You will be able to insert text, images, audio, video to any page of your website, and drag n drop support makes it more easy to add stuff.
Drag n drop support is available to insert images, audio, video at the required area of a page. Spell checker is also available to correct spelling mistakes for all pages or for whole site. Step 2: In this step, you need to select whether you want to use a template or you will move on with a blank page. Now you only have to customize your website by inserting text, images, audio, video, text color, text background etc. You can either drag n drop images, audio, video to web page or can simply use Insert option. You can also add text links or image links that will direct you to a new page or the same page for information stored in that link. Enhance your webpage and add new pages with or without templates according to your requirement. If you are new to web hosting or trying to look for a web host for the first time, you would probably be overwhelmed by the number of hosting providers you find online.
In this article, I am going to highlight a relatively new web hosting provider, WebHostingHub.
WebHostingHub was registered in 2005 and they aimed to cater to the growing hosting demands of personal and small businesses websites. Within a relatively short span of 7 years only, they have become one of the most respected hosting providers around.
When you sign up with them, you are bound to be able to benefit from cross-product services. In WebHostingHub’s case, their uptime is simply excellent and is compatible with some of the bigger hosting providers who had been around longer.
Now, it has been quite an accepted fact that when you transfer your website from one hosting provider to another, you may experience some downtime, from perhaps an hour or two to a day or more (horrors!). But WebHostingHub offers a no-downtime transfer process, in which they provide you a temporary URL to upload your files, create your email accounts and so forth BEFORE the actual transfer to their server. With WebHostingHub, you get to use its Premium Website Builder, which helps you to create a website in a matter of minutes.
These free advertising credits are really useful to kick start your marketing campaign on the search engine’s search result as well as websites related to yours. We have partnered with WebhostingHub to offer readers of this website (that’s you) a very special discount.
So should you decide to cancel the hosting service within this 90-day time, you get your money back with no question asked! Now, you need to realize that this money-back guarantee applies only to the hosting service portion. For the average personal and small business web owners, these are more than adequate for a stress-free hosting.
Webhostinghub seems like a great alternative for Hostgator, which is giving a poor downtime. Now that Hostgator and Bluehost are not doing that great, WebhostingHub seems to be the best choice to go for hosting blogs.

Your site's URL will be your login user name, so when you register for Yahoo, choose a user name that you will also want as the address of your site.
The only thing that will disappoint you is that publishing website online is not free. You have to buy a web hosting plan for publishing website. After completing the editing part, save created website, and preview it on web browser using File menu.
Take a look at the number of awards they have collected, from Best Blog Hosting to Best WordPress Hosting to Best Value Hosting.
Here’s a look at their performance reliability, features, support and of course, pricing.
However, they do not offer an uptime guarantee but rest assured that their service is of international hosting providers’ standard. This has deterred many from transferring their hosting services even though they are not too happy with their current web host. In other words, you bring up your website at the temporary site while you sort out the transfer.
Imagine over 500+ customizable templates and extra features ranging from adding animated Flash to building an online store to having the flexibility to add a blog, photo gallery, message book or guessbook. This is a great tool especially for beginners and for those who are not an expert in programming languages, or messing around with Adobe Photoshop! You will still need to pay for other additional services like the Free Domain Name or Dedicated IP fees, if you decided to cancel within 90-day. In this case, you will get back an anytime pro-rated refund of your hosting fee that is not utilized. So if you are looking for a reliable and affordable hosting provider, I highly recommend you to look no further than WebHostingHub. With the special promotion, WebhostingHub costs only $3.95 per month instead of the usual $6.95 per month! Lately, I have seen them being recommended by a few bloggers and also seen their advertisements on quite a lot of websites. 100 Web Hosting is setup to help you with anything related to web hosting, including finding the best web hosting deal for your needs.
However, please be rest assured that my reviews and articles are absolutely true and not biased in any way. Unlike some similar website builders, it offers more than 400 customizable templates which you can select to design a beautiful website. There are basic, advanced, and premium plans available based on disk space, data transfer speed, number of site pages, etc.
But unfortunately, publishing website online is not free with this website building software.
On top of trying to decide on which web hosting provider to sign up for, you would also need to determine which web hosting plan to get. Well, I have been through all these over the years and now, would like to use my experiences and knowledge to help you make a decision, an informed decision.
You see, in order to maintain this quality service, they only use 100% factory tested Dell servers! Once everything is completed, you can then switch the nameservers to the new web host and your visitors and customers will not experience any hiccups at all!

They too, have round-the-clock US based customer support through live chat, email and support ticket system. That’s a very nominal fee to pay for the service and features that you will be getting. Test out their service for almost 3 months for free and judge for yourself whether it meets your requirements! There is no coupon code to enter, just follow our link to the web host to enjoy the discount.
Yahoo Geocities provides free web hosting, provided you are not opposed to third-party advertising, and limitations on the look and usability of your page.
The first is Yahoo's main tool, PageBuilder, which is a user-friendly platform that allows you flexibility in the look and feel of your site.
Use this text to explain the purpose of your site, welcome your viewer or make a statement. Once you have decided what alternate pages you wish to include, you can construct your menu by inserting buttons or text and linking them to new pages. There are plenty of categories available, like accountant, games, baby, agriculture, bands & music, beauty, birthday, electronics, entertainment, law, exterior design, industrial, computers, software, Internet, and much more. With the help of a simple site creation wizard, you will be able to select template, and pages for your website. Give any suitable name of your website and select a folder location on PC where all files of your website will be stored. We have reviewed some other tools that you can check out to create attractive web pages and publish them online.
What set their support team apart are the extensive knowledge and the willingness to go the extra mile to assist you, which I was thankful enough to experience! If you are not completely happy with their services, you can cancel at anytime and get your fully refund. When you insert a photo, a pop-up will appear allowing you to insert an image from your clip-art gallery or one from your computer. For each category, multiple templates are available which you can download and use absolutely free. This option helps you create a site in a matter of minutes, but your choices of color, layout and features are limited to about a dozen selections.
Upon submission you will be automatically sent an email that welcomes you to Geocities and confirms your site URL.
To adjust your text box or your photo, simply click the item and drag the corners to resize, or drag the entire frame to move it.
There are also features that allow you to provide your viewers with a message board or guestbook.

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