Algorithms can create music streams, and forumlaic ‘literature’ but could they ever create culture? Algorithms help us to choose which films to watch, which music to stream and which literature to read.
In 1950 English mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing published a paper, “Computing Machinery and Intelligence,” which starts off by proposing a thought experiment that he called the “Imitation Game.” In one room is a human “interrogator” and in another room a man and a woman.
Turing then modifies the game by replacing one interlocutor with a computer, and asks whether a computer will be able to converse sufficiently well that the interrogator cannot tell the difference between it and the human. Turing’s simple, but powerful, thought experiment gives a very general framework for testing many different aspects of the human-machine boundary, of which conversation is but a single example.
On May 18 at Dartmouth, we will explore a different area of intelligence, taking up the question of distinguishing machine-generated art.
The dance music competition (“Algorhythms”) requires participants to construct an enjoyable (fun, cool, rad, choose your favorite modifier for having an excellent time on the dance floor) dance set from a predefined library of dance music. In what might seem a stiffer challenge, the sonnet and short story competitions (“PoeTix” and “DigiLit,” respectively) require participants to submit self-contained software packages that upon the “seed” or input of a (common) noun phrase (such as “dog” or “cheese grater”) are able to generate the desired literary output. To perform the test, we will screen the computer-made entries to eliminate obvious machine-made creations. Where is the divide between the artist and the computational assistant and how does the drawing of this line affect the classification of the output? Stay Connected Facebook twitter Google Plus Instagram Linkedin Youtube RSSAbout Jill McKeever Hi, I'm Jill McKeever, mother of Simple Daily Recipes food blog. ENCOURAGE JILL Become a Patreon supporter to encourage more funny cooking videos from Jill. Twitter Nigeria has slammed the Minister of Culture & Information, Lai Mohammed for claiming that the hike in the price of fuel will create 200,000 jobs and secure 400,000 more. Twitter Nigeria called him out stating that this is unrealistic as they are still struggling to pay workers’ salaries.
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But what if algorithms went beyond their jobs as mediators of human culture and started to create culture themselves? The goal of the game is for the interrogator to figure out which of the unknown hidden interlocutors is the man and which is the woman.
Specifically, in our “Turing Tests in the Creative Arts,” we ask if machines are capable of generating sonnets, short stories, or dance music that is indistinguishable from human-generated works, though perhaps not yet so advanced as Shakespeare, O. Moreover, the code should ideally be able to generate an infinite number of different works from a single given prompt. We’ll mix human-generated work with the rest, and ask a panel of judges to say whether they think each entry is human- or machine-generated. Even in the initial Imitation Game, the question was whether conversing with men and women over time would reveal their gender differences. Is the probability of winning the Imitation Game independent of time, culture and social class?
The sonnet form was constructed as a high-level algorithm for creative work – though one that’s executed by humans.
Regardless of their performance on “the test,” their body of work will continue to expand the horizon of creativity and machine-human coevolution. Then you can use those range names in your formulas or macros to replace values or cell references, or to quickly and more easily navigate through your spreadsheets and workbooks. In the Name Manager dialog box, select the range name you want to change and click the Edit button (in our case, select the range name called Tax). In the Edit Name dialog box, type over the word that says Tax with the new range rame Sales Tax, and click OK. Re-enter the new range name Sales Tax, but don’t forget the underscore between Sales and Tax (no spaces allowed, remember): Sales_Tax. If not satisfied, highlight the range name again and re-edit, or click the Delete button to remove it. In the Defined Names group under the Formulas tab, click the Use in Formulas button and select the range name Quantity from the list. In the Defined Names group under the Formulas tab, click the Use in Formulas button and select Total from the list, then press the Enter key. This is particularly useful if you want to calculate formulas and ranges across multiple spreadsheets. This is an amazing trick because, once defined, your ranges are infinite, which means you’re not limited to the original values (or range of values) selected. In the Defined Names group under the Formulas tab, click the Use in Formulas button and select Cost from the list, then press the Enter key.
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This is to be accomplished by asking a sequence of questions with responses communicated either by a third party or typed out and sent back.
The software package should be able to use this as inspiration to create a 15-minute set, mixing and modifying choices from the library, which includes standard annotations of more than 20 features, such as genre, tempo (bpm), beat locations, chroma (pitch) and brightness (timbre). For the dance music competition, scoring will be left to a group of students, dancing to both human- and machine-generated music sets. Arguably, as we in the West approach a time of more fluid definitions of gender, that original Imitation Game would be more difficult to win. Today, when the Microsoft Office Assistant “corrects” your grammar or “questions” your word choice and you adapt to it (either happily or out of sheer laziness), is the creative work still “yours” or is it now a human-machine collaborative work? Be sure to check out the new season of the Jazzy Vegetarian, starring Laura Theodore, on the CREATE Network! These are thumbnail pictures that show up beside your name when you leave a comment on this blog and the rest of the blogs you visit!
It’s also a more efficient way to manage the various processes that you’ve created in your worksheets.
If you’d prefer a different range name, enter that name in place of the name Excel suggested. From the Function Library group under the Formulas tab click AutoSum, then select Average from the drop-down list. A “winning” entry will be one that is statistically indistinguishable from the human-generated work. This is somewhat of a surprise to us, as in the literary realm companies are already springing up around machine generation of more formulaic kinds of “literature,” such as earnings reports and sports summaries, and there is of course a good deal of AI automation around streaming music playlists, most famously Pandora.
For example, ranges are often named after the field (or column) names that define their contents.
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