, just click on the “Add Cartridge” tab. In that window,  you should provide your database credentials, there’s a small trick here which is getting your database Host IP, the easiest way to do so is to return to your application and click on the small arrow at the phpMyAdmin tab. Paste that number in the database host slot in the ImpressPages installation, then fill in the rest of the  information from your database credentials that you can find in your application, then click next. You’ll be directed to your ImpressPages website, a window will also popup with your admin username and password that you can change.

Now, you’ve a fully functional website that you can easily edit, it’s as simple as dragging and dropping. Though these tools are very simple but they might be overwhelming for some, and for those this post will present creating a website using ImpressPages which is a drag and drop content management system(CMS) which might appeal for many who find other CMS complicated.

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